“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”

                         Edmund Burke – Irish Political Philosopher

Did you ever think about the possibility there is a close connection between Napoleon and Hitler? You did not! Well, neither did I, all until I stumbled on the article with the title … Frozen Warriors. That changed everything indeed. It all became clear when we compare the natal charts of the two. Nevertheless, that was not an easy task to accomplish. Interestingly, Napoleon’s natal chart was defined quickly, and there were no doubts or suspicion connected with it. Well, with the natal chart of Mr. Hitler, the situation was entirely the opposite. Again it was proved we can not trust anything that humans made, or wrote down in this age of ignorance which we are just leaving luckily. Indeed, luckily we are stepping out from the age of manipulations, frauds, and false constructions of any kind. This is exactly the moment when we recall the … Deconstructing the Illusion … scenario, to create … the Illusion-free World. Well, again, it was the light of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish which saved the situation. It took some time, but ultimately the moment of birth of Hitler was rectified, and we can see he had a lot of problems. A lot! This is all to be a reminder only for one thing. Not to happen ever again!

The link to read or to download the PDF document, please find below … Enjoy the reading …



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