Consciousness is all that is.

There is one theme, totally neglected in the mainstream, but of tremendous importance for every human being. Due to that, it is highly important for the entire world indeed. As the matter of fact, it will be proved soon, exactly the absence of talking openly about this topic, creates a lot of problems for the entire world, no matter where we are, what we are doing, which society circle we do belong, or which color is our skin. The proper definition of that term, you will hardly find in any book or newspaper, but not within the Google Search Machine either. I mean, something you will possibly find there, but I am not sure if this is the very proper definition. You will not hear about it even from the preaching podiums of any church, synagogue, or mosque, as well as of any other religious institution. Well, as it seems, they especially go around this term in a big circle. However, they especially have a good reason for mentioning it, and to elaborate on it extensively. The possible reasons why is all that going this way, the wrong way, we shall discuss later on.

Not to be very enigmatic, I am talking about … CONSCIOUSNESS. As it seems, today, for the majority of the mentioned subjects, this is a highly elusive and esoteric topic, very abstract, after all, and that is the reason it is driven out of a view. The prevailing opinion is, let it stay somewhere there out of view, deeply hidden, not spoken, not contemplated, and not to be used on a grand scale at all. Just some few individuals, driven by the impulse seeded deeply within them, would possibly penetrate the barrier, enter this field, and find the true benefits of doing so. Well, we can possibly say that the time was not proper for such discussions. I would partially agree with such a statement. Maybe such a situation WAS present all around until recently. However, TODAY, the situation is entirely different. There is a clarion call for new knowledge which will remove struggle and suffering in the world.

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