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King Ashoka

It is amazing indeed, but India of today is still full of secrets, enigmas, and mysteries. Day after day, something new is being discovered, and even though so many true stories have been exposed already in this serial, yet, this is far from being all. Every little, something entirely new is popping up; some new topics attract our attention. Frankly speaking, India is my favorite topic, and that is the reason I was actually very happy that the Magic Carpet and the Time Machine took me right there, to India, just to make a deep research on another story. The story I am talking about is unique, and I am sure many will like it. Because this is the story about the legendary King Ashoka the Great of India. Well, there were many discrepancies and many not-so-well-known facts about that great king who unified India.  It was exactly King Ashoka who coined India so that it looks like it looks today. Apparently, it was very natural that such a great historical figure attracted our attention. However, there is something else in a question as well. There is a gap in the History Timeline that occurred again, and believe it or not, it is connected with King Ashoka himself. In fact, again the gap itself has solved the problem. Hence, Vedic Science would tell us that all information about any structure or entity is right there, in the gap. However, this is a long story indeed. I would rather leave you to my story, to the story of King Ashoka of India … Enjoy!

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