“The Vedas are the lighthouse of eternal wisdom leading man to salvation and inspiring him to supreme accomplishment.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Well, for all those who are deeper in Vedic Science, how many times did we hear expressions like … Jaimini Astrology … or, … Jaimini Sutras … or, … Purva Mimansa-Karma Mimansa … or, … Sama Veda … for example? We could possibly make a bigger array, in fact, quite a long list of such achievements. They are all attributed to one particular person. Yet, we do not know who was he and when did he live. This is to say, some questions about who was he have been vibrating and echoing for a long. Indeed, who was Jaimini?  When did he live? Indeed, the vital question is what was his real-time frame?

All we know is that Maharishi Jaimini is depicted as an ancient scholar who founded … Mimansa School … of Vedic philosophy. Official notification and estimation that he lived in the 4th century B.C.E. are somewhat not realistic according to my opinion. Such kind of explanations belongs to the old paradigm story where Vedic times began around 1.500 B.C.E., with Vedic Aryans moving into India about that time. Along with all my essays, by generating many natal charts of the most important historical figures, I have proved this is total nonsense. We should abound the old paradigm exposing false values, and the new paradigm based on truth should be established.

It is said that Jaimini was the disciple of the great Veda Vyasa. Well, this is quite an important bit of information. Now we know much more about Veda Vyasa, we have his natal chart after all, and seemingly, it was supposed to be a very easy job to find the Maharishi Jaimini and his appropriate natal chart. However, that was all but easy. It was not easy at all to find the natal chart of Maharishi Jaimini. How all that did happen, and what were the challenges, just find in the essay in front of you …

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Banner Photo … Jaimini

Jaimini-Sanskrit transliteration The author of the graphic – Stjepan Spanicek


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