“The Vedas are the lighthouse of eternal wisdom leading man to salvation and inspiring him to supreme accomplishment.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


This is yet another one essay of mine in this serial … DECONSTRUCTING THE ILLUSION … and the topic is … well, the topic is so controversial indeed. Perhaps this word … controversial … is not the word strong enough to depict everything. Perhaps words … shocking … and … shaking … would be much more appropriate. Because it would definitely shake all that you know about modern Europe and its own roots and cradle. For some time I was having a dilemma in which group to put this essay.  The question was whether to put it in the … Veda and Vedic literature deciphered … folder, or to put it in the … The True Biblical story deciphered. In fact, bot folders would be very appropriate and no mistake could have been done. The thing is that the Trojan Culture comes just on the threshold point of big changes in the ancient world when Vedic Civilization was declining, and Biblical times were just about to be born. In fact, what will become very obvious from the essay itself, the Trojan Culture was the first and the only post-Vedic Culture in Europe. Though must say, it did last for some time, and then … it vanished. It was disintegrated entirely and there were no any traces for few millenniums, all until recently, we can say.  It will be obvious from the text itself, the Troy was the last culture who did disappear from the scene almost at the same time with so many others.

Nevertheless, it is somehow well known what did happen with the Troy and about the Troy, at least we have some synopsis, but the most important question is where it did happen? Where the Troy was placed, where was it thriving, and who were the representatives of that so-called … extremely enigmatic culture. Well, after this essay, one thing is very definite. There are no enigmas anymore.

In many previous essays, it was discovered and exposed that so many scams and frauds were done in ancient history by fading out some personalities and promoting others. This is all true. But this one particular case will show that somebody had obscured … the complete culture so that the connection with its own root was lost entirely. And that was not the culture like so many other cultures. That was the culture with real Vedic roots; with roots in Vedic India.

That is the reason no mistake could have been done with a grouping of this essay. If we put it among Vedic stories, fine, it could stand, because that was the first and only post-Vedic Culture in Europe. If we put it among Biblical stories, it can stand as well because technically it does belong to the cultures preparing the terrain for all other Biblical stories. After all, the Troy was mentioned in some Biblical texts, wasn’t it? It should be part of the Old Testament. Only, thing, the Bible is also very silent about the true location of the Troy …

In fact, it will be proved very soon that exactly the Troy is that missing link between the Vedic Civilization in India and the Civilization of Modern Europe.

Hope you will enjoy this new adventure by plunging deeply into waters which connect ancient times and modern world …

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