“The Vedas are the lighthouse of eternal wisdom leading man to salvation and inspiring him to supreme accomplishment.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Who was Adi Shankara?

Well, for most of the people who do not follow spiritual themes, the mentioned name does not ring the bell. It sounds Indian, and therefore, it must be something connected with this exotic country itself and its even more exotic and rich history. This is the first and only conclusion to be driven out for all uninformed people.

However, by scrutinizing the name itself we are coming close to the very important topic of where and how to get the knowledge to do something; to do and accomplish anything whatsoever. Factually, all of a sudden we are at the center of holistic knowledge. Better to say, we are in the epicenter of the Veda. Because Veda means exactly this … Knowledge.

Adi Shankara was a great sage, however, to find out when exactly he lived, well, that is not so easy and simple. There are huge discrepancies about putting him in any particular time frame. However, I am in contact with this name for a long time, and somehow was always having a desire to research on this enigma, but somehow it happened, despite starting many times, it simply did not work. There were too many unknown elements, and I would leave the quest very soon deeply frustrated and disappointed. Nevertheless, as this serial of my essays is being expanded and progressing on and on, some key revelations did occur, and after a long gap, I started the research on the Sage Adi Shankara once again. Luckily, this time, the natal chart was discovered, and many things so far enshrouded in deep darkness became very obvious and transparent.

Well, how all was going on, and about what were the conclusions, please find in the essay exposed below …

Enjoy the reading …


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Sage Adi Shankara and his four main disciples, the work of Indian artist … Raja Ravi Varma … (Public Domain). The photo was taken from …


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