The Discovery of the Unified Field at the Foundation of Modern Physics

Contemporary science, in its eternal quest for the objective truth, comes to reveal that this world is not as materialistic as it seems. Physics, better to say, Quantum Physics, finds out one common foundation for everything that we see around us, for the entire world of innumerable different phenomena, and entitles it as the Unified Field of Nature’s Law. Thus, the Unified Field is the source of all the forces of Nature, and at the same time, it is the source of all matter that exists, but it is also the source of all their endless interactions. Furthermore, this is the source of all energy, the source of endless energy by the way, and it is the field of infinite correlation, which means that everything is in the causal link with everything else.

Nevertheless, such cognitions were established, and were very lively, within the ancient Vedic Civilization as well. Wise men of ancient times did recognize that unique foundation of all existence, but they called it a different way. They cognized that this common basic field is nothing else than the field of unlimited pure consciousness, which then will become the building element for every level of existence. Therefore, consciousness is the primary, while the matter that is the expression of this basic field of consciousness, is the secondary. It is not that matter is unimportant. It is important, but it is secondary! This is to say, modern science and ancient Vedic science were never closer. They are just about to find their unification point. This website, along with everything that exposes, is the product of the mentioned unification.

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Here is the useful link for the discussion on this topic. This is the work under the title … Is Consciousness the Unified Field? – A Field Theorist’s Perspective … by theoretical physicist Dr. John S. Hagelin.