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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

We all do know very much about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart an ultra-famous composer and musician who left us his tremendous work to enjoy. We enjoy listening to and watching his opera The Magic Flute along with all other musical forms he performed. Many books and stories are written about him, even some movies he is involved in. It all turned to legend. However, do we know all about him? They say, his departure was mysterious, and there is a hot discussion about that point still going on. All that, but primarily his entire life story intrigued me as well, and I did some research. It took some years to accomplish everything, however, the results are stunning. Of course, as usual, I consulted Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, and the results I will be free to share with all the world.

Please find the downloadable PDF document below. Hope you will enjoy …

Banner PhotoWolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The photo was taken from Pixabay.


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