Who was Teuta?

Well, there are many legends about an Illyrian Queen named Teuta, even though there are many different opinions whether this is her right name. However, in many countries predominately on the Balkan Peninsula area, she is known under this name. Legends, they do vary indeed, from extreme negative, to extremely positive, making her even just as a big hero.

Indeed, attracted by these legends, and having in mind to decipher the true story of legendary Queen Teuta, I tried to use Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. Just to mention, that was not an easy job at all so I tried many times to break the code. However, after some time, and after several unsuccessful attempts, the natal chart of Queen Teuta was found, the code was broken, and the enigma of Queen Teuta was deciphered.

The story has some dark connotations though. I warn everybody that the story is partially very sad, and not with a happy conclusion. However, this also depends on the angle of looking into.
Just not to be very long with the introduction this time, for all those who decide to read the story, I can say, it can be rewarding.

Just enjoy the reading …

Here is the downloadable PDF document of the essay …


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Bird heron, very common in the Neretva River Valley, along Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. There is an association with the legendary Illyrian tribe named Ardiaei, who were in the core of the Trojan culture. Photo by Pixabay free service.


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