What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others.

                                                                                           Confucius – Lunyu 12.2, 6.30

For many of us, China is just one very exotic and enigmatic Far East country. We definitely cannot say that we know enough about this beautiful but very mysterious homeland of the Sage Confucius. However, about Confucius himself, we know even less. When did he live, how the story of his life was going on, well, this is all one big enigma by itself. As the researches of this serial are spreading on, it was just a matter of time when this question will occupy our imagination. In fact, this is exactly where we are right now. Our Magic Carpet took us to China, just to explore the very source of Confucianism. Regarding the time frame, well, the deployed Time Machine translated us just about a few hundred years before Jesus the Christ. The true year we just need to find out. The fine-tuning is about to be done, and this is exactly the subject of this essay.

To be honest, I had my own doubts about the true origin of Confucius, but nothing prepared me for the big surprise when the proper natal chart was discovered. Therefore, along with this new adventure, prepare yourself for quite some thrilling surprises as well …

Hope you will enjoy the reading …

Here is the essay in the form of a downloadable PDF document …


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The Dacheng Hall, the main hall of the Temple of Confucius in Qufu, China. Photo-Author …  Gisling. The photo is taken from …


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