Veni, vidi, vici – I came, I saw, I conquered.

(Julius Caesar)

Who hasn’t heard about Julius Caesar? The legendary Roman politician, statesmen, and military leader, who was adorned with laurels while he was at the peak of his power, is the source of many stories, legends, controversies, but some unsolved enigmas as well. Some of these stories and legends are nice, but some not so much. This historical figure of antic Rome was disputed very much indeed. That is the reason some say he was a good person, but some share very strong opposite opinions and try to label him as the negative. What kind of person he really was, or, better to say, what he wasn’t, the entire story behind, well, that will be the focus of the discussion along with this essay. Just to mention, I started this essay long ago and did find November 2016., as the date below the first version of this essay. Many things have changed since, and in the meantime, we learned a lot. Indeed, we earned a lot of very precious additional knowledge. Therefore, it will be quite a pleasure to deepen the research on Julius Caesar now. Again, we shall use the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish to find and to differentiate the proper natal chart of Julius Caesar. Indeed, Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is so precious discipline, and we are endlessly thankful to all the Graha Devatas and the Jyotir Vidya Goddess, for giving us blessings and allowing us to see all these things being invisible so far.

Please find the PDF document here with the story of Julius Caesar … Enjoy the reading …

JULIUS CAESAR – Version 2-0-4

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