Aut viam inveniam aut faciam –

I will either find a way or make one

(Latin proverb preferably originated by Hannibal)

Everybody has heard about Hannibal. That story became a legend. It was quite a thrill listening to the narrative where the mighty army is crossing the huge snowy, frozen Alps Mountain with elephants and attacking Rome on their territory. However, what is the true story behind it, and when was Hannibal born, well that was quite an enigma. As many times before, when considering some other stories, I was asking myself what Vedic Astrology-Jyotish would say about. Nevertheless, finding the natal chart of Hannibal was not so easy. Before, I was trying many times, but always … unsuccessfully. Then somehow, I discovered that the key to finding the natal chart of Hannibal lays in the story of Illyrian Queen Teuta. Indeed, connecting these two stories, that was the crucial point in finding the natal chart of Hannibal.

Then, along with the natal chart, some new and surprising elements surfaced as well. Again it was proved that ancient antic stories still hide many thrilling surprises. Actually, there is never an end to surprises …

Hope you will enjoy the story on Hannibal Barca …

Here is the downloadable PDF document covering the whole story …


Banner Photo


The map and the route of Hannibal’s invasion on Rome.
The photo was taken from Wikimedia Creative Commons …


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