Beauty awakens the soul to act.

Dante Alighieri

Now we are in medieval Italy, Tuscany, with a focus on Dante Alighieri, who, as will be proved soon, should be considered as a God Vishnu’s incarnation. Finding the natal chart was a very delicate point indeed. However, that was solved thanks to some hints of Dante himself, mentioned in his work. It is so interesting that always, absolutely always, there are some details more or less exposed. One should only focus to find such often very hidden bits of information.

We all have heard about the Divine Comedy, his exquisite poem, which is today mostly depicted as fiction. I would say, this work possibly has some fictive elements, but it is far from being fiction entirely because it deals with the afterlife. “Allegorically the poem represents the soul’s journey towards God.” It refers to sinning and sins as the main problem why we need to pass such a terrible path of Inferno and Purgatory. The poem is actually a warning that we do not commit sins. This is easy to say, but very problematic concerning accomplishment. However, today, by Vedic Science, we know there is a stage of consciousness we can elevate ourselves, and by eliminating all the stress from the physiology and nervous system, we enjoy the full capacity of our brain. Then, we can think faster than any computer in the world, and we are maximally tuned with natural laws. We do not violate natural laws in such a state of consciousness, which is to say, we are not producing sins anymore. We live the wholeness of life, being one with God, which is our right by birth. We spontaneously know what is right and what is wrong.Sins do not exist in such a state of consciousness.

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“The Statue of Dante Alighieri is a monument to Dante Alighieri in Piazza Santa Croce, outside the Basilica of Santa Croce, in Florence, Italy. Erected in 1865, it is the work of the sculptor Enrico Pazzi.” The photo is taken from Pixabay.


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