“Herbs are the friend of the physician
and the pride of cooks.”

                                                  — Charlemagne

When was King Charlemagne born, how he conquered, shaped, and modeled Europe, and how it came that France and Germany finished in big rivalry, well, answers to all such questions you will find in this story. This is the essay deeply contemplating on King Charlemagne. The historical King Charlemagne. Of course, as usual with all my writings, I am leaning on Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, a very powerful tool for correcting the History Timeline. Indeed, we should consider ourselves very fortunate due to the fact we have this beautiful knowledge present around us today. Therefore, it is not me the one who made so many revelations including this one about King Charlemagne. It is not that I am writing something. Not at all. I would attribute all that to the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish itself.

No doubt, King Charlemagne, King Karl the Great, left a huge heritage of his own to the future generations. He was the one to shape Europe, and this shaping is echoing very strongly even in present-day Europe. It is true, there are so many controversies around King Charlemagne, and I am free to say, some of them we shall dispel together along with this writing. Not all, just to be honest, because, put simply, tons of books could be possibly elaborated on this topic. My essays exposed in this serial intend to take the shortest possible route and to be condensed just to the very maximum.

Just not to be too long with the very introduction, I leave you with the essay itself to find all these mentioned answers on your own. Enjoy the reading …


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The supposed crown of King Charlemagne. The photo is take from …


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