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Attila the Great

Attila the Great was a great leader and warrior, no doubt about that. Nevertheless, not all details about him are well known. This is just like in detective stories based on Agatha Christie’s novels. One is not supposed to believe and to accept what is obvious. Because, the fact is, the superficial and obvious will lead you for sure toward the wrong conclusions. In all such detective stories, the real truth is always hidden beneath many layers of secrets and enigmas. My deep curiosity about the Attila himself, about the unknown after all, and based on the faintest clue that he possibly might have been connected somehow with my research, took me to focus deeply on that enigmatic and mysterious figure. I did not regret it. The final result exceeds all of my expectations.

Indeed, the story of Attila is very complex, intricate, even exciting. What I’ve learned immediately, one is not supposed to look at it out of the context. He came just after St. Jerome, in a very critical moment when one very dark energy took the primacy in distributing the highest spiritual truths. Everything would be all right if we would not know this is the biggest rival and opponent of the real and historical Jesus Christ … Therefore, the time frame tells a lot by itself …

Whatsoever, this is yet another thrilling story about the man who was fighting for the truth. This is the story of Attila the Great, or, the … Scourge of God …, how he was also called. Of course, his methods and the way of finding the truth might be considered very controversial by many. Finding his natal chart and deciphering who he really was, well that was not so simple. Hope you will enjoy the research and the belonging story …

Please find the downloadable PDF document at the following link …

ATTILA THE GREAT – Version 2-0-1

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