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Are you doing personal Vedic Astrology-Jyotish counseling including consultations and similar?

No, I am not doing that. There are many reasons why, and the true explanation could be rather wordy. I think the best would be to expose part of the text already given out in one previous essay of mine. This is where I was addressing exactly this question. The text itself is partially revised and some new passages are added to it.

“This is again to show the power of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, how universal, how practical, and how useful it can be. This is so precious knowledge indeed. No doubt that our ancestors were attached to the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish on such a grand scale. At that ancient time, no such situation or event in the life of the individual as well as in the life of the community could have been done without proper Jyotish counseling. Because stars and the Universe itself can support our actions on a monumental level. Nevertheless, if our undertaking is started at a wrong moment, and in a wrong way, well the opposite can happen also so that we face certain obstacles and hindrances. Learning Jyotish, this is something very good, but not all are ready for this. That is the reason we need to give some respect to all those who learned that precious knowledge and are trained properly for exposing it. Indeed, I would encourage everybody to learn at least a little bit of Jyotish. Nevertheless, be careful with this. You can learn it, you can have some fun seeing your own situation or perhaps of some others who are close to you, but do not enter the field of giving consultations on a paid level if you are not trained properly. So far, I was emphasizing only learning Jyotish, but now I need to say clearly, why it is so important not to go into this field if not trained end educated fully and properly.

In Vedic India, as well as in the India of today, one was supposed to take proper training to become Jyotishi. That could take even four-five years of intensive full-time training, maybe even more. Moreover, not only that. It usually happened that disciple was encouraged to start some self-developing techniques, like yoga, which usually includes meditation, a transcendence based meditation preferably. Vedic Knowledge is all about consciousness, and this is especially related to the Jyotish so very much. The appreciation and the comprehension of the world around us depend upon, and it is strongly reflecting, our level of consciousness. It is all about Consciousness. Therefore, self-development plays a very important role in this story. Then, when the disciple is absolutely ready by learning all secrets of Jyotish, and after he developed spiritually enough, then and only then the Guru himself was giving a green light to that disciple to enter the world of counseling others.

There are not enough words to explain the importance of entering the field of professional counseling in Jyotish by being properly prepared. This is great knowledge but it can be harmful to all those who are not trained properly. When Jyotishi is doing counseling, the life of the person is in his hands. The person who approached for advice depends on that what he or she is said to. If the person is instructed properly, he or she will be propelled within own evolution so that instead of going around, some shortcuts can be taken. This is all about our Karma, what we have done in the past. It is all about our past deeds. Of course, we can avoid certain negative things, and we can emphasize good things. Jyotish has such remedies no other system has. This is the power of Jyotish, and this is the power given to the properly trained Jyotish expert. Nevertheless, imagine now that you approach the not properly trained person who claims he can do something for you. Of course, you need to pay for it, the person supposedly says. Let us suppose now you are given some wrong explanations, wrong reading of the natal chart, wrong instructions. What then? Well, first of all, you will not be propelled forward in your evolution, instead, it can happen you will even stagnate. However, there is another thing also. The person who is giving such counseling, that person will be harmed as well, because he is doing something very wrong. That person will push himself down on a karmic level so that he will be even deeper into the labyrinths of the Karma Law. This is to say, Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is beautiful knowledge, but it is not of worldly origin. Indeed, this is celestial knowledge given by gods, and gods would ask for some respect toward it. That means, this knowledge is highly responsible and it asks for seriousness and for the responsibility of everybody who deals with it.

I am personally not doing Jyotish consultations, and I will never do personal consultations. I do not consider myself a Jyotish expert after all. I am still learning Jyotish. This I already said many times. As this serial of essays based on Vedic Astrology-Jyotish connecting with the History Science was launched, I received many demands for doing personal consultations. I refused them all by telling people kindly that I am not educated for that. I am using Jyotish just for deciphering some historical enigmas. This is a big difference. If we would use the language of Jyotish counselors, by the way, I can say that my clients are only the long time ago departed kings, queens, and many other historical figures. Even if I do make some mistakes, which is possible as I also mentioned that, nobody would be harmed. Eventually, somebody will correct me, and there is no harm for anyone. This is so very important thing to be understood. I am not a Jyotish advisor. Maybe, if we would like to use Jyotish language again, I am more like a hunter. Not deer hunter, not any other animal hunter, just … natal charts hunter. Because, when we find the natal chart of any historical person, well, this is the end of enigma about that historical person itself, like when he or she did live, and how did they live. This is the end of the search on the historicity of that particular person and even of the era that he or she belonged to.

What I want to say, Jyotish is huge. It is vast, and specializations are needed. Well, it seems that I specialized in this, in natal charts finding. However, this is also not an easy way to practice Jyotish. It asks for being versed in Jyotish, of course, but it also asks for the high level of intuition and imagination. In addition, one should be very familiar with some other disciplines, like spirituality for example. One should understand the esoteric background of this superficially very material world. Of course, all the newest revelations in the field of Science should be followed and fully adopted.

Now, I would like to thank all those who are following carefully and making possible that this beautiful knowledge of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is being available in every field of life so that we soon enlighten every human being living on Earth.”

Well, this is what I wrote about one year ago (June 2018.). It can be found as a part of the essay … KING SUDAS AND THE BATTLE OF THE TEN KINGS …, and it can be found … here. Nothing has changed since, except that many new stories and essays have been exposed. I still keep the same attitude. Still learning Jyotish, and not doing personal consultations. I always stick to that very famous proverb … A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This proverb expresses the idea that a small amount of knowledge can mislead people into thinking that they are more expert than they really are, which can lead to mistakes being made”.

The above quote is taken from the below-mentioned website, and there is more about this saying itself incorporated …

This is all just about to say, carefully with this knowledge. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you need to go to India to learn Jyotish systematically. Of course, this can be one option as well. Today, in India, they have Jyotish integrated into the school system so one can learn Jyotish as a University major in undergraduate studies.  In addition, I also do not want to discourage anybody in learning Jyotish. Far from that. If you want to go deep in Jyotish, if you want to become a Profi and make some earning with this, fine there is a way to do that. The solution is very simple actually. In every country, there are many Jyotish schools nowadays. There are some online options as well. Some of them have even the yoga system and proper transcendence based meditation behind. Therefore, today, one can easily find an appropriate holistic and systematic way to learn Jyotish. Just a little bit of research to be done and some affordable and comfortable options can be found easily. Such learning and full training will take a few years definitely, but this is something one should be ready to invest if there is a desire to go deep in Jyotish.

Hope this elaboration on the mentioned initial question if I am doing Vedic Astrology-Jyotish consultations will satisfy all readers.


For how long this project, the DECONSTRUCTING THE ILLUSION, will be going on?

This is a very good question indeed. Well, in this regard, nothing could be declared with certainty. However, as long there is something to decipher in order to remove illusions, well, this is saying that there is a need for this project to continue. In addition, nature support should be mentioned as well. As long as there is substantial nature support, just as there is right now, well, this is the sign that Nature has enough of secrets, and it is the time to reveal them all. Indeed, it is very likely that Nature itself is over-saturated with secrets, and simply, things should be balanced.

Nevertheless, certainly, along with the time, some changes could be introduced. Therefore, I think that the initial question for how long all will be going on, well, that question should be reconfigured. It is much better to raise the question now in what this project will be transformed. Things are evolving, and it is very likely that something new will emerge so that the complete project will be upgraded. Perhaps even some other form or shape will be introduced … Who knows …

Thus, all that I can say, there are still many enigmas to be deciphered, and I hope we shall be flying together for quite some time. Well, it can be that sometimes the stories will be coming more frequently, but sometimes less, however, always on time …


Well, the previous question inevitably drives out yet another question, and it is coming quite often in my private correspondence. What is the purpose of DECONSTRUCTING THE ILLUSION project, and the idea behind?

This question I already have answered along with the Blog Post … WHY DECONSTRUCTING THE ILLUSION? Thus, I kindly recommend reading that mentioned post, which by the way can be found … here.