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There was a question … Who were the Magi?

Well, on a superficial level, this is a seemingly very simple question, but the true answer is rather very complex.

In fact, who the Magi were I was writing a lot, especially in the first essay of this series … The Star of Bethlehem and the natal chart of Jesus

Jesus Chart-Small Edited
The natal chart of Jesus by using the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. The chart is done for April 13, 5 B.C.E. at 11.32 AM LMT. The place of birth is Bethlehem (35E12’27”-31N42’16”).

Nevertheless, that was at the very beginning of that series of essays, and many other things were not known. To be honest, at that moment, I even did not have any clue where the discovery of the natal chart of Jesus will take me. In addition, this topic was mentioned in several essays, but under entirely different circumstances. Therefore, it would be good to put everything together, to summarize everything, in order that we earn some broader picture of who the Magi were, where they came from, and what did they want to accomplish. Of course, this will give us a picture of the Middle East entirely different comparing to what we can find in history books and school teachings. Actually, it can be easily proved that Vedic Knowledge was echoing in the Middle East for a very, very long time.

Just straight to the point, the Magi were astrologers, and they were versed in one variant of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish that was used preferably in Babylon at that time. At the time of Christ coming on the scene, the Vedic Knowledge, in some variations, was still vibrating in the Middle East, somewhere more, somewhere less, of course. Now we know that through Alexander the Great, who unified East and West, almost the complete opus of Vedic Knowledge was recovered in Alexandria and Egypt, and most probably in some other places as well. In one of the previous questions, I discussed the point that the basic message given out is always the same …


I have already elaborated how it comes that Jesus was most probably teaching people to meditate in order to find the Kingdom of Heaven within themselves. Introverting is needed in order to reach the Kingdom of Heaven that lies deep within us. However, the knowledge of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish was recovered as well. It is very likely that Jesus himself was looking onto his personal Jyotish natal chart too.

There is a very interesting book … The astronomical code of the Rgveda … by Subhash Kak from Oklahoma State University, Third Edition, published in 2011. There is one chapter … Vedic and Babylonian Astronomy … and it is devoted to consideration of similarities between two systems. The conclusion is that higher knowledge was being spread all over and around India, and as such, it was echoing in Babylonian knowledge system for a very long time actually.

This is leading toward one conclusion only; the use of a variant of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish in Babylon was never interrupted, not until the Jesus’ time. The fact is that Babylon was much closer to India, and for a long time, the complete region was functioning as the core place of migrations from there, from Vedic India. As it seems, Babylon was the seat of Assyrians, who embodied the asuric energy. As we know now, this is the energy of Evil. We know that it was they, the Assyrians, who were so eager to destroy the kingdom of Jews. They even had taken them to slavery into Babylon, from where Cyrus the Great did save them. Nevertheless, Cyrus saved and liberated only two Jewish tribes out of twelve. Ten Jewish tribes mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Maybe this is the time to find them. Then again, just a few hundred years after the Cyrus, Alexander came to put Babylonians under his control. The fact is that negative energy should be controlled, and when necessary, it should be diminished and limited.

Thus, the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish was still lively among Babylonians, and it was used by a priesthood predominately. This is to say, in order to be very precise and concise, Magi were part of the Babylonian priesthood. There were three of them, most probably, because this number is somehow vibrating in the air for so long. However, the group who visited Jerusalem in order to ask King Herod the Great where is the newborn King of Jews, well, this group was much bigger. My approximation is that there were about 10-15 of them. Other members of the group were military trained people for protection, because not to be forgotten, they are operating on the soil of another country. Hostility between these two countries was huge. It was just King Herod the Great who destroyed and eliminated completely the Hasmonean leaders, priesthood, and all others who supported them. Hasmoneans were in close touch and in a very intimate relationship with Persia and Babylon. King Herod turned the Jewish world on the Roman side. Thus, these additional members in the Magi group, they were functioning as agents actually. However, the main purpose of the complete mission was to find Jesus, and … to eliminate him.

Well, when considering such very important historical events, we always need to presume a struggle of Good and Evil. Of course, this is never to be forgotten even when we consider contemporary events and the political situation in the world. We are never supposed to put aside a deeply embedded truth that we live in the dualistic world. We already have seen that these two forces, even though they are diametrically opposite in nature and due to that a strong tension between them was created, we see that they are stepping hand in hand throughout the time. This is how this game was created, and this is how this show is going on. Therefore, these two forces, they need each other, and they are always close. Very close actually. By exploring many stories so far, we discovered that the Good and Evil is coming from the same family in most of the cases. Thus, just to conclude, among Jews there were good and evil gods incarnated. This is one very important fact to be followed. In order to understand entirely the battlefield of God and Evil around Jews, the following story should be exposed.

It is just less than a year ago when on Dutch TV, the movie … Hercules … was shown. This is the Hollywood blockbuster of newer production (2014), with Dwayne Johnson in the main role. Somehow, it happened that I missed this movie before, but now as I am researching all history lines deeply and profoundly, it attracted my attention heavily. Indeed, watching that movie was a very interesting experience. There is always something to learn. I have noticed it has many connections with historical events. This is one of those stories, where true historical facts are intermingled and heavily mixed up with legends, myths, and mythological interpretations. Indeed, even the character of Hercules, well; he was quite an interesting figure. If we watch on the History Time Line, that story could be placed perhaps just generation or two before the Trojan War. His descendants were mentioned among those fighting fiercely against the Troy. I never did proper research on Hercules, but maybe that will be the topic in some near future. For the moment, this is far from being the focus so it is better to go around.

The film itself was quite challenging because it is going deep into Greek mythology, and it is exposing a huge division between gods because of humans. Perhaps the clash and the heavy war; that would be a much better description of the situation among the gods. This is nothing new for us because we know now that gods divided themselves and formed a Good and Evil club in order to play the game of duality. Therefore, it is their job to be seemingly divided and to play their roles. However, in the film itself, a very interesting claim rose that gods depend upon prayers of human beings directed to them. This is to say that the strength and the power of any particular god depend upon the fact of how many prayers are directed to this unique devata. That was a very daring statement indeed, and for some time I did not understand it. I mean, could not accept it initially. Indeed, it was difficult to comprehend this parable. How on earth would mighty gods depend on humans? Nevertheless, sometime after the film was seen, it became clear the obvious, and the quite striking true meaning of this parable. Of course, this is not referring to the situation in Heaven because we know very well that the gods in Heaven are not depending on humans. In fact, exactly the opposite is the case. Humans depend upon the mercy of gods, and the will of theirs. However, once when any of these so many gods and goddesses do incarnate on Earth with certain agenda as an avatar, well then, that particular devata will depend on how many followers he or she can count on. Literary it was said … how many prayers they receive. The strength and the power of gods while being incarnated on Earth depend upon humans. This is all very true actually. It is so simple like that.

When we look now this story from the point of view of Good and Evil, everything becomes clear. As long humans were following good gods, cultures and civilizations were thriving in prosperity, happiness, and joy. However, once when humans accepted frauds and hoaxes of the evil side, well, everything went down, and Humanity finished in slavery.

Therefore, it is upon humans to decide with whom they will be walking down the street, with a good god, or with a demon. By their prayers, what means by their attention, support and attachment, humans decide on which side civilization or culture will go. They decide whether that will be on the side of light and prosperity, or on another side, on the side of darkness and ignorance, along with suffering and slavery.

Indeed, once when people accept high towers, super high churches, and even higher minarets, well, this means their search for the God is actually ending on the wrong side so instead with God they will finish with a demon. The disguised demon will trick the Humanity, and very soon only false values will be celebrated so that fragmented cultures full of illusions will be established. The evil force will be starting with spreading the ignorance even further on, and this is how Humanity finds itself entrapped within the loop with no exit. Not necessary to mention that ignorance can produce only suffering. And here we go again; here we are again in what we call … the real life. Just look around yourself. Unfortunately, this is still our reality.

However, this is saying something else as well in addition. All of us should reconsider carefully on which side we want to go.

If somebody is stacked on the negative side, fine, well, this is their choice, this is their free will to decide, and they will probably not want to change anything. They will probably use this famous saying of the wise men used once upon a time … only sweet truth to be spoken. The thing is, under the cover of darkness, the evil side made significant advantages. For about five thousand years, they were running their agenda. They turned the entire world on the negative side. What is a sweet truth for them? Of course, they do not want to change anything. They want to freeze the situation. This is saying that sweet truth in the dualistic world has entirely doubtful meaning. The fact is that truth is sometimes not so sweet. Indeed, on the contrary, sometimes the truth can be harsh and painful. Like for example the statement that we still live in slavery. We still live in slavery, very profound, but this is still a slavery. As long we have to work for something … or for everything … well, we live in slavery. Perhaps we say much more about this topic some other time. Of course, it is very painful to admit that we live in slavery. Nevertheless, this is our reality, and we will need to face this problem eventually. Furthermore, the inertia of the system is huge. Just do not change anything, and let it go this way forever. Do not shake, do not stir … this is their only formula.  This is the agenda of the dark force right now, to preserve the advantage they earned while we were walking through the Dark Age.

Well, if you by chance think that previously mentioned option is not your option and that you would rather go with light and with good vibrations than you need to consider making your very clear choice, or choices. The attitude of everyone is very important. Very important. Do not forget that while a bank robbery is going on, the driver who is sitting in the car by waiting for his gangster colleges to perform the robbery itself, well, this driver in the car is definitely the part of the same gangster gang. If you think for good, do not allow yourself to be the car driver in a bank robbery. Do not allow yourself that anything you do, perform, or even think, is being used by the evil side.

Therefore, the saying about sweet truth has an ambiguous meaning in the dualistic world. The question is always for whom the sweet truth to be spoken? Sweet truth for Good or for Evil, this is the question right now. Or, to be even more plastic, can you answer this question of what would be the sweet truth for Hitler? Do you want to go with Hitler’s sweet truth? Fine … you have this option opened as well, but be aware, and do not forget how all such stories finish at the end.

Now, back to the story of Magi …

There was a big struggle around Jews between Good and Evil. I already have discussed that the true origin of Jews is of suric background. They are suras, always connected with light, and always to accomplish the highest spiritual aims. They were riding with God only. This is how they are designed, and their role is extremely important for the evolution process to go smoothly. Even today, the syntagm … the children of God … is very much in use. They were riding with good God, and they have been his power on Earth. By knowing this, the evil side will try to do everything to break this connection, and to turn Jews away from good God, and to use them for their own purpose. This is exactly what was happening for centuries. No need to mention that by entering the Kali Yuga around 700 B.C.E., and by sliding deeper and deeper into it, the evil side took advantage, and turned everything in their favor. Moses was one example of this situation. Jews were seemingly taken from slavery, but just to be involved in another kind of slavery, even deeper one. King David, and King Solomon, along with some others, tried to recover the situation and save the Jews. Nevertheless, that did not last for a long. The situation was developing from bad to worse. Just to make the story shorter, something that belongs to the good God exclusively, was taken away and used for evil only. The good God was trying to catch it back, but as sliding deeper into Kali Yuga, the cosmic law was broken apart and it was very difficult to recover the situation. Good God was expected to come and to make a balance. Something was accomplished with King Cyrus the Great, but not for a long. Then Alexander the Great came and accomplished such marvelous things. He was enormous power in move indeed. He solved many problems, but the Kali Yuga was marching toward its negative peak …

Thus, the priesthood of the evil side placed and situated in Babylon was watching the situation development very carefully. They were expecting the good God to come again. The force of evil was terrified even by the very idea that he might have come again in such a strong and powerful form, just like Alexander, and to make such disastrous things to them. For that reason, they were watching extremely carefully. The priesthood of Babylon had all this esoteric knowledge, and they knew how to cast natal charts of God Vishnu when he incarnates on Earth. They had in their possession all his natal charts from previous incarnations, like King Rama, Lord Krishna, King Sudas, King Cyrus the Great, Alexander … and many, many others. The hidden esoteric history of the world, what is the only true history actually, and which has been running behind the stage of superficially known history, that esoteric history was known to them very well. Therefore, by the use of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, the Magi, what is just another name for the Babylonian priesthood, were watching carefully on moving of planets along with the background of stars and constellations. They knew he is supposed to come. They have noticed that he is circling around by preparing the terrain, and that next time he is supposed to come right there in the Jewish world to renew the United Kingdom. That is the reason their focus was on the King Herod the Great so very much. He was one of them actually, and they had a good eye on him. And when they saw the sign, that amazing dance of planets and stars at the Sky, what will be later on entitled as … The Star of Bethlehem  … well, they were in the highest stage of alarm. They need to act quickly, and to turn the situation in their favor. However, there is only one way to do that. They had to remove him as soon as possible … The rest of the story you already know …

April 13-5 BCE
Christmas Day … April 13