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Somebody has stated … I am unable to understand that why Jews and Muslims are at odd whereas both follow monotheism? 

This is not an easy question, but let me try to comprehend the problem.

The thing is, by being monotheistic, that does not mean there are no differences. Monotheistic religions do not have one and the same figure in the epicenter. Usually, it happened that they do worship different incarnations of the same god Vishnu. Just an ignorance and the deeply overshadowed envision this is what gives an impression that Jesus and Mohamed are separated from each other, and that there is no connection between them. In the same way, the connection was broken with Rama, Krishna, and Budha. Today, fortunately, we know these are all god Vishnu incarnations.

Hence, one very big problem in today’s world is … a fragmentation. This is logical to expect as long the attention is turned outward on the innumerable different kind of objects and sensations. Due to that, diversification and fragmentation, they are enormous. This is all going to be changed along with turning attention inward, what immediately produces unifying effects. Most ancient civilizations were turned toward the inside, they were introverted. They knew very well where the Kingdom of Heaven is. Many of them did use this eternal teaching condensed in two lines only …


Nevertheless, that was somehow lost later on. Along with the descending Kali Yuga, the focus and the attention, they were gradually turning out toward the world of differences.

When our focus is turned outward entirely, when we focus on the materialistic world only, of course, many conflicts would come out as a result. Searching for happiness in the outward world is just like a bee flying from one flower to another, and then another, and another …. Some pieces and fragments are there, this is true, but there is no total fulfillment. Something is always missing. However, if we turn an attention inward, there we find the source of all happiness within us. All people of the highest knowledge, men of wisdom, and even many mystics, they have defined this ultimate source of everything including our own self as the eternal bliss. It is absolutely the same if we search for the energy. On this superficial level, there are only limited forms of energy. Nevertheless, if we turn inside toward the smaller of the smallest, what becomes as the greater of the greatest actually, well, there we find the infinite energy source. We just need to connect to, and to tap this free energy which is all around us.  Therefore, as a conclusion, it comes that all resources in the outward world are limited. However, if we plunge deep within ourselves, if we introvert and find our own Self, if we find who we really are, well then, all of sudden the Kingdom of Heaven is in our possession, there is an affluence of everything, and the life itself is defined in terms of eternal bliss and infinite possibilities.

Then, another thing, the Muslim religion was formed just at the lowest point of the Kali Yuga, when the knowledge of the antiquity was fading out entirely. Indeed, this is also one very important moment; when the knowledge system was formed. This is being related to the cycle of the yugas curve. We have a sine wave with a positive and negative peak, and for any specific point on this curve, there are entirely different parameters established, and that will result in a very different lifestyle. The level of incoming energy and intelligence is especially very important to follow. This will find the direct correspondence to the level of Ether-Akasha preserved. However, this is not all. Just at this threshold point at about 500 C.E. the descending phase of world ages had faced its own climax and the trend has changed into ascending. Actually, this is a big turning point; a big change has occurred indeed. Descending and ascending cultures do not understand each other. This is one big difference which somehow forever stays between them.

Furthermore, both mentioned religions are declared as Abrahamic religions, and that means that the true origin they find in the teaching of Patriarch Abraham. This is how it is being declared. Through my researches, it was confirmed that Abraham is a historical figure. Not only that, it was confirmed that Abraham is coming from the celestial sphere, that he was an incarnation of Saptarishi Vasishta, who is the Manu of the present Manvantara. His lineage goes back to the Biblical Noah, to the Vedic king Vaivasvata actually, who was the progenitor of Humanity just along with the previous Big Flood, which we had exactly 12.000 years ago. Therefore, all this is a true story. It was all confirmed along with the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. Thus, Saptarishi Vasishta and Vishnu himself, they are running the entire evolution. This is to say that the mission of Abraham was set by God himself. This statement is also very true.

However, the teaching of both religions today does not have anything to do with Abraham, except that they use his name. The teaching highly deviates on both sides. Indeed, what we call Judaism today does not have anything in common with the original teaching of Abraham. The teaching of Abraham was closely related to the Veda and the Vedic knowledge, because around 1850 B.C.E., let say so, they just did spring out from the Vedic Culture. They started to use different terminology, applied different names, and they used different labeling, but for a very long time actually, they used Vedic principles, procedures, even rituals, and ceremonies. One of such Vedic practices was to proclaim the fasting on the eclipse day. Such practice was still lively at the time of Jesus, and this revelation made a very significant step forward in decoding the birth of Jesus itself. Another practice was to consider the sunset as the beginning of the new day, instead of sunrise as we have it today. This was the case with ancient Vedic tradition as well. No doubt, some of these principles are still embedded deeply in the Jewish Culture. In the story about Alexander the Great, I have discussed the point that in Jewish tradition even today they use an astronomical definition for the dawn, what is actually coming from the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. This is still preserved just as in ancient times. Nevertheless, many things simply vanished from the Jewish tradition. Therefore, the Judaism of today is not the same with the knowledge system of the early Israelites. Some things are preserved, this is true, but many Vedic principles are simply erased.

There were few critical points when the knowledge system of the early Israelites was highly modified. Of course, many deviations did happen during the Egyptian phase, along with the culmination at the time of Moses. Who Moses was, I deciphered along with my essays, was writing about extensively, and I do not want to go into this story right now. Another very important, but very sensitive point and transformation came during the time of King Herod when the so-called Herodian priesthood was established. Well, King Herod the Great is the same incarnation line as Moses, and just by knowing this, we are aware of what we can expect. It is not necessary to mention that the biggest opponent of Jesus was exactly … the Herodian priesthood.

Just to conclude, there is a big job on both of these mentioned religions, as well as for all others, in order to find their own origin. When they finally find it, well there will be a big surprise that this is actually the same origin and that the same God is behind as well.

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