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Why do we have so many religions in the world today?

This is a very good question indeed. Actually, the answer to that question is not simple, and it is not short as well. Nevertheless, I will try to offer the shortest possible explanation.

The point is that we were passing throughout the Dark Age until recently, and all the highest spiritual knowledge was so easily scattered on the rocks of ignorance. The ignorance was all-permeating, and as soon some great spiritual leader would have come, as prophet, avatar, or in any other form, the knowledge exposed would not have lasted for a long, it would have been deviated, manipulated and distorted, in order to serve for the dark agenda only. The true knowledge has only one purpose, to teach, nourish, and evolve toward higher states of consciousness, and to make a unification with the Creator himself. The Dark Force would do everything to make this highest spiritual knowledge non-functional.

For example, look at this very basic core wisdom condensed in few words only, in two lines actually …

Egyptian proverb

This highly condensed concentrate of the true knowledge is asking for introverting. It asks every individual to turn within himself in order to find the Kingdom of Heaven there deep inside. In its purest form, it does suggest that there is only one temple to direct all prayers, desires, and wishes, and this temple is within every one of us. No other temples are needed.

That proverb I did find exposed as an Egyptian proverb. This is to say that proverb was highly priced in Egypt, but most probably in the Golden Age of Egypt, before 2500 B.C.E., when evil god Seth took power and introduced total manipulation. Indeed, evil Seth dethroned his brother Osiris, and this is the moment when Egypt stepped down into the deep darkness, even to the slavery. Just to mention, I was thinking for a long if there is any connection between the Civilization of Egypt and Vedas because we find very similar stories on both sides. Then, everything became crystal clear; Osiris is good God Indra, while his evil brother Seth is nobody else than the god of evil, the Vishvakarman. This is the one and the same story with the King Rishabhanatha and his two sons, Bharata and Bahubali. Egypt from before 12.000 years was involved in great Vedic society covering the entire world.

How this manipulation and distortion was done?

Well, it was done with the use of a very simple method, but very efficient by the way. All of sudden the priesthood of Egypt started to build grandiose monumental temples devoted to good(s). They said, if God is so great, what he definitely is, well, then the place where he dwells should be equally great and monumental. For example, just take a look at all temple complexes in Egypt of about that period. Look at the Karnak temple complex in ancient Thebe what is today Luxor. You will find huge, monumental buildings, equally sized statues and sculptures … and all that was designed and constructed for one purpose only … to induce the search for the heavenly kingdom somewhere far away outside. This is where an attention and a focus of the people were turned outward, where it did stay all until today. Such subliminal messages are very effective actually.

In some places, I did find an option that the same proverb is referring to the true Jesus Christ teaching as well. This is plausible because the core teaching of the Christ was definitely lost. The closest we come toward it is famous … Eye of the needle parable …, from the New Testament

The term “eye of a needle” is used as a metaphor for a very narrow opening. It occurs several times throughout the Talmud. The New Testament quotes Jesus as saying that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”.

What do we have here?

Here we have some few keywords … camel … not to be rich … eye of the needle-something infinitesimally small … Camel symbolizes innocence, this is for sure. Thus, who is innocent? This is one question. Another thing, the term … rich … or … not to be rich … is not referring to the rich people and to richness. The statement that Jesus was asking rich people to give up all possession, to donate everything to the poor people, and to join him, is an absolute nonsense. On the contrary, Jesus had many rich people supporting him and his movement. Let us take Joseph of Arimathea for example, or Joseph of Talpiot, what would be the much better name associated with him. He was a very rich man, and in some stage, he became the father in law of Jesus. Did Jesus ask Joseph to share everything with poor people and to join him? Of course not! This is to say that the term rich is referring to something else. To what exactly? In addition, we have an eye of the needle as the symbol of something infinitesimally small. What is that small, and so difficult to be reached?

The proper sequence of this riddle is … you have to be innocent, what is to say, not to be rich in actions so that then and only then you can reach the God within you. Not to be rich in actions means to settle down all activities in the mind, to close the eyes, and to turn intention inward, and then further on, you even lose every activity on the mental level, and to go beyond the finest thought, and then, and then only, the kingdom of God can be reached. How interesting indeed! Jesus is actually describing the technic of meditation based on transcendence where the sound or mantra is being used as a vehicle in order to reach the Kingdom of Heaven within ourselves. This is the technic! In order to reach the place where God is dwelling, we need to leave behind any activity in the mind; we need to transcend, to step over the threshold point beyond any activity, to transcend even the finest thought we could possibly possess. Then, and only then, we are totally innocent, and then and only then, the Kingdom of Heaven is in our reach.

Nevertheless, what happened with this basic teaching of Jesus? It was distorted heavily. However, not only that. All those who choked the initial movement of Jesus and his true teaching, they continue the job of the evil god Seth, and they started to build big towers and they called them … churches …, or perhaps … mosques and minarets. Just high up in the sky as much as is possible, so that the attention is turned outwardly, not inwardly in any case. Because God is somewhere there far away. Yes so big he is, but somewhere there very far away, and we just want to be close to him. If we want to be close to him, we have to go outward, there somewhere in the Sky. Nothing was farther from the truth then this kind of game with extroversion. The quest and the search for God were turned totally in the wrong direction. This is how God and the Kingdom of Heaven can never be reached.

Actually, this proverb is the core teaching of all Vishnu avatars. This teaching is closely connected with the message of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, but with Prophet Mohamed as well. They all did expose the same primary teaching, which is … Find the Kingdom of Heaven within yourself.

This is to say, this proverb is highly connected with the famous teaching of Krishna …

Jogastah kuru karmani – Established in Being perform actions.

There is another mentioning of the similar proverb in Vedas. It is mentioned in Katha Upanishad, and it goes like this …

Anor aniyan mahato mahiyan; atmasya jantor nihito guhayam …
(Katha Upanisad 1.2.20)

Smaller than the smallest, greater than the greatest lies the Self hidden within the heart of every being.

Indeed, this is absolutely the same thing, telling that something that is smaller than the smallest is greater than the greatest, and this lies deep within you, and all that you need to do is to turn your attention inwardly and the Kingdom of Heaven is in your reach.

Therefore, in Dark Age, along with the domination of the Dark Force, when the peace is being defined just like the time period between two wars, and when suffering takes place instead of bliss and prosperity, then the message of any prophet or avatar is quickly forgotten. This is the moment when this ultimate truth of how to reach the Kingdom of Heaven is lost as well. The true message of every prophet or avatar is lost, forgotten, and hard to carry on a longer run. Nevertheless, this is the moment when something new will be opened and introduced. This is the time for some new religion. As it seems, there is always a place for some new incarnation of Vishnu, and for the true message to be repeated again. Of course, that will again in some stage finish just as a new religion, but nevertheless, this is the nature of life in the Dark Age.

However, perhaps we live in a different time right now. There is a light everywhere, and this is just the moment for all religions to unite. Because put simply, there is the same God behind every religion, and he is always coming with the same message …


After all, we do not have time anymore to play with so many religions that interpret one and the same ultimate reality in so many different ways. This time is behind us. Now we go toward the Unity.

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