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As time passes, and as this website is progressing, some questions have occurred. I am encouraging people to go public, but there is still some hesitation, as it seems. Some people are more like being shy, but some are still caught by these so far deeply suppressed themes, and with agenda around them so that they won’t go public. Nevertheless, there is no pressure, we just innocently go further on. Along with this page, I will be free to expose some questions that came along with my personal correspondence. Let it stay anonymous so that everybody can feel maximal comfort and easiness. 

Here there are a few questions that sound very interesting, and I would like to expose them immediately … 


Are you going to add references to the end of your essays?

No, actually that will not be the case. My essays, even though they are leaning on the scientific achievements heavily, are not scientific works. They are just … essays. Just to remind, an essay is a short literal form where the author is free to interpret things according to his wish and desire, or according to his level of consciousness. Comprehending the world around us has its own basis in the level of consciousness of the observer. As I have the tendency to research, explore, investigate and write about the truth, well, the previous fact is highly emphasizing exactly this … the level of consciousness. Therefore, all that is written is reflecting an idea to tune with the higher truth, what we are obviously missing very much right now. The old scientific paradigm based on false statements, wrong premises, non-true assumptions … and who knows what … well, such a scientific paradigm is just about to expire, and the new one is supposed to be established, based on the higher truth of course.

In all my texts, in most of the cases, I do mention specifically where I have taken any piece of information, any photo or picture, or whatsoever. This is to say, all information about the source(s) are already exposed there. All my texts already are referenced. I do not have a tendency to hide anything. Everything is open and transparent. Therefore, there is no need for references at the end of the text. I know that exposing the references would possibly make my essays to look more scientific, but this is exactly that what I was trying to avoid maximally. I do not want that any of my essay, text, or whatsoever, would look scientific. There are many unknown meanings incorporated into this term … scientific … and this is just something that we need to resolve in a very near future.

Thus, just to conclude, I am not a scientist. Nevertheless, if my texts will reach some scientists, and will help them to understand better what they are doing, what they are endeavoring, and where they are heading after all, well, that would mean that the purpose of my mission is accomplished.


There was a remark by one reader that my writings are a true Science Fiction. Thus, the question is launched if all that is just a Science Fiction?

Well, first of all, this could potentially be connected with the fact that I am not trying to be, or to sound … scientific. Therefore, if there is not the term … scientific … associated with, consequently, it cannot be an SF-Scientific Fiction associated with either.

Nevertheless, my writings tend to discover a new reality behind this old, very materialistic, and entirely mechanistic scientific paradigm. I am more like a detective in the field of science, with the tendency to find out all such places where the science itself is being bent, manipulated or faked. I am not accusing anyone; we passed through a very hard and difficult Dark Age, where many things did face deviation and fragmentation. Simply, the knowledge was distorted and fragmented. Well, we just correct quickly all these things … and we start to enjoy the bright side where we already are.

Well, new discoveries, for all those who are not familiar with the functioning of natural laws, this can be just as a Science Fiction. The irony to be bigger, as we turn away of this old materialistic paradigm, all of sudden we find ourselves in the field of all possibilities where … everything is possible. After all, this is one feature of the Unified Field of Natural Law. All possibilities. It is from there that some things can appear that would look more like Science Fiction. Nevertheless, this is all solvable just with the broadening of horizons. When we raise our level of consciousness, all of a sudden we see some new details, not entirely seen before. Imagine a frog who lives only in one well for the entire lifespan. Then another frog comes and starts talking about a big, vast lake, and even about the endless ocean. “Well, this is just a fiction, just a Science Fiction” – the first frog would say.

Thus, this is all about knowledge. However, the knowledge depends upon the level of consciousness. Therefore, here we are again, just by raising the level of consciousness … we can comprehend the world around us in an entirely different way. Indeed, perhaps it will be proved very soon that our ultimate reality is even beyond the Science Fiction.


There was the reaction of one reader that the Light from the Genesis, is actually not the Ether-Akasha. Thus, the question is in the air if this is the same. Indeed, does the Light from the Genesis correspond to the Ether-Akasha?

This remark does not stand. The Light in the famous verse from the Genesis …

Let there be Light!

… definitely is the Ether-Akasha. Remember, Akasha-Ether is the first element, the first essence, being born from the unmanifested, non-doing,  and entirely transcendental Being. We can call this Being different names, but this is not important right now so I will stay with this term … Being … as the source of everything. Therefore the Light from the verse of the Genesis, the Ether, and the Akasha, they are all the one and the same.

The reader has exposed the opinion that the Light from the Genesis is much finer than the Ether-Akasha itself. This part of the observation is partially true. The fact is that the Light in the Genesis is referring to the one very short moment of the history of the entire Creation. This is Akasha-Ether, just as it was being born, but before it did start to diversify in order to produce other elements-essences. At that time there was a light, and nothing else but the light did exist. Then, in some moment, what could be eons actually, a diversification took place, but remember, this is still that same Ether-Akasha which started with diversifying in a sense to come in pulses, it did start to condense, and to spin around in all possible ways, what gave birth to other elements-essences like the Wind-Vayu, the Fire-Agni, the Water-Jala, and the Earth-Prithvi. In addition, in this process of diversification different kind of particles were born as well …  After all, this is how Vedic Genesis goes on …

Therefore, it seems that the Old Testament and the Bible, they do talk about Ether-Akasha as well …


It seems this website is already spread all over the world because there was a reaction from Israel by one prominent spiritual leader. In fact, this was just a very simple reaction, but then, along with this preliminary converse, it was me who made a question. Even though I was writing a lot about Jews so far, did not mention this problem somehow. Nevertheless, this is a very acute problem, and it absolutely deserves our attention. This is referring to the very widespread tradition of … circumcision. Some religions and many ethnic groups use this practice. However, the question is why? Why the circumcision is being used?    

Well, the thing is that I wanted to turn attention on one very important traditional custom of Jews, but some other population as well. This is all about circumcision …

I do not want to go into the pros and cons story right now. I want to expose the story from a spiritual point of view …

In fact, perhaps I will need to disappoint the Jewish world, but from the spiritual point of view, this practice is very questionable. Not only that, it is highly damageable. In high esoteric teaching, this is the place of the Root Chakra, which is very important by the way. Performing any kind of intervention in this place, as well as any other place of such importance, will cause permanent damage to this Chakra particularly. It causes trauma, which will be carried on a subconscious level throughout all the life. This will reflect that people who have undergone this kind of intervention will be damaged spiritually. Their main focus in the life would be on this lower chakra. Work obediently, proliferate, and do not ask further questions. This is the closest definition of this practice. It was introduced in a certain moment of history for the purpose to cease the spiritual growth of population. It was introduced to keep people attached to the lowest spiritual level, to ground them. In order to have total control over the population, they performed this kind of ritualistic intervention, to which they became even very proud, by the way, but what people usually do not know is that this is keeping them on the lower and very materialistic plane. The intention of those who implemented that was to control the masses. People will be focused on this lower plane, just to work obediently and to proliferate, and not to ask many questions.

When exactly the circumcision entered the Jewish tradition, we do not know. What is written in the books and pamphlets, well, this we can not trust entirely. They say that Abraham did introduce it immediately after he had established the early Israelites. This can be one option of course, but he hypothetically could have seen that while being with Jews in Egypt. If Abraham introduced that practice, this is a big if in a question actually, then it was definitely not before Egypt phase. We should always have on mind that the main source of such practice is … ancient Egypt. Nevertheless, according to my opinion, and most probably, Abraham was not connected with this practice. Such a practice to become a tradition, several generations are needed, but this first contact of Jews with Egypt was not lasting that long.

Then there is only one solution possible. The circumcision was implemented on Jews while being in slavery in Egypt, and later on, it became standard during the Moses time. According to legends, somewhere around 2500 B.C.E., some dramatic change did happen in Egypt. Legend has it that the good god Osiris was pushed out from ruling Egypt by evil god Seth. Then, as it seems, the circumcision was invented and applied on Egyptians by evil Seth. Is it possible that here we are watching the practice implemented by an evil god Seth? Indeed, the nature of the tradition is dark and murky, just as he was.

Concerning Jews, I am not even sure if this custom, the custom of circumcision, was practiced all over the time. For example, it was definitely not in use in the time of King Solomon. All that was King Solomon doing was related to the uplifting of the level of consciousness of his people, that was the purpose of the Solomon’s Temple after all, and he definitely would have not allowed such destructive practice while he was in power. Jews had a lot of contacts with Egypt, and I would definitely not be surprised if such practice was transmitted to them in a certain point in history. However, it is absolutely unimportant now when exactly it was introduced to the Jews.

Well, in order to understand truly all the circumstances about the formation of the early Israelites and monotheistic religions, we need to take into account the cycle of yugas story … the cycle of world ages … The thing is that they have been unfortunate to live in the descending cycle of the yugas when things were not so brilliant. The time was not working for them. The knowledge was descending, human abilities as well, every new generation was born with lesser abilities, with lesser intellectual and mental capabilities. After all, that is the reason for abandoning polytheistic systems and only very simplified monotheistic religions were favored. In such a frame, we can understand the tendency of such spiritual systems to forget and to break all connections with previous systems of higher knowledge. As I already mentioned, the time was not working for them; their only chance was to forget and to reject older but higher knowledge.

Now, fortunately, we live in a completely opposite point of world ages, we live in the ascending cycle. The knowledge is higher and higher every day. With every new day, we wake up with more light around us … We are about to leave monotheistic systems … and to get back to the polytheistic, and this polytheistic system is … the Veda. All that we are supposed to do now is just to support such systems and practices which will allow an increase of knowledge, an increase of consciousness, what will propel us in our spiritual development, and what will raise us on the higher vibratory plane. After all, according to all signs and symptoms, we are close to the Big Flood again, and along with, this time we shift to a higher dimension, that means higher vibratory level. Not necessary to mention that only those who already earned some higher vibratory level will be able to pass successfully such a tremendous transformation we are just about to face in a few years.

Therefore, as a big well-wisher of Jews, I would like to direct this question to all spiritual leaders of theirs. In fact, I do not want to interfere, just want to remind on this problem. Who knows, as the Jews were first to introduce tuning with a lesser level of knowledge, perhaps they will be the first to introduce a global expansion of consciousness. Actually, the question is …

What the spiritual leaders of the Jews are going to do about the exposed problem of circumcision?


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