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It is important to mention, this website does not have any commercial background. It is entirely non-profitable, and it will always stay this way. The author and the initiator of this website (in the further text just … the Author), is not prone to use commercials of any kind on, or around the website itself. Therefore, you will never find here ads for other companies for their extraordinary products. However, as we live in the material world, we need to follow all the belonging rules and regulations. To put it simply, everything has its own cost. We have to pay our bills, make our living, etc.

The author spent many years earning spiritual knowledge in different spiritual academies, ashrams, etc., and he devoted many years to volunteering, just to be close there where the knowledge is, or where the knowledge was. Altogether, about thirty years. In addition, a lot of independent work in researching innumerable topics was done. There is no need to mention what kind of challenges the author was passing through in order to find the truth behind many layers and sediments of false statements and manipulations … It was all very adventurous, by the way, and due to that very enjoyable.  It was definitely never boring, not at all. Very probably, some form of personal memoirs will be published soon, even though the writings the author is exposing right now along with this series of essays can be considered partially as personal memoirs as well.

All my essays are talking about the truth and how to find it. The truth I am talking about we shall need heavily to build up new societies based on true values. Even for personal evolution, we need some higher truths. We shall need the truth to follow natural laws. Because natural laws are all about truth. Indeed, we need the truth in order to tune with nature. Fine, there is the personal truth we are all searching for. This is all right, but there is the universal truth as well, and we all need to tune along with it. We are in the midst of extraordinary changes and nothing will be the same anymore. Tuning with natural laws is the way to survive. Only the truth can save us. This is not just like the conditional statement anymore. This is our reality. The moment of truth, the decisive moment has come. We need the truth to find our way for the better world, for the nicer world, for the higher world … I thoroughly hope the universal truth I am exposing and revealing, will be a good base for finding and setting up Your individual and personal truth.

The author took a regular job to make a living. However, for the purpose of this website to continue permanently, the author would kindly encourage visitors, readers, and followers to make some donations and sponsorships, just for covering and maintaining the basic expenses for this website. Any amount counts, and even the smallest amount like one U$D or one Euro, for example, is considered equally important as some bigger amounts. The Author is thankful for all meaningful considerations, and for the support of any kind. As well, thank You for your attention and interest.

If by chance, You are a screenplay writer, or connected with the movie industry in any way, being closely and intimately involved in Hollywood projects perhaps, well, imagine the true story blockbusters … provoked by any essay of mine. For example, imagine the thrill and joy of announcing the story of true historical Jesus … in movies, or documentaries perhaps … I bet people would be overwhelmed … If You have some new ideas, or perhaps ready to fund such and similar projects, well, please do not hesitate to contact me via cellphone … +385924210347

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