In my previous writings, Guru Purnima and belonging celebrations, they were mentioned many times. However, it was always just as a side subject, just by touching it along having something else in the focus. Therefore, Guru Purnima was never the main topic, the first theme. Not until now. Thus, this is about to be changed now by putting it into the sharp focus. I will try to elaborate all what I know, and what I have learned about.

Guru Purnima is a very important day in Vedic Calendar and a very important festivity in the life of any true spiritual seeker. This is the Day of Teachers, the Day of Gurus, and it is usually celebrated in July, on the Full Moon. On the first full moon mostly, but sometimes, only sometimes, due to some astronomical calculations, it can fall on the second Full Moon in July. In its pure form, it is devoted to the spiritual teachers preferably. This is the day when we pay homage to our spiritual teachers, gurus, and to all those who have been providing us that we can earn the important knowledge of how to grow in evolution on a faster and safer way. The story of our own personal evolution sometimes can be complex, with an unknown path, and we can wander around. Many obstacles can occur in finding the Truth, what is our main purpose of life. Finding the Truth is just another name for finding the God, and this is just another name for establishing ourselves in the higher states of consciousness in order to be one with the God and to be like a God. We are gifted with such an option to live Unity within the Duality, but the way to accomplish this is not always simple, easy, and as it sometimes could be, this is not always the shortest way. Indeed, finding the way is not always easy, and this is where our spiritual teachers come in. They devoted their lives for giving the knowledge to the others, to us. The knowledge of how to achieve the mentioned aim is very precious knowledge. They already have passed this way, they know exactly what kind of obstacles we can expect in a certain moment, and they know how to deal with them. They know because they are usually much higher in consciousness than we are. That is the reason that one day in the year is devoted to paying homage to all such spiritual leaders and gurus. We want to be thankful and we wont to express our gratitude to all those who are very unselfishly and very generously devoting their lives that we are getting Enlightenment, the God Consciousness, and finally the Unity Consciousness, on a much easier way.

Therefore, once again, Guru Purnima is devoted to all spiritual teachers because they are so very important for the knowledge transmitting. There are many traditions of such spiritual knowledge transition, and they can even differ in some details. However, they are all celebrating the same Guru Purnima day. Well, at least there is a consensus about something. For the year 2019, Guru Purnima will be celebrated on July 16. Interestingly, it is just about to be a Lunar Eclipse on that day, but this is not undermining the meaning and the significance of that Guru Purnima itself.

If we now try to analyze the complete syntagm … GURU PURNIMA …, then the first word … guru … denotes darkness dispeller, ignorance remover. There are two Sanskrit words contained within it, … gu …, and … ru. Sanskrit … gu … denotes darkness and ignorance. Sanskrit … ru … denotes someone who is removing something. Therefore, the meaning of the word … guru …, is very obvious. It denotes the one who removes the darkness of our ignorance. And what removes darkness and ignorance? It is the Knowledge itself what only can remove ignorance, and this is why and how all gurus are becoming very famous. They are very famous because they have, and they possess … Knowledge. Then, we have another word … Purnima. Purnima denotes one lunar day, called also tithi. There are fifteen tithis, fifteen lunar days in one semi-cycle of the Moon while it is orbiting the Earth. This semi-cycle is being called … Paksha. There are two Pakshas, two cycles of the Moon, ascending and descending, depending on whether the Moon itself is getting fuller, by waxing, or it is getting empty by waning. This is how we have Shukla Paksha, the bright semi-cycle from New Moon to the Full Moon, when the Moon itself is getting brighter and fuller. We also have Krishna Paksha, when the Moon is waning and fading, from Full Moon to the New Moon. Therefore, two cycles by fifteen days, that gives 30 lunar days in total along with one lunar month. Thus, we see that Purnima is just one lunar day, but entirely opposite to the Amavasya, the phase of the Moon where there is no Moon, actually, the New Moon. Therefore, all lunar days are cycling between Purnima and Amavasya and vice versa.

The knowledge about tithis is somehow lost today, and modern man does not have any clue what is going on around. They look on the Moon just as an inanimate object on the sky, and not having any idea that so many processes within ourselves depend exactly upon the lunar day, the lunar phase. Our mood, our feelings, they are all depending on the Moon. But not only that. Our body contains water by 70 %, just the same as the entire material world outside. Coincidence? Definitely not! Thus, the Moon who controls the water will have a tremendous influence on our physical body as well. Ask sailors if they know something about the Moon and the sea, which they are navigating daily. Ask them if there is some connection between tides and Moon? Or, if the Moon has some connection with the big waves on full Moon? Sailors will definitely know that. That is the reason sailors do watch on the Moon, and they carefully note down which phase the Moon is passing through.

On some way, we are as sailors as well. We are navigating throughout the life itself, there are many obstacles on the way, and we have to watch carefully on what is going on around us.

In fact, by following the tithis, and how Moon-Chandra is dynamically revolving around the Earth, well, that can be a good way to start learning Jyotish. By using any Jyotish software, we simply start to follow tithis, lunar days. Then we shall learn that on its own way Moon is passing through Zodiac signs, but also through nakshatras. Each day, approximately, the Moon is staying in one nakshatra, one starry constellation. Then we learn something about each sign and about each nakshatra, and what it means when Moon is sitting and resting there. Then we learn that in Vedic terminology the Moon is denoted as the bull, while each nakshatra is denoted as the wife of the bull, the cow … Little by little, soon we learn so much about, and we cognize that the entire world has some different dimension. All that we need to do is to start following tithis, lunar days. We can easily observe that each tithi brings a different quality. For example, we learn about the importance of Ekadashi, the eleventh day in every half-cycle. I addition, we learn about Sankashti Chaturthi, the fourth day of the Krishna Paksha, a very auspicious day devoted to Lord Ganesha exclusively. Then, we also learn that every Purnima, the full Moon day, is somewhat very special. However, depending on which sign and which nakshatra, each Purnima is slightly different. There are 12-13 Purnimas in one solar year, but each of them can be very different. Celebrating every Purnima, which means every Full Moon, is a very nice tradition indeed, and it is emphasizing that day very much along with so many benefits that it brings.

However, the Purnima in July is somewhat brighter than all others are. It is much different so to say, and this is one reason it was chosen to be Guru Purnima, to celebrate the Day of Gurus. In fact, there are several explanations why exactly this one Purnima in July was chosen for celebrating the Guru Purnima. I will try to explain some of them. One is already mentioned. The Purnima in July is the strongest and the brightest.

Then we have another one explanation. They say that the tradition of celebrating Guru Purnima is about five thousand years old. It is supposedly connected with the great sage Veda Vyasa, with his academy, his ashram, and his disciples who wanted to express their gratitude for all the great knowledge he gave them. I will bring out few passages already exposed about along with the essay with the title … MAHARISHI JAIMINI

There is yet another one very important conclusion. It is concerning the Guru Purnima itself. As I already have mentioned in my previous essay, the basic motive behind Guru Purnima is to gratitude Veda Vyasa for immense knowledge he gave out. His disciples asked how to thank him and how to honor him. He replayed that they can choose one day in the year to be especially dedicated to honoring Sri Guru. They chose the Full Moon when the Moon-Chandra is the fullest, and this is in the month of … Ashādhā … of the lunisolar Vedic calendar, which covers June and July in Gregorian calendar. Now we see that Maharishi Jaimini was one of those disciples. Just to make it clear, Jaimini was one of the four main disciples of Veda Vyasa. Therefore, no doubt that Jaimini took part in establishing the Guru Purnima as it is today. Well, as we can observe, this tradition goes for five thousand years. Basically, it is established to be memorial on Veda Vyasa, but at the same time, it is denoting the day of all Teachers, Gurus, Rishis, and Maharishis in the entire world.

That means we definitely need to abandon the thinking that Guru Purnima was chosen because Sage Veda Vyasa was born on the Full Moon, on some very specific date along with the Ashādhā lunar month. This is simply not true. Sage Veda Vyasa was born in October according to the Gregorian calendar, in the lunar month of … Pushya … according to the Vedic calendar, but not on the Full Moon. When Sage Veda Vyasa was born, it was … Krishna Chaturthi. It was the fourth day of the Pushya lunar month.

The fragment of the extracted text is touching also the point of when Veda Vyasa was born. For a long time, it was kind of opinion prevailing that Guru Purnima is being celebrated on the day when Veda Vyasa was born. This is not true actually. From the essay … THE TRUE STORY OF BIBLICAL JOSEPH

…, the fragment of the text was taken out discussing the same problem …

     According to the legend and tradition, it is said that Veda Vyasa was born on that day, what is to say, on the Full Moon in the month of July. Interestingly, as I have shown and have exposed the natal chart of Veda Vyasa, it seems that was not the case. I exposed that natal chart in the essay with the title … THE AGE OF LORD KRISHNA-The True Story of Lord Krishna. The natal chart based on the birth date as October 25, 3179 B.C.E. at 7.52 AM LMT, seems pretty consistent with the life story of Veda Vyasa. Nevertheless, there is no Full Moon visible in the natal chart, and there was not the month that would correspond to the summer month of July in our present calendar.

Well, it seems to me as a good idea to expose the natal chart of Veda Vyasa again. All the graphics are done by using Jagannatha Hora Vedic Astrology-Jyotish Version 8.0 freeware software.

Full Chart The natal chart of Veda Vyasa.

There is yet another one explanation for celebrating the Day of Gurus on that very auspicious day on the first Purnima in July. This is coming from yoga tradition actually. Legend has it that Lord Shiva himself started giving out his knowledge to Saptarishis exactly on the Full Moon in July. This is referring to the very beginning of our present Creation, when Lord Shiva was still in deep meditation, after the initial dance and drumming by announcing the beginning of the Creation. In fact, after Shiva had announced the beginning of the new Creation, Lord Vishnu plunged into action to make the stage for the evolution story to go on. The stage was needed for this game to be played. From his body, Lord Vishnu had created the Lord Brahma, who then created Saptarishis, but many other beings as well, who were supposed to help them in seeding the life in the entire Creation. They are seeding life, and this is the reason they are being called … Seeders. There is another name used as well, and this is … Prajapathis. This is a long story actually, and I would recommend not going into it right now. What is important for our story is the Saptarishis, the seven rishis, who were not rishis yet at that moment. They needed the knowledge to become rishis, and it was exactly Shiva personally to give them such knowledge. Thus, to make a memorial on that moment when Lord Shiva from Adi Yogi turned to be Adi Guru, the Guru Purnima celebration was introduced.

2-Lord Shiva on the Ganges
Lord Shiva – An imagination of the artist – Exposed on the bank of the Ganges River in Rishikesh, India. Photo by Pinterest,

This is a very plausible story, and this option was very probably in use before the previously mentioned explanation that Guru Purnima is in gratitude to Veda Vyasa. This is my personal opinion thou. The thing is, we can raise the question actually, was this idea about celebrating Guru Purnima really born just some five thousand years ago along with Veda Vyasa story? I think this is not the case. Guru Purnima was very probably celebrated even before, but then Shiva was the central figure of the celebration and of the expressing gratitude to. In fact, we see that both mentioned options are actually true.

Yet another question that we can possibly raise also is when, when that did happen? I mean, when Lord Shiva turned to be Adi Guru by starting to expose knowledge to Saptarishis? I am expressing my personal opinion again. Well, in almost all official explanations, you will probably find that the time of 15.000 years B.C. was attached to it. They say, approximately about that time, Shiva came out from deep meditation, and he gave knowledge to the Saptarishis. This cannot be true, of course. This is one very simplified explanation, which is in tune with the old expired paradigm, telling that the World was created just recently. I am of opinion that could have been only at the very beginning of the Creation itself. That should have been when the Creation itself had only the very basic structure, most probably even before the first Manvantara of our Universe. As we are now in the seventh Manvantara out of fourteen, this is to say, we are in the middle of the life span of our Creation. That means all that was happening long, long before our present time. With other words, Lord Shiva became the Adi Guru eons before our present time. Saptarishis are spiritual beings, the mind-born children of Lord Brahma. It should have been in that very early stage of the Creation itself because this is the only proper timing. There were no many worlds within the Creation at that time. Or, it can be that worlds were already established, including the material world, but not inhabited. This job was just supposed to be done. Whatsoever, we can only speculate about right now. However, this is saying that Lord Shiva exactly is the right person to be addressed for the given knowledge. It is definitely he, Lord Shiva, who needs to be labeled as the originator and the source of the supreme knowledge given to the Saptarishis so that they could have continued with seeding and spreading the knowledge and life all over the entire Creation.

Lord Shiva – An imagination of the artist – Exposed on the bank of the Ganges River in Rishikesh, India. Photo by Pinterest …

Thus, this is a very important cognition. Lord Shiva is the one who should be addressed when we offer our gratitude on Guru Purnima. Lord Shiva was the first Guru, the first Adi Guru. About the time of Veda Vyasa, along with all huge changes after the Mahabharata War, they were setting a new knowledge paradigm and after huge descent in knowledge and consciousness, they divided Vedas so that many things were simplified. It is obvious, the idea about Lord Shiva as the true originator of the knowledge became too much abstract, and they needed something more grounded. The idea about Veda Vyasa is not bad actually, however, it is not telling the complete story. In addition, if we consider that Veda Vyasa was an incarnation of Saptarishi Vasishta, then, as being one of Saptarishis, he also received the knowledge from Lord Shiva himself. Luckily the notion about was somehow preserved in the Yogic tradition. Therefore, we can easily restore the true succession line of the knowledge tradition. It is good to know this line and succession of the knowledge tradition. It is also good to know who the source of the knowledge is. However, in practical life, it is always enough to offer the gratitude to our closest teachers in the line. Because, inevitably and undoubtedly, this always connects us with the source.

The central part of the celebration of the Guru Purnima is the performance of Guru Puja. Here there is a part of the text taken from the essay with the title … ENDLESS CHURNING OF THE OCEAN OF MILK – SAMUDRA MANTHAN – THE ETERNAL QUEST FOR THE ULTIMATE TRUTH

On the day of Guru Purnima, many teachers and gurus would perform so-called … Guru Pooja. Guru Pooja, or Guru Puja, is the expression of the gratitude and paying homage to all those who were involved in establishing the knowledge line, and therefore their names are mentioned during the performance, which is usually very pleasant, saturated with reverence and joy. Many teachers, and gurus, but many spiritual movements as well, perform Guru Puja, though with some small differences in performance. It became very popular, just as a song or bhajan, even though this is not the purpose of it. I am not going to expose that Puja itself, but today we live in such a time that everything is possible to be found in an easy way. Whoever is interested, the performance, meaning, and translation, all is very easy to be found around. Nevertheless, I would like to turn attention on the very beginning of the Guru Puja, where some names were exposed. There is the mentioning of exactly the same names as I have given out just a few moments ago. It goes like … Vasishta, Shakti, Parashara, and Veda Vyasa. And exactly with that sequence. Well, just to describe this situation in detail. Actually, we already have explained it. This is referring exactly to that situation from the end of the fourth millennia B.C., when the spiritual knowledge system as we know it today in Vedic Science, was established. It all started with the Sage Vasishta, and then it was transmitted to his son Sage Shakti, his son Sage Parashara, his son Sage Veda Vyasa, and his four disciples where Vishnu incarnate Jaimini was included as well. They structured the Veda as we know it today. Actually, if we take a closer look at that situation, then we see that Saptarishi Vasishta and the Vishnu himself are the carriers of that knowledge line. More about that perhaps some other time. I’ve just wanted to highlight the importance of the Guru Puja where we see the true role of the Saptarishi Vasishta along with his countless incarnations. From another point of view, it is very important to demystify the Guru Puja itself. This is just an expression of gratitude and honor of the teacher who is performing it to all those who made possible for true knowledge to be available even today. Knowledge is so very important. It is precious indeed.

The above text was written about one year ago and in the meantime, some other names mentioned in the Guru Puja are deciphered as well. I am preferably thinking on Adi Shankara, and his disciple Totakacharya. Their natal charts are discovered and now we know the full frame, but the historical background of the entire story as well. This was done along with the essay … ADI SHANKARA AND HIS DISCIPLES

Considering the fact the natal chart of … Swami Brahmananda Saraswati the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math … was exposed before as well, as one very important member of this tradition, well, we can conclude easily that only a few natal charts in the entire story of Guru Puja and the tradition of knowledge are missing. Indeed, only a few natal charts are missing, but we leave that for some other nice occasion.

Today, the Guru Purnima is being celebrated all over the world, but mostly among spiritual groups and movements. However, in India, it is highly esteemed as celebration and revered between academics as well. Altogether, the momentum and focus on Guru Purnima, they are getting bigger every day.

Well, that would conclude my short discussion on this very important topic. I wish a very happy Guru Purnima to everyone …

Happy Guru Purnima!


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Merry Christmas!


It is a great pleasure of mine having an opportunity to congratulate the true Christmas, the Vedic Christmas, to all my dear friends, colleges, and readers. Indeed, finally, we can say to our dear ones …

Merry Christmas!

Actually, today, on May 1 at evening, we have a Christmas Eve. Well, it is not the same as we used to have on December 24 each year, just in the strong winter for Northern Hemisphere; it is a little bit different now. It is different, and this is how it should be. Because, we do not want to celebrate some shadows and makings of the people with who knows what intentions, we want to celebrate the real historical Jesus. After all, it was the real historical Jesus, who had so many nice plans for us, and with us, including the fundamental message of his, which underlays the entire teaching …


Tomorrow, on May 2, it is the real Vedic Christmas. As Jesus was born on April 13, 5 B.C.E., according to the Vedic principles, we need to find exactly the same angle Surya-Sun and Chandra–Moon had at that moment. We need to find the … Tithi Pravesha …, the same lunar phase while Surya-Sun is performing the sign return after entering the same sign where it was during the moment of birth of the person. The Sun and the Moon need to take exactly the same angle as they had during the birth. Therefore, in this expression, Tithi Pravesha, “tithi” refers to the lunar phase, while “pravesha” in Sanskrit means “return”, or “entry”. This is to say, we need to find the moment when the lunar phase returns to the same position as it was during the moment of birth. This includes as well the return of the Sun into the same sign as it was during the birth. Thus, this is Vedic way of celebrating birthdays of devatas and gurus, and in India, it is in use even today. Of course, the lunisolar calendar should be used. Today, in India, the lunisolar calendar is used in parallel to the solar calendar. However, this is a relatively new custom because all until the Sage Varahamihira who lived around 500 C.E., only the lunisolar calendar was used. Therefore, the solar calendar is relatively new in Indian tradition, only about 1500 years of use, which is not a lot for such an old culture. Today we know that Vedic civilization was thriving on the Indian subcontinent for many millennia before that time.

I wrote extensively about the procedure and problems of how to find the real Christmas in the essay …


All the mentioned requirements for the year 2019. will be fulfilled on May 2, and therefore this is the true Christmas referring to the true historical Jesus. The Moon-Chandra is just about the thirteenth tithi of the waning phase, and the Sun-Surya is in the Aries-Mesha sign, where it is exalted. The natal chart of Jesus follows all these principles of Vishnu incarnations where he appears as a strong and righteous king warrior. Chandra-Moon as the ruler of the first house and ascendant should be in the ninth house, while at the same time, Surya-Sun is exalted in the Aries-Mesha sign. In addition, it should be Guru-Saturn conjunction involved, in any form this very powerful conjunction can possibly occur.

Must say, this is such a great moment, and for this discovery, I was waiting for a long time indeed. First and the foremost, it is so great that we discovered the true moment of birth of Jesus. Then secondly, and with no less importance, we did establish the proper procedure of how to find out the real Christmas for any given year. By the way, this Vedic principle of finding the true birthday is valid for celebrating the birthday of any individual. It would be good that we start to celebrate our personal birthdays in the same manner because it brings the maximum of benefits. Instead of copying and pasting blindly the birthday according to the solar calendar, what is just mechanical process and does not tune with the real conditions of emulating the true birthday, we need to find out our true Vedic birthday. We need to find … Tithi Jayanti. In India today, such Vedic tradition is still alive, and most people do celebrate birthdays along with Janma Tithi-Tithi Jayanti.

In addition, celebrating the true birthday of any devata is a strong yagya or yajna. In Vedic terms, yagya or yajna is any intentional offering or sacrifice we do in order to correct our past actions for improving and uplifting on the evolutionary path. Whether we want to believe that or not, whether we are ready to cognize it and accept, we live in a karmic matrix. Of course, the main driving mechanism for all of us to come and to be here where we are right now is … a desire. It was the seed of the desire, why we are here. We are here in order to fulfill some very important plans of ours and to climb up higher on the evolutionary path. We wanted to become nicer, from outside and from inside, both, more knowledgeable, more skillful by any meaning of this word, we wanted to reflect more divine light, and to embed ourselves in Cosmic Consciousness-Enlightenment, in order to be released finally out of that Karmic circle. Thus, the seed of desire is always that driving mechanism bringing us back repeatedly. Nevertheless, besides our wishes, desires, and plans, there are also some karmic debts we need to count on. In fact, the discussion about karma and karmic actions is a long story indeed, and it does not fit into the celebrating mood we are right now along with honoring and prizing the real and historical Jesus. This we leave for some other time. However, just need to mention that, Vedic Science offers and exposes the mechanism of nullifying our past not so evolutionary actions. This is called … yagya or yajna. This term and process behind, this is not something that we in the West are quite familiar with, but that does not mean that such kind of instrument of nullifying the not so evolutionary actions from the past is entirely unknown in the religions of today. Thus, we are not entirely unfamiliar with these unique actions either. At the contrary, I think, because of the devotional pilgrimage, or making a vow, the pledge, this is something deeply embedded in every religion. It works on the same principle actually. We need to give out something, we have to expose the firm will to change something in our life, and we need to sacrifice something so that we fulfill certain but very specific tasks in order to nullify not so evolutionary actions of ours from the past. Actually, we are paying out our debts, sort of. In fact, the institution of yagya is here to offer us the means to change our future. On a better way, of course. This is also a very long story so we leave all that for some other time. Just to conclude, performing and attending Vedic celebrations, is a good way to purify ourselves.

Therefore, the thing is, we have this Vedic Celebration … Vedic Christmas … and we know we are celebrating jet another one incarnation of Vishnu. Yes, Jesus the Christ, he was a strong and powerful Vishnu incarnation. That is the reason that his name, and partially his life story as well, they are deeply embedded into almost every culture. For instance, if we look from the point of view of India, Jesus was always recognized and accepted as the Vishnu incarnation. Indians never had any problem to recognize Jesus. This is one very important point to mention. It is not necessary to mention that so-called Abrahamic religions and belonging cultures, they all have Jesus in the root of their religious beliefs. Therefore, what can possibly be better than to celebrate Lord Vishnu in the most appropriate way?

The best way to do such a big Vedic celebration as the birth of Jesus himself is to do or perform puja, a special chanting, and recitation that includes offering and similar. If we are not in the situation to do that personally, we can attend some celebrations of such kind. If even that is not possible, well, we can simply follow … Vishnu Sahasranam. The meaning in Sanskrit is … A thousand names of Lord Vishnu …, and it is available via many services on the Web so with a little effort that can be easily found, especially along with the YT service. In fact, it is stated that this chanting is good to listen every day. It can easily become our morning practice, just to begin the day with something very uplifting. It is all just about to begin the day with something that will remove obstacles on the way; something that will purify us in order to begin the day on the very best manner.

In today’s Indian culture, Vishnu is prized very much. In fact, it is the leading deity of India, even though society is very colorful and divided very much in honoring and respecting the Vedic deities. In fact, there is no place for competition. There is a natural hierarchy among all devatas, and every deity has its own place. The best is that orientation toward any specific devata is being followed by … Ishta Devata. According to the individual natal chart, the expert in Vedic Astrology-Jyotish will easily determine which devata any individual should follow.


Lord Vishnu in Indian iconography. The photo was taken from …


We should say a few words about other symbols and actions used to celebrate Vedic Christmas. Delivering good wishes and gifting each other, this is something very welcome to stay and continue further on. There is no need to change anything in this regard. Then, lightning candles, this is one pretty universal procedure. This is an old sacred procedure with many different meanings and symbolism. The purpose of lightning candles can be to illuminate darkness, solidify intentions, dedicate prayers, offer blessings, and to nourish grateful living. Indeed, this is a multipurpose sacred practice. We can put more light on this practice if we just use the instrument, which was already introduced in some previous essays, the ion meter, or, the ion counter.




If we use this instrument to measure a number of negative ions around burning candle, well, we could possibly be surprised, but the fact is that ion counter will show a dramatic increase of negative ions around a burning candle. If we add more candles, the increase will be even more drastic. I intend to write more about this very significant discovery in the next continuation of the belonging essay …


 However, this point is very necessary to be mentioned right now along with this small analysis of the purpose and the role of candles. In addition, as I’ve noticed that many people have acquired this very practical and simple measuring instrument, the ion counter, we can do this simple experiment with candles right now. Just be careful not to burn anything, which means not to use too many candles. Safety first. To conclude, lightning the candle will drastically purify and nourish our environment. No wonder that such practice is in use for millennia, since time memorial, we can say. It is very welcome and even essential to be part of our Vedic Christmas celebration.


The photo was taken from …


Then, we have another very interesting detail. When we say Christmas, I am sure that the first association of all of us is … the Christmas tree. What about this practice? Well, it seems it could possibly have many different meanings as well. After all, it is deeply embedded in every culture. With Christmas, we always expose and deliver nice wishes to our dear ones, and it is believed that they will last longer along with the evergreens. Everlasting through evergreens. Evergreens are the symbol of permanence, constancy, and of immortality. Definitely, there is a sense in this explanation. However, the true Vedic explanation is even more thrilling. The leaves offering is the part of Vedic ceremonies and rituals since time immemorial. Offering leaves is a very important part of any puja, end especially of the Rudra Abhishek, along with Shivaling offerings. This looks simple as well, but there is a very deep symbolism involved within. The principle is what you give, that you get in return, but ten times more. What we give to the Creator, we get abundance in return. In general, this is the principle of all offerings. However, in this particular case of leaves offering, it is … a peace … as the main theme. The true principle behind is very simple. According to the Vedic teaching, the reason of all quarrels and disputes is … wrong breathing. Whenever we are upset and try to quarrel, we cannot breathe normally. The leaves of the trees help us with breathing, they produce oxygen so very essential for our breathing process, and therefore, as the final result, it comes … a peace. Then, applied to the evergreens like a fir tree, juniper, or spruce, what we use mostly for the Christmas tree, this is the same story. Their needles are their leaves; they do produce oxygen, and they do help us with breathing, so they help us in setting a peaceful environment as well. As Christmas was for a long time celebrated in winter, especially for the Northern Hemisphere, they used the only existing leaves at that time, and this is the branches of evergreens like a fir tree. Nevertheless, I would be free to limit everything on branches, or a few small branches, branchlets. Possibly some planted and alive fir trees in pots can be used so that after the celebration it can be used in the garden or similar. In such a case it can be used even for the next celebration. There is absolutely no need to devastate forests entirely only due to Christmas. According to my opinion, this practice went too far on the negative and damaging side. Artificial and synthetic substitutes are not a solution as well, because this is something false, and we do not involve anything false in our Vedic celebrations. After all, this is being related to any celebration, but especially to the Vedic Christmas. No false values, no false things, and no false dates. The original Vedic principle is to go always with the truth only.


The photo was taken from …


We have yet another example that definitely proves the peace is the true origin of the symbolism of leaves. We have an olive tree branchlet that is considered as a symbol of peace. Not to go entirely in the story of how olive tree is associated with, the thing is that we have leaf and leaves here again in a function of the symbol of peace. This is just proving that the symbolism of such kind has its own root and origin in the Vedic tradition.


Olive leaves and branches, the symbol of peace. The photo was taken from … 


Well, I do not want to be too long with this Vedic Christmas story. It is better not to be very long, even though it already have taken some time and space, so instead, we just devote ourselves to celebrate the Vedic Christmas nicely. I wish everyone a long life and fulfilling of all desires because this is the shortest way toward the Cosmic Consciousness-Enlightenment and the release from the karmic circle. I wish everyone life in abundance with perfect health and no worries. All that I can do right now is to repeat once again …

Merry Christmas!


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MERRY CHRISTMAS! – Version 1-0



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First Anniversary


Whether somebody would believe or not, the first anniversary of this website happens to be just nowadays. It is true, the first page was launched on April 13, 2018. Ever since, word by word, story-by-story, and essay by essay, well, one year has gone. This is to say, one year passed since exposing systematically all these amazing revelations at one place. Time flies, we use to say, and indeed, when we are focused fully on some such highly interesting and attractive themes, it happened just in the twinkle of an eye. Though, need to say that also, my essays and writings, including all the revelations and discoveries, have been in the air long before, but on some free services only, like and for instance.

In fact, it all started by merging the most controversial ancient history topics along with the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. That was a keystroke. Then, all of sudden, deeply buried secrets started to surface out, and very soon, in kind of domino effect process that followed, it caused that the entire history timeline is corrected and tuned with the cosmic law, with the Natural Law. Well, tuning with the Natural Law, this is our main duty right now, and it assumes our individual stories but the entire society as well. That means it considers purification on all levels. We went too far away from the source itself, and now it is time for coming back. Everything whatever is deviated should be corrected. To be precise entirely, this process of correcting the entire history timeline is not over yet, it is still going on, and some time will be needed to accomplish everything. However, now we discovered and established the way of how to do that properly, in a way that we determined and set up the proper procedure. Everything else is just more like a routine job.

I cannot avoid mentioning that it had happened along with searching for the historical Jesus, what at the end culminated with the discovery of the Star of Bethlehem along with his personal Jyotish natal chart precise to the level of one minute. Therefore, if somebody would like to see how it all began, should definitely pass through the essay …


It is recommendable to follow other essays in the same branch named … The True Biblical Story Deciphered … because they are all closely and intimately related. They all do expose initial very important discoveries of hidden codes, sort of celestial artifacts. The thing is that the newly discovered charts are teaching us how to configure everything properly. That was an amazing experience full of thrills and excitements. Can you imagine the joy, excitement, and thrill of the archaeologist along with finding something very extraordinary after a long process of digging the site? This is exactly how I felt along with the entering into the realm of celestial artifacts and belonging encoded messages. From Jesus to King David, over King Solomon and King Alexander the Great, along with some other very important historical figures as well, that is how the line of revelations was going on. This is something you definitely do not want to miss. Then, when quite some experience and a lot of knowledge had been acquired, the new challenges came along with Lord Krishna, King Rama, and even the King Rishabhanatha who became the Sage Bhrigu, and who lived exactly 12.000 years before our time. Indeed, 12.000 years!

It all happened in 2014, along with the incredible improvements within the field of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish software development, when they offered that we could navigate with a stunning precision even many thousand years before our present time. Before that time, such kind of researches and investigations were simply not possible. In fact, it was possible to look a little bit into along with astronomical programs, or by planetarium programs perhaps, but they did not offer enough precision for thorough astrological considerations. Thus, along with the breakthrough in 2013. and 2014, they open the gate that we navigate throughout ancient history, just the same way as that we are making some contemporary natal charts. That was an amazing achievement indeed, and it was the real breakthrough in deciphering and putting in the right place all the ancient history, but the very recent history as well, because with this later one, we also had a lot of enigmas and controversies. We passed through a dark age when the true knowledge faded out a little bit. The things have been mixed up for a while. However, not for a long, because, the pendulum of time has slid to another side, and we are now on the brilliantly bright side where the true knowledge illuminate everything so that no shadowy and murky creatures can follow anymore. The game is over. Their time is over now, and it is better for them to find some other place where they can possibly turn things upside down. Here on Earth, this is not possible anymore.

Well, such kind of researches and writings can be controversial as well, and many would raise the question if all that can be true either. Such kind of questions are possible, they are very logical of course, but this is the moment that I need to turn the attention to the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish again. It is not I to write these stories. The Universe itself narrates everything and telling the truth about any specific event or figure. Stars and starry constellations, they are whispering silently how to set up Jyotish natal charts that we can read out what and how it did happen. Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is unmistakable. Then again, somebody would say that history is not important. Well, I cannot agree with such kind of opinion either. Not entirely. At this moment, right in this particular point of our evolution, history is very important. A man who does not know where did he come from, how on Earth can he know where to go? We just started to wake up from long winter sleep, we are still drowsy and sleepy, and we need some good morning coffee. This is it. My writings are just like a good morning coffee. This is the call to wake up.

Here is one very interesting quote about the history itself made by a very wise man …


‘The purpose of history is to inspire the people of every generation towards evolution and to awaken their interest in gaining familiarity with the transcendental, absolute value of life. The sole purpose of knowledge is to enable an individual to gain that rhythm of life which is in tune with the infinite value of existence.’

                                                                – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
                                                           Maharishi Speaks to Students
                                                   Mastery Over Natural Law, Volume 1/4
                                                   Theme 3—Lecture 6, Point 25, Page 106
                                                  Age of Enlightenment Publications 1997




Well, as I mentioned a good coffee, I am not saying that I am a good writer. I am not. As well, I am not the best in any of the fields I am covering by the extensive research. Far from that. Nevertheless, believe me, all my life I have been waiting for somebody else with higher knowledge in any of these specific fields to put everything together and to come out with some reasonable explanations. For instance, for the moment, let us consider Jyotish itself. All until the early nineties of the last century, except of course in India, people did hardly hear and knew anything about Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. I include myself as well among all those who have not heard about. And then, all of sudden, just within the last decade of the 20ed century, the phenomenal booming did happen. Today every country in the world has at least a few good experts in Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. Schools and academies of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish along with books and magazines, they have been arising around on such a scale that one can hardly follow everything. However, all are focused on this practical Jyotish knowledge for everyday life including personal consultations and similar. For pragmatic practical everyday life, that is good actually. However, nobody did care to use Vedic Astrology-Jyotish in deciphering history and society problems, where we are entering the field of … the true Vedic History or Itihasa. Of course, nobody did use Vedic Astrology-Jyotish for correcting history lines, just because nobody even knew that it could have been used for such a purpose. Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is still a relatively new discipline for all of us, and some fields and niches are still not explored enough. This is a huge, immense, field, and it will take some time until we figure out everything. There are some indications that Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is about to be used in other branches as well, like for example police investigations, especially on unsolved cases. In fact, the use of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is unlimited. There are no boundaries. What I want to say is that very probably, the time was not allowing before for such discoveries to happen. Well, there is a proper time for everything, and luckily, now we are deep into this story.

Just to mention, this incredible burst and booming in the field of Vedic Astrology Jyotish software providers during 2014, had its own initial point in the especially reach files offered by NASA, with ephemerides for any known physical body in our solar system. That includes all physical planets and even nonphysical, for the period all until about 13.000 years B.C., and far, far in the future as well. Actually, NASA released everything in 2013. As I said, that was just the initial triggering point, because, Jyotish software providers had to do much more in order to shape everything properly. They need to extract out what is not necessary, to compress the data, and to find out the right positions of the Moon for every single second during that defined and proclaimed time frame. That was quite a challenging job actually. Very impressive job in fact. Of course, not that all were determined by direct observing. Many things have been put in place just by very precise calculations and interpolations. Therefore, we thank NASA, and especially to their attached company Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Loss Angeles, USA, for the extraordinary JPL DE430 and JPL DE431 files that served as the starting point. We also thank Astrodienst Company from Switzerland for developing the Swiss Ephemeris 2.0, which served as the mediator between NASA’s raw data and the Jyotish software developers like GeoVision with Parashara Light, and another one, the Jagannatha Hora. And many others by the way, but the list of mentioning all of them would be too long. Just to mention, the last one, the Jagannatha Hora, made an especially big effort to go far, far back in the past so that we could see precisely positions of the planets from 12.000 years before our present time. That was crucial in deciphering the Vaivasvata Manu, the Biblical Noah actually, and his son King Rishabhanatha who became the Sage Bhrigu, along with the entire family of theirs of course. Thus, we thank all of them as well.

However, we would also like to thank to all the Graha Devatas and to Jyotir Vidya Goddess for bestowing the incredible insights upon us, so that things unimaginable until this moment were possible to be discovered.

In addition, personally, I would like to thank all those who contributed in some manner, directly or on some indirect and intermediate way, for these beautiful revelations to occur.

I will not to be very long with this first-anniversary speech; however, I just want to say one thing in addition. Well, I hope we shall continue together toward the second anniversary, equally and even more successfully. I also hope there will be many such like anniversaries in the future. There are still some unturned stones around so that we have to continue the routine job of deciphering secrets and enigmas deeply buried for thousands of years. The brilliant bright spotlights of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, they are still needed to illuminate some particularly dark corners, on some especially dark niches. Therefore, with pleasure, we continue further on. Nevertheless, along with such speeches, speakers usually make a toast. I would like to do the same. I would like to make a toast for all future revelations and discoveries which are about to come, all until there will be no secrets anymore. No secrets, which means that we are established in the Total Knowledge and in the all-knowingness. This is the sign that we are in Unity Consciousness actually, and this is our aim after all. However, as speakers usually use a glass of some good drink to make a toast, I will do the same. Only thing, there is a problem because usually this is all based on alcohol. Just to remind, alcohol is a beverage of Asuras, of those who are not talented in establishing their lives in tune with the Natural Law, and they will never be. Asuras run away from Natural Law. The drink of the truth-loving people, of the Suras, and of all God-oriented people was … Soma. In fact, there will be more about Soma in future writings along with this serial. Therefore, I raise this glass full of Soma, this time only the virtual one, but next time probably and hopefully, the true Soma will be flowing around. I raise this glass full of Soma for no illusions to dwell around anymore. Thus, this toast is in honor of not having illusions in order to live in the illusion free world.



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About the sweet truth


I am sure that all of us have heard about this saying of the preferable speaking the sweet truth only. Fine, this is true, I agree, it is always better to speak the sweet way. Furthermore, it is better to speak sweet truth only. It is always better to see good in everything, and in everyone, and to communicate on the level of the heart. From heart to heart, we use to say. However, there is some small, little problem with this saying about the sweet truth. In fact, the question is how much we can afford this situation. This is especially referring to the point of how much we can afford such a situation right now at this moment. Indeed, how much can we afford to speak the sweet truth only? This saying seems simple, but there are many deeper layers contained within it actually. Many volumes could be written about, and after all, it could turn to be the entire philosophical branch. When we consider it throughout the labyrinths of history, well, different connotations could be attached to it as well, and it possibly could have been driving out different meanings in different world ages. This post will be covering in depth that saying itself and will try to analyze it along with all possible variations. Therefore, exposed ideas, deductions, and similar, they are all just the product of my contemplation on this topic. With some statements, you will probably agree, but also very probably, with some not. This is all up to you, after all.

In some writings of mine, not long ago, I already have exposed an idea that … to speak the sweet truth only …, has an ambiguous meaning in the dualistic world of relative existence. Indeed, as we live in the dualistic world, the question is always for whom the sweet truth to be spoken? Sweet truth for Good, or for Evil, this is the question that is always to be decided before.

Once again, we live in the world of dualistic values, in the world of dualism. What does that mean? That means that once upon a time after we had lived for a long time in Unity Consciousness, in Eden, in the Heaven on Earth, we have fallen out by simply going down in consciousness. From Unity Consciousness, Brahma Chaitanya, we have fallen to God Consciousness, and then gradually to Cosmic Consciousness only, what we also call Enlightenment. The story has it that even that was not the final stage of falling down, and in some point, we even lost that precious Cosmic Consciousness, the Enlightenment. Then, we did find ourselves entrapped within the materialistic world full of illusions of a different kind so that we even lost a proper orientation and we forgot who we are and from where we are coming from. Ignorance and false worshiping prevailed, we lost our capacity to think fast, we lost the ability to discriminate what is right and what is wrong in order to do unmistakable decisions, and we were caught in the world of wrongdoings, in the world of making sins. We became sinners.

However, this is not all. In some stage on this way of falling down, just after the God Consciousness, the polarity within us have occurred, personal ego would have become so strong that some of us would have started to think in terms of not to be allied with this invincible force that created everything, and which drives the entire Evolution after all. The divine spark within some of us could have been overshadowed so much by personal ego so that they would think in terms of doing much better than the God Creator himself. Such negatively polarized individuals, who were turned on the negative side entirely, well, they will start to run away from the supreme light, and they will start to hide around in all possibly dark niches. They were all just to go against God’s will. This is where an idea about evil was born, and soon they will form their club. They will strongly oppose any idea about progress in Evolution and underlying desire of the God to return his children back to Eden, back to the Heaven on Earth.

Indeed, one can wonder what God himself would do in such a situation. In fact, his hands were partially bound by the initial idea to create a man on his image. How’s that possible? Well, we know that God did create the Man on his image, and that means he gave him all the power what he possesses. Nevertheless, this is not all. The God gave to the Man even a free will to do with this power whatever he wants. Thus, this is to say that even the Man himself can be a creator, can create even other worlds and universes if he wants to. Man can be just like Creator. Such a power the God gave to the Man. This incredible gift of giving to the Man all the power he has, and the free will to do whatever he wants with it, is not time depending. It is not conditional on any other way either. This is an unconditional gift of the God, just as it is his unconditional love for the Man. That means, even when the Man had fallen from Eden, and even when he became negatively polarized so that he will turn away and run from him, from the God, from his creator, he, the God himself, will respect this decision, and he will leave such individuals to go their way. The God knows that this is just a temporarily overshadowing, and that one day, sooner or later, such individuals will come out from such delusional state of consciousness, that they will find their way back to him again.

Thus, God himself will not evaluate Humans according to positive or negative polarity they can possibly be involved in because in Duality polarities are somewhat very normal. Instead, God himself created a game, a game of polarity, where two clubs will be formed, very antagonistic by the way, and life in Duality, out of Unity, can be described and depicted just as a permanent struggle of these two clubs, the Force of Light, and the Force of Evil. The very important rule of this game is that one is not supposed to be neutral. There is a saying that the hottest regions of hell are reserved for those who want to become neutral in the time of world crisis. This game is not new, and it goes throughout eons actually. For instance, one side, the Force of Light, will try to do everything in order to restore the Eden, the Heaven on Earth. Opposite to that, another side, the Force of Evil, will do everything to block the progress of Humanity toward the higher states of consciousness, toward the Eden, and toward the Heaven on Earth.

There is yet another very important point to consider. The time is not linear, and therefore, neither history is the linear function of time. Everything in nature goes in cycles. Everything. Not to go deep into this story, just to mention that due to multiple simultaneous moving of our planet Earth within the very dynamic space, we have different cycles on Earth. Therefore, we measure seconds, minutes and hours, we measure days, weeks, months and years, but there are also longer cycles, like cycles of yugas or world ages. There is one cycle of yugas lasting exactly 24.000 years in duration, and the half cycle is 12.000 years. Our ancients did call it … the Great Year. I was writing about a lot in almost all my essays. It is not possible to explain and to understand the world history without knowing the cycle of yugas story. Then, we find out there is yet another one cycle of yugas, which is much longer by the way, and previously mentioned short cycle of yugas is revolving within that large cycle of yugas. Its own duration is measured in a few millions of years. Thus, everything goes in cycles. Even our Universe is of cyclic nature. This is the basic postulate of the Vedic Cosmology. The science itself is coming very close to prove this basic Vedic postulate, even though it is still considered just as one of many theories in Cosmology.

Therefore, due to so many cycles our planet Earth is supposedly undergoing, the incoming energy and intelligence will go up and down, and it will fluctuate on the same cyclic way. Due to that, in response, civilizations and cultures will go up and down as well, but not in some linear way, rather on some non-linear pattern. When we consider the cyclic moving and the cycles, what is basically the circle, spiraling circle, and when we consider the circle as the function of time … we get the sine wave. The sine wave is the only curve, which can describe entirely the true nature of life in terms of ever going changes.

Well, maybe you would not believe, but all that is very important for our considerations on the saying of the sweet truth only.

In fact, if we try to consider the true origin of this saying then we come to the name of legendary Sage Manu, who is defined as the first lawgiver of Humanity. They say that in … Manu Smriti, Manu Samhita, The Laws of Manu … it was exposed what he said concerning saying the truth and especially saying the sweet truth. Indeed, along with the Chapter IV, Verse 138., we find that he supposedly said …


Sanskrit Text

satyaṃ brūyāt priyaṃ brūyānna brūyāt satyamapriyam |
priyaṃ ca nānṛtaṃ brūyādeṣa dharmaḥ sanātanaḥ || 138 ||


This is taken from the following link …

… and it is translated by Ganganath Jha as …

He shall say what is true; and he shall say what is agreeable; he shall not say what is true, but disagreeable; nor shall he say what is agreeable, but untrue; this is the eternal law.—(138)

However, there are many translations and even many transliterations from the original Sanskrit text. Somebody else would transliterate it like this …

“Satyam bruyaat, priyam bruyat, na bruyat satyam apriyam”

I also did find it translated as …

“Speak the truth, speak that is sweet, don’t speak the truth that is not sweet.”

Then, it seems that later on, some commentators noticed this is only half of the complete saying exposed in Manu Samhita, and the other half goes like this …

“Priyam cha na anritam pruuyaat esah dharmah sanatanah.”

… and translated it would look like this according to the Penguin Classic version of The Laws of Manu – Manu Samhita …

“A man should tell the truth and speak with kindness;
he should not tell the truth unkindly nor utter lies out of kindness.
This is a constant duty.”

Thus, we see there are many variations if we consider so many ways to translate this basically very short verse. In some translations, the sweet truth is not even mentioned at all, just some similar synonyms. Even though these are just nuances, we need to be very careful because even a small sign of punctuation can change the meaning entirely. Especially we are not supposed to use the first part of the saying without the second one. This can be considered as intentional taking out from the context. In fact, such action can change the complete meaning indeed.

Well, I will be free to expose my opinion on that point. Of course, I am not going into translations and transliterations, simply because I do not know Sanskrit. Nevertheless, I can say a few words about the very circumstances. Today we know who Manu was. I was writing about a lot. Manu was actually the … King Nabhi …, or another name was used also … King Vaivasvata. Besides that, we know him as being a model for Biblical Noah. However, we also know that he was an incarnation of … Saptarishi Vasishta …, the present Manu in our present Manvantara, who assists Vishnu in tracing the course for Evolution to go smoothly. It is very probable that this is how the name Manu came to us. It is plausible to believe that Manu is just a title. He lived in Ayodhya, ancient Vinita, which was also discovered on an entirely new location, exactly about 620 kilometers westward from the location of Ayodhya of present days. Please see the essay … DATING THE ERA OF LORD RAM … exposed on the …

The true Ayodhya, earlier known as Vinita, was just little bit eastward of what is today Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. The city of Vinita was located on the Yamuna River, which at that time was a tributary of a mighty Sarasvati River. In my writings, I was exposing the fact that his time frame was exactly about 12.000 years ago, at the time of big and dramatic changes in the world, what we call … the Big Flood. Thus, he was the one to whom Vishnu Matsya Avatar came by informing him on approaching danger, and by giving him all necessary intelligence of how to overcome the situation successfully. Just little after the Big Flood, the same avatar Vishnu was born as his son Rishabhanatha. Rishabhanatha had two wives, incarnated Goddess Sarasvati, and incarnated Goddess Durga, known also as Goddess Kali. With incarnated Goddess Sarasvati, he had a hundred children including the firstborn Bharata, who was actually incarnated God Indra, the god of Suras, divine beings on the side of light, truth, and prosperity. With incarnated Goddess Kali he had son Bahubali who was incarnated God Vishvakarman, god of Asuras, beings on the side of darkness, who are promoting false values and delivering obstructions in Evolution. This is how the Game of Duality was set up at the very beginning of our present half-cycle of the Great Year. When Bharata and Bahubali were grown, they divided the kingdom. Their father King Rishabhanatha left the worldly life and he became reclusive. Since that moment, he was known as the Sage Bhrigu. Sage Bhrigu and Sage Manu worked together for a very long time in restoring the knowledge system after the Big Flood, because that was such a devastating event that the life itself was almost to be started from the very beginning. It is plausible to consider that the already mentioned Manu Samhita was something they worked out together. Sage Bhrigu was also known by reestablishing the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, just after such incredible changes the Earth did undergo. In the later stage, the evil Bahubali will kill his brother Bharata, what will be echoing afterward in the Old Testament as the story of Abel and Cain. The same story will be vibrating in the spiritual and the religious tradition of Egypt as the clash of good God Osiris and evil God Seth.

More about the story of Sage Manu and his family, along with the story of cycles of yugas, can be found at the following link …

It is good that we know all the circumstances because this is how we are inevitably coming to the very core of the Vedas. This game of dualistic principles, and finding the truth, got its own name, and it is known as … Samudra Manthan … The Eternal Quest for the Ultimate Truth. This is the essence of Veda, the eternal quest for the ultimate truth.

This is a long story actually, and I would recommend passing through the text exposed on the previously mentioned link.

Now, why is this so very important for our story of saying the sweet truth?

The thing is that in the relative field of existence the sweet truth will have many different faces and many different meanings. For instance, what will be proved as a sweet truth for Suras, definitely will not be the same for Asuras. And vice versa. Two antagonistic blocks, two rivalry clubs, will define their own truths, and their aims will be entirely different, even opposite and conflicting. Then, how on earth can we measure and evaluate the sweet truth? This is a very good question indeed. It is always provoking yet another question. The sweet truth for whom?

In addition, cycles of yugas in their endless cyclic game of going down and raising up permanently, will be helping inevitably some of these two clubs, but in different world ages, different clubs will be benefited. For instance, just at the time of Manu and his family, at the time he supposedly said this famous saying, the cycle was going down, and every day they had less and less of that precious energy and intelligence incoming from the center of our galaxy Milky Way. All the energy and intelligence so very much needed for our daily life, is coming from the Brahmastan of the Milky Way, from the so-called Vishnu Nabhi … the Naval of Vishnu. Every entity ever created in the creation since the very beginning, has its own Brahmastan, the place from where all the energy and all the intelligence emanate; energy and intelligence very necessary for nourishing and sustaining of that entity itself. Thus, every day of less energy and intelligence will provoke the inevitable downfall of cultures and civilizations. On some way, this is all connected with Ether-Akasha. This is also to say that they will try to preserve the knowledge from the past, which was always higher than their present time. They will try to preserve the truth from the past. This is why that proverb about saying the sweet truth only will work very well for them. In this case, such saying will preserve more light and more knowledge. Actually, that saying worked for Suras, and they have been in majority at that time. I will repeat once again … at that time preserving old knowledge, and especially preserving non-change, would have helped Suras, deva-like beings. That is the reason that all ancient cultures were turned backward by glorifying previous times when the knowledge was higher.

However, since the 500 A.D., when there was a negative peak of the descending cycle, the course has changed, and since that moment, we are in the ascending half-cycle of short yugas, of the Great Year. This is inevitably provoking the situation that everything connected with the past contains lesser knowledge then present time. Every new generation is being born with new but higher knowledge. For whom is this proverb about saying the sweet truth working now? It is becoming obvious that in such a situation this saying works for conservative and reactionary force who does not want to have any change. Therefore, in such a situation, saying the sweet truth only is just a diplomatic way to say that no changes are preferable. In this case, saying the sweet truth only becomes a flosculus for hiding the truth. No change, and not saying the truth … all that becomes the flag of Asuras now, because due to the extremely dark era we passed true, they earned a huge advantage, even dramatic supremacy, I would say, and they arranged everything to control the world as they want. One can feel and can see such asuric deviations on every step.

For that reason, saying about sweet truth is not my favorite saying right now. Nobody would like more than me that we can go this way, but this is not something that we can afford right now. I mean, I am talking and referring to all these oriented toward the light and prosperity. They are not supposed to, and they are not wishing to allow such situation to be frozen and cemented. The change is needed. After all, the sweet truth could be misinterpreted. Yes, sometimes somebody would use this saying … saying that the sweet truth is preferable to be spoken only, but will add to it the phrase that it does not mean the truth can be massacred. By the way, these are two entirely opposite meanings, they are conflicting in nature, and they are contradicting each other heavily. If one is stacked to the sweet truth only, this will inevitably finish in massacring the truth because one is becoming passive. One is becoming to be just like a car driver in a bank robbery.

Nevertheless, this is not all because the truth already is massacred! It is not the matter that somebody will massacre it right now. Dark force already did massacre the truth along with last five-six thousand years, just as we entered and were passing through the Dark Age. It did not happen overnight. Just bit by bit, for 5-6 thousands of years as we were sleeping a winter sleep. Well, that is a long time indeed. Then, what to do now? I do not know. My attitude is that everybody should think about this problem. This problem is not supposed to be neglected anyhow. We are just coming to realize that our time is not exceptional in any case. It must be there are still some remnants of dark force around, but they are disguised very well so that we cannot recognize them easily. One thing is for sure, our time is not exceptional and in order to step forward, we need, we have to find the higher truth. This is not a matter of choice anymore. It could even be a matter of survival. Our paradigm is about to change from that of the age of ignorance toward the paradigm established on higher truth of the Age of Enlightenment. The story of Samudra Manthan, the story of the eternal quest for the ultimate truth, is our shelter right now, and our quantum of solace.

Thus, the conclusion is, the truth is not sweet sometimes. It can be even harsh. This can especially happen now after long sleeping of ours. We have awakened after having a long winter sleep, and unfortunately, we’ve just noticed that somebody had massacred the truth. Indeed, many things had changed … while we were sleeping. No doubt, the truth can be unpleasant sometimes, sometimes even troublesome, but not seldom even harsh. However, does that mean that we need to run away from it? Definitely not. Running away is not a solution; it is just making things worse. It is just like putting and trying to hide, the garbage under the carpet. This is not a solution definitely. This makes things worse. Therefore, whatever level of truth we have right now, it does not matter; we just continue working on in order to produce a better world established in a higher truth.

There is another way to look at this story. We can take a look from the point of what Lord Krishna said to Arjuna in that decisive moment when the big Mahabharata War was about to start. Did Krishna tell Arjuna to speak the sweet truth only? Of course not! He did not! Arjuna was confused. His emotions were telling him one thing to do, while the intellect was telling something entirely different. He was disoriented by having many illusions. He became passive. Then, Krishna was the one who solved this problem. He told Arjuna that he has to fight. He has to fight no matter what. He has to fight without thinking what will be the result of this fight. He has to fight because this is his Dharma. Of course, this story is much longer, and the complete story and belonging analysis of mine about the historical Krishna can be found on …

In addition, we also see that the pendulum of time plays a very important role as well. When we narrate a certain story from ancient history, we always need to mention which world age, and which point in the cycles of yugas this is referring to. Because, there are times when we can do whatever we want, and we can play with the truth however we want. Nevertheless, there is always a time, a moment, let’s say so, to pay the bill.

Therefore, I would rather turn to those who said … the truth will set you free … because this is exactly how it is. Only the truth is the key for the locks on the gates we closed, actually slammed, and locked behind us when we were going down in consciousness, when we were stepping down dimensionally. Now we turned our direction of moving, and we want to go back. We want Unity to be reestablished, the Heaven on Earth. Therefore, only the truth can open all these gates in front of us.  Nothing and nobody else except the truth itself can do that.


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If I were someone


The title of this post is somewhat strange and unusual. This is that famous phrase, an idiom …  If I were someone …, which inevitably implies an option to expose what one would do if having power, position, and possibility to perform certain actions in order to influence certain targeted groups or the entire society. The expression itself was used, and still is being used, on many different occasions, including making some very appropriate accomplishments, but in making poems and songs as well. Therefore, just to be consistent with this idea, and to fulfill syntagmatic frame of the saying, I will express what I would do if I would have a power, a position, and an opportunity to do something. Thus, this is to say what I would do … If I were someone. Of course, this is all referring to, and it is closely connected with the topic of this site where some amazing revelations on our true history were exposed. This is also referring to the point where we are right now, just at the beginning of the New Year 2019, which according to some predictions could bring many turbulences, not even to say … many troubles. Thus, firstly and inevitably, we have to give some comments on this situation, and later on, I would come back to the point what I would do in such situation if I were someone.

Well, we are still in the domain of the beginning of the New Year, celebrations and festivities are still going on. Nevertheless, some people entered the year in deep silence, just to deepen the spiritual experience, and to enjoy the inner peace and tranquility. This is a wonderful experience indeed. Imagine that instead of noisy and rajastic parties probably full of alcohol, nicotine, and explosions of pyrotechnic, well, imagine entering the New Year in deep silence along with deep meditation. Very nice experience.

However, just the very beginning of the New Year is still a good opportunity to express nice wishes or doing Sankalpa for this year. Well, after all, they say that for nice wishes, it is never too late. In the previous post, I already have exposed my very best wishes for this year, and just to conclude, from the very bottom of my heart, I wish a happy and prosperous year to everyone, and many, many blessings. Nevertheless, I was hoping there would not be any catch, or perhaps the contrasting conjunction … but … to be used in expressing my nice wishes for everyone. As it seems, this is not the case. There is a catch, and there is … a big but. Because, if we only take a look on Jyotish astrological prediction for this year, for 2019, well, there is sort of alarm screaming out a very clear message; be careful, there is a danger awaiting … just be careful, and do not take it on an easy way.

In fact, just to mention, it is not my custom to go into future predictions, I was mostly focused on past events, on what we call … history. Just by incredible support of almighty providence, it was discovered that Vedic Astrology-Jyotish could be a phenomenal tool in deciphering the true history, what I call the Vedic History. Nevertheless, just by reading few predictions for this year, and seeing some footage of renowned experts from the field of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish with the same topic, I said to myself … well, you have to say something about as well.

By the way, before starting this story on a prediction about future events, need to say several things. Whenever we are doing, or even reading, some future predictions and prophecies, and it does not matter by whom it is being done, and which method is being used, we are just discussing certain tendencies. There is no one well defined, and hundred percent predestined future. In this sense, we are always talking about tendencies. This is to say, the future can have many different options, and which one option will be activated depends on our actions. Always, and almost all experts in this field would emphasize this point in the first place. This is to say that the future depends upon what we choose. Therefore, just to highlight this point, we are still, and we always have been, the active component of every story. We have a free will to choose. We choose how the story will be going on, and whether it will be a happy end, or something else. This is to say that even though there are some dark clouds observed, and some big thunderstorm is being in preparation, we still have an option. We are still in a position to change everything, or at least … something. Actually, it is not that we are in an excellent situation right now, because some chances were already lost. In general, the world is not in a good situation right now. Therefore, it is not five minutes to twelve o’clock; it is rather to be just like the one second to midnight only.  Indeed, after seeing predictions that are intensifying with enormous heaviness and complexity toward the end of the year, and that the next year itself (2020) can be even worse, well, this inevitably and unmistakably reminds on what I was writing before. Just to remind, as it seems, we are on the brink of colossal, unprecedented, and could be even terrifying changes on Earth, only seen and experienced exactly 12.000 years ago during the event that we call … the Big Flood.

I am not going to elaborate all that long story of the prediction for the entire year; I would like just to expose the most critical points. Well, almost all experts do agree that the year 2019, starts in a very dynamic way, with a lot of shaking right from the very begging. Partially this is something that we are just inheriting from the previous year, but there are some new elements as well. We have a partial solar eclipse on January 5, and the total lunar eclipse on January 21. Eclipses are always coming like big challenges. This is the moment, or a time interval when natural laws are not functioning as usual; everything is shaken, and then the evolution force will take a new step forward, sometimes even a new course. Thus, all the January has a tendency to be shaky, including other two months, February and March, as well. Nevertheless, it seems that this is just an introduction in something bigger because what follows and what continues further on, this is what deserves our undisturbed attention. More turbulent phase starts in April.

There is an unusual gathering of planets in Sagittarius sign-Dhanur rasi, where there will be happening unusually long-lasting conjunction of Ketu, the South lunar node, with Saturn. The conjunction that usually lasts about one month only will be extended to about six months. Their hug is always problematic because Saturn brings inner peace, slowness, something long lasting, sadness, and very profound spiritual knowledge. Ketu is the significator of sudden events, sharp intellect, discriminating power, strong spiritual experiences, and braking of karmic bondage. Ketu acts like Mars-Mangal, this is its own kind of replica, and can bring big social unrest and wars. Practically from … April 9, 2019, until October 14 … they will be within two degrees only, what emphasizes their strong mutual influence. This will be the time of big challenges indeed.


Stones in the stormy sea
The photo was taken from …


Well, going deep into Jyotish explanation could possibly be very complicated, but it is good to search for some examples. Do we have some examples from History? Of course, we do have! There was strong Ketu-Saturn conjunction during 1962. That was the year with the biggest number of nuclear explosions in history, due to experiments luckily, nevertheless, the world was on the brink of the nuclear war along with the Cuban Crisis. Indeed, just little was needed for the world to finish in the apocalypse. Not necessary to mention that the year 1962. was just an introduction to 1963., and the story with President Kennedy finished badly. Then again, we have Ketu and Saturn conjunction in 1939, what indeed resulted with the starting of the World War 2. The meeting was happening in the sign of Mars, and in the nakshatra of Ketu, what definitely made additional fuel on this very problematic situation, and worsened the story entirely so that it finished in the most destructive war we know.

Therefore, this is the situation what we have just within this year. However, this time the meeting is happening in the Sagittarius sign, ruled by Jupiter-Guru, what means that things can be resolved in a spiritual way. In addition, it is happening in the nakshatra of Shukra-Venus, that is considered as the highest benefic actually. Thus, we have two best beneficiary planets involved as hosts, but also, they will come physically, and they will join the show by entering into the Sagittarius, but later in the year. Jupiter and Venus are not too much on the friendly side, they are enemies actually, but they are both working for good, though on a different way. Therefore, it seems that there is a chance to overcome badly, inauspicious, and ominous tendencies, but the only way is by applying the highest level of spirituality.

Now, what kind of spirituality that can be?

Again, I need to repeat this already many times exposed the highest spiritual truth …




Fine, but how to reach that place?

Well, I know that many people today are familiar with this knowledge, and they can skip a few following paragraphs, but for those who are not familiar with this, I will give some short introduction.

Indeed, this is not just like any other ordinary place to go. This is not on worldly level actually. We already have seen that it is defined as passing through the needle’s eye. Thus, we need to be innocent just like a camel, in order that we can pass through the eye of a needle. Our ultimate self, the Kingdom of Heaven, is not in the reach of our senses, or by our intellect, it is beyond that actually. Therefore, we need to go beyond the finest thought, we need … to transcend. To transcend means to step over any mental activity, and then, and then only, we are without any action and without any thought, we are innocent in terms of not having any activity, and then we can reach our ultimate self.

As I also mentioned many times before, there is a technique for doing that, for finding our self, just to know ourselves. The technique is … meditation based on transcendence …, or … transcendence based meditation. Well, I am sure that many are familiar with the word … meditation. Nevertheless, commonly known meditation has two different variants. One is meditation based on contemplation, where we by eyes opened or closed, we contemplate about a certain topic, a certain thing, or certain figure. This is worthy of course, has some inner values, but this is just thinking about something. This is the … contemplation-based meditation …, and it will keep us on the superficial level. It asks for certain effort, our mind is deeply involved in actions, and this is energy-consuming activity. This is just like swimming on the surface of the sea. This is not … an innocent … activity. Another one commonly known meditation is the … focus based meditation. We just focus our attention on something, some name, object, or some person, whatsoever. That also can be worthy and can pollute certain results, but it also asks for energy involvement, it is effortful, and it is not … an innocent … activity. This is just like keeping the same position, just like staying in one place while we are in the seawater. Floating at one point on the surface of the water, let us say so.

However, there is a third kind of meditation, and as it is mentioned, we call it transcendence based meditation, which allows us to go just at to the bottom of the sea. Figuratively speaking, this is just as that we are diving, and reaching that bottom of the ocean. Thus, figuratively speaking, this is our target, the bottom of the ocean. Actually, we are going even beyond the finest mental activity, we transcend even the finest thoughts, we accomplish the state of the highest innocence, and there is the place where our true self dwells. This is the Kingdom of Heaven, which is deep within each of us. Of course, this is a technique, and we need to know how to do that. It asks for a certain vehicle, what is actually sound, just a very proper sound, what is being called … mantra … in Sanskrit. That vehicle is needed just to detach the mind from superficial actions that keep the mind active on a horizontal level and disables vertical diving toward the very bottom of the ocean. This kind of meditation is very natural, effortless, and it does not involve energy consuming. On the contrary, it is directing the mind to settle down at the state of least activity – zero activity. This meditation process is guided just by the natural tendency of the mind to go toward the field of highest fulfillment and happiness, and this can be found only at the very source, from where the mind itself finds its own origin. Therefore, there is a big difference between this meditation and other meditations based on focusing or contemplation. However, just to mention, exposed description is not for self-learning. This kind of meditation, along with the technique itself, should be learned from a properly educated teacher. This is how it has been going on for eons. There is no any mystery in this, just applications of some very profound natural laws. Well, I do not want to go into further explanations; this is enough for the purpose of this short story.

I just wanted to say that there is a systematic way to find the Kingdom of Heaven deep within us, and this meeting always results with very dramatic consequences. Dramatic, in a good sense. First, we release all the stress we accumulated through our daily routine. The reason for stress release is very simple actually. Stress release happens because we experience a deep rest on the physiological level, and this is much deeper rest than any other technique or practice can offer. Then, as we contacted the source of infinite energy, this will have an enormous influence on our energy level. And then, after performing such mental hygiene, and after our physiology and especially the nervous system are free from any stress, and after we are enriched by energy, then we enter the field of activity again, and then we are just like a strong and multi-potent arrow coming from the silence state and reaching straight to the aiming target. Thus, one accomplishes many benefits by involving this kind of meditation into the daily routine. Ancient cultures were aware of this very essential knowledge about how to transcend, and they used mentioned technique on the big scale. That is the basic reason that ancient cultures were introvert, turned toward inside. They knew where the true self dwells, and they used that knowledge extensively.

However, this is not all. It happened that the collective effect of this meditation is even more thrilling. As soon more or let say many people, come together and meditate together, well, all negative tendencies in the society go down, while only prosperity and peace are being established. Coherence in collective consciousness is significantly increased, and this and only this is the solid foundation for permanent peace in the world.

Well, it is exactly this momentum, why I did start this story.

The point is that we are on the brink of un-describable changes of the world itself, and that can take a very destructive course as well. However, how much destructive it could possibly be, this is all up to us. It is true, many chances for timely recovering the situation are already lost, we are just one second to the twelve o’clock, and this is definitely our last chance. There are not many options opened anymore. Therefore, here we are coming to connect all points of this post together. Now I will expose what I would do in this situation if I were someone.

Thus, if I were someone, I would immediately start with reconstructing and remaking of all the churches of the world, but all other similar buildings with high tower(s) as well. That includes different kind of temples, monasteries, mosques, and many others. These high towers as the symbols of ignorance and deception should be removed immediately. Remember that they are implied as the deceptive idea, and giving out a strong subliminal message that the God is somewhere far away out there, far in the Sky, and if we want to search for him, for the God, we need to go out. This is a false idea, by the way. Nevertheless, this is what promoted such a tremendous focus of Humanity on the outward things and sensations. Now we know that this is a fraud implied, just to drive people away from God, and from the Kingdom of Heaven. However, we know now that exactly opposite is the truth, the Kingdom of Heaven lies deep within us.

When churches and similar buildings with big tower are being mentioned, please let it be noticed that I have used words … remaking … and … reconstructing … only, and this is exactly what they are meant to be. Remaking and reconstructing. Nothing else.


Temple Kalash
The photo is taken from …


Then, there is another thing what I would do if I were someone. I would immediately transform these objects, these ex-churches, but without big tower now, I would transform them into places for group meditation, by using meditation based on transcendence preferably. Group collective effects of this mediation applied, this is the only thing that can save the situation now. This is the only thing that can save Humanity right now. Humanity should break down the chains of enslavement and ignorance being applied for centuries and millenniums. Ignorance should be expelled, and this can happen only by applying the highest spiritual knowledge.

There are even more improvements possible to be performed with these ex-churches without a tower and now destined to be places for a group collective meditation. Just by little reconstruction of the roofs, shiny metallic kalashes, metallic pinnacles, could be installed on top, to induce streams of negative ions very beneficial for human health, and very effective in raising the consciousness high. This is the basic purpose, and the main reason pyramids in ancient time have been built up and used for millenniums. Therefore, let every ex-church be transformed into a small, minute pyramid, which will radiate life supporting negative ions so that combined with deep meditation applied, the rapid growth in consciousness level for every individual is ensured, and coherence within the entire community is created. Let these ex-churches, which were places for entrapping the people into the bondage of enslavement, let them become beacons of light and prosperity, let them become the places for the highest spiritual practice, let them behave like a symbol of eternal divine knowledge.

This is what I would do if I were someone.

Of course, my list of what to do if I were someone is somewhat longer, but that would exceed the frame of this post. We shall leave that for some other time.

Now, just to end this post nicely, and on the best possible way actually, I would like to expose one extraordinary poem, which is entirely in tune with the title of this essay. In fact, this poem-song gave inspiration for this post … and I could not resist not mentioning it. Indeed, the poem itself was enchanted, and transformed into the real song for the first time performed in 1972, but released as the single vinyl record in 1974. Thus, that poem-song itself was part of my young days. The author of the original poem is Croatian poetess and songwriter … Maja Perfiljeva. It was transformed into a beautiful song performed by the legendary pop-rock group … Indexi … from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Translation to the English language was taken from …

The song itself is available throughout the YT service.

Here is the poem itself …


If I were someone


If I were someone

I’d call up all the boys

I’d give them toys and

Let them spend the whole day

Chasing around and playing


They would do wonderful things

Their days would be too short

Students would love their schools

If I were someone


I’d erase wrinkles from all mothers

I’d make the fathers love them

To return them love gone by

And to peacefully live by the hours

If I were someone


People wouldn’t, wouldn’t curse life

All the roses they would give to the wife

Oh, how living would be and how loving would be

and how good it would be

Oh, how living would be and how loving would be

and how good it would be

If I were someone


I’d erase wrinkles from all mothers

I’d make the fathers love them

To return them love gone by

And to peacefully live by the hours

If I were someone


People wouldn’t, wouldn’t curse life

All the roses they would give to the wife

Oh, how living would be and how loving would be

and how good it would be

Oh, how living would be and how loving would be

and how good it would be

If I were someone


That will conclude the first post of mine in the year 2019. As it is mentioned, the year itself carries a big burden, a big danger for Humankind is just a second ahead, and that can be neutralized only by collective effort along with the application of the highest spiritual knowledge. The Humanity itself should show and expose the desire to make revolutionary changes. This is not the matter of one or two individuals anymore, or even a few dozens, who would start with meditation. The entire world now, including all religions of the world, should unite, and we all need to show that we are ready for the age of enlightenment. The time is running out. This is not just a phrase; this is our reality. Nevertheless, there is hope, almost like the last one. Actually, there are no many things anymore to do as an option. I’ve just been free to expose what I would do … if I were someone …


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Celebrating Christmas and New Year


Every year around its natural end, we have high festivity season full of celebrations and festivals of a different kind, but also, shopping fever gets its hysterical climax and consuming mentality is taking over. People want to buy everything just as that it is the end of the world. From country to country, that can vary, this is true, but anyhow, there is not so much of difference. Kind of weird behavior is exposed everywhere. Festivities are maybe all right, but consuming mentality not so much. It shows that Humanity, in general, is turned outward very much. People are in permanent search for inner fulfillment, but in the wrong place and in the wrong way. Outward stroke is emphasized so very much, and the search is oriented and directed toward superficial values only, which do not last for a long, as we know. Any genuine spiritual school would emphasize this point as the first thing to learn. Thus, outer stroke is predominant; just more matter to gather, more things with a superficial glow to collect, just to surround ourselves with something that will be rotten in some very short time anyway. Six days are not enough for shopping anymore, thus, even Sundays should be included. Shopping and consuming mentality, well, this is just becoming a way of living.

The question is now, what is driving, better to say, who is driving people to do such superficial outwardly things?

Indeed, who is promoting such kind of ignorance forcing people to search for fulfillment in the endless field of peripheral superficial values, in the world of sensations … while we know that the much bigger fulfillment, happiness, and ultimately our final destination is there … deep within us. I do not want to be extreme and to say that matter and material things are not important. Of course, they are important. All that is important because we need to have material blessings in order to have easy and comfortable everyday routine. Nevertheless, matter is not primary. All matter that surrounds us is just the secondary expression of the primary consciousness field. Therefore, why not to go there on primary destination? Our ancestor, during some bright world ages preceding our present one, they knew, they did understand such ultimate truth, and this is why we find this factual confirmation that ancient civilizations were embedded in very deep spirituality. They knew for this ultimate truth expressed and available throughout the proverb …


Nevertheless, this shopping fever, though this is a very important topic and needs to be addressed someday, is not my primary focus now. Therefore, we just leave these questions unanswered. I want to turn attention on what we celebrate about the end of each year.

Indeed, what are we celebrating?

I would try to explain the phenomenon of the New Year first.

Well, when one year finishes and another one is about to start, no doubt, we are not missing such kind of discussions as well. Nevertheless, today many countries accept January 1 as a standard, and this is due to the winter solstice predominantly. Generally speaking, most of the countries accepted to celebrate and count the New Year along with winter solstice or vernal equinox. Some would go strictly with the very day of these two important astronomical events, but some would move slightly to the beginning of the closest new solar or lunar month. Therefore, it comes that in Gregorian calendar the New Year is connected with the winter solstice on 21st or 22nd of December, but then it is moved to the beginning of the first solar month after the solstice itself. Thus, the day of winter solstice, the 21st or 22nd of December, plays a very important role, and it is very prominent in this scheme. From the point of view of astronomy, this is the very important moment when after long descend the Sun changes its own path and starts to rise up. As we know Sun is very important for our well being, and this is not just an empty repeating of a well-known song. Sun is life provider and life sustainer, and it has enormous importance for everything that exists on our beautiful planet Earth. For example, did you know that solar radiation has many components, like ultra-violet that is predominant in the morning? Ultra-violet radiation does not penetrate deep into our body, but it will produce some changes on our skin, which can become more reddish or even darker in color. Furthermore, there is infrared radiation present as well, and that is more exposed in the afternoon. It penetrates deeper into our body and has a healing effect. Nevertheless, Sun has yet another one radiative component, and this is the Ether-Akasha radiation, which is the most vital of all. This is the very component of radiation of the Sun that is so extremely important for humans and all living beings. This is what directly or on some intermediate way, provides life to thrive. Such kind of radiation can go through our body, and can produce many beneficial effects. Therefore, the constant exposure to the Sun, during safe hours of course because we need to count on the damaging factor of ultra-violet and infrared radiation, is of fundamental importance. Without Sun we cannot live. Without the beneficial influence of the etheric component of solar radiation, we are just like fish without water. Even more, as much Ether-Akasha radiation we imbibe on our body level, more and more etheric our body becomes, what will definitely influence the level of consciousness as well, and that in return will change our entire understanding of the world around us. As we know, the comprehension of the world around us depends upon the level of consciousness we are established in. In the ancient world they knew about importance of the Sun, and they knew how to use all benefits of the Sun. The so-called Solar Yoga, or Surya Yoga was developed very much at that ancient time.

Thus, celebrating the New Year around winter solstice gives some very important messages. It is turned even to the level of the symbology. In many countries and especially in ancient traditions, the Sun is personified as a deity and it is being worshiped as a supreme god. Even the struggle of Good and Evil is connected to it, where the Sun is always on the bright side of course. Thus, the Sun as the symbol of life and devata par excellence, is in the fall until December 21-22, and after that time, it starts to rise up, what is marking the victory of Good over Evil. What a beautiful moment to start to celebrate the New Year. Wonderful moment!

From the point of view of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, Surya-Sun is the significator of the supreme cosmic intelligence, pure consciousness, and enlightened mind. It also represents self, self-confidence, father, government, leader, administration, king, royal court, castle, ego, … it represents fire and heat of any kind, just as it has many other meanings as well. Indeed, Surya-Sun is getting weak toward the winter solstice, and after that point, its power starts to grow. Nevertheless, this is not the only way to measure the strength of Sun-Surya. In Jyotish, they use many different methods to measure the strength of the planet. However, this one related to the point how close the Sun from winter solstice is, or how far away, remains as a very important one.

Ancient Romans, just about the time of the winter solstice, used to have a big festivity called … Saturnalia …. It would have started on December 17, and would have gone all until December 23, even though it was varying in length and duration. It was devoted to the God Saturn, who was very important deity in Roman pantheon as well. Must say, the true role of this god in Roman pantheon is somewhat mysterious, but this is only for those who does not know Vedic Astrology-Jyotish and little bit of true ancient history. This Roman god Saturn has many reflections to Sani-Saturn in Jyotish. For example, one point becomes very striking. Sani-Saturn denotes ordinary people, work and workers, and even slaves. Interestingly during Saturnalia festivities, classical divisions in the society fell apart, and slaves had freedom they otherwise did not have. There are statements that there were even reversal of roles, and all that is driving us to the conclusion that this is exactly that Saturn that we know from the Vedic Astrology. However, why now all of sudden they worship Saturn, and not Sun? Well, this is a very complex question. To be honest, I am not sure you will find some proper official explanation. Here is my understanding of that point.

The thing is that just like in Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, almost all ancient cultures considered there is only one light, and this is the light of the Sun. The Sun is the supreme God. Furthermore, all other planets, and all other devatas, are just giving reflection of that primary light of the Sun. As the Sun is in fall during winter solstice, it is getting weak, and the world naturally withdraws, becomes less vibrant, sometimes even lethargic, it is veiled by darkness, and goes into silence. These are all qualities of Saturn actually. Thus, because the Saturn’s dominative reflection is prevailing, they worshiped him, the Saturn. After all, in Jyotish, the Saturn-Sani is the son of the Surya-Sun. I am not saying that Romans were good knowers of Jyotish, but it seems that fragments of this philosophy, and of original Vedic knowledge, were very lively in Roman knowledge system as well. To document this, just to mention that we have another interesting situation lively all until today.

Those familiar with Italian language, and with French, as well as with some others perhaps, know very well that counting weekdays starts with …










Thus, from where these names are coming from?

Well, interestingly, Lunedi denotes the Moon, Martedi is connected with Mars, Mercoledi with Mercury, Giovedi with Jupiter, while Sabato denotes Saturn but not directly, rather on some intermediate way. You would not believe, but exactly this is how weekdays in Vedic Astrology are entitled. It goes like this … Chandravar, Mangalvar, Budhvar, Guruvar, Shukravar, Sanivar, and Ravivar. Ravi is just another name of Sun-Surya. Each planet, graha devata actually, rules one day of the week. Monday is the day of the Moon because the Chandra-Moon devata is ruling that day. Mars-Mangal is ruling the Tuesday, Mercury-Buddha is ruling the Wednesday, Guru-Jupiter is ruling the Thursday, Shukra-Venus rules the Friday, while Saturn-Sani rules the Saturday. Amazing! The complete alignment is there. We do not exclude the Sunday-Domenica, and the Sabato-Saturday from this scheme, because these two words have entirely the same etymology. Sabato … could be controversial little bit, but this is just a very superficial viewing. This word is definitely coming from Hebrew’s … Sabbath … or … Shabbath …, with the meaning … seventh day … Fine, seventh day, but how it happened that it finished exactly on Saturday??? Is this just a coincidence? Well, I would’t say so!

Indeed, Sabbath also denotes a free day, a day off, and a day free of any work devoted to worship the God. Interestingly, this is also referring to Saturn-Sani qualities, where the philosophy is that one should not work on Saturday because Saturn-Sani is ruling it. Saturday could be the day of increased obstacles due to the very nature of Saturn. In fact, Saturn is not a bad person. Saturn-Sani just wants that we withdraw from worldly activities; he wants that we introvert, and that we find our true self within ourselves. Saturn would do everything to turn us on this path. He is ready to confine us in some reclusive places, perhaps monastery, but it could be prison, hospital, or whatsoever, just to force us to introvert naturally. Therefore, resting, meditation, and reclusiveness, all these are very welcome elements of the routine to perform on Saturday. Well, it seems that we just revealed another one lingual relict, or better to say artifact, of Vedic knowledge inherited in Jewish knowledge system. I simply forgot to mention that before, even though was contemplating this topic many times. However, the Sabbath is relict even within the Judaism of today. Because, as it seems, the true meaning and the original idea was lost.

With … Domenica …, the word for Sunday, we follow the same logic. Domenica … is not directly the word for Surya–Sun that rules the Sunday. Domenica literary means … the day of God … And who is considered as the supreme God? Of course, this is the Sun-Surya himself. The alignment with Vedic astrology is perfect. Some would imply that day to be the best for resting from any work and worship the God. This can be an option of course, but as it was just explained, Saturday is much better day for finding the God, and the Kingdom of Heaven, deep within ourselves. Not only Jews, but many other ancient cultures followed Saturday as the resting day, for not going much out from the house, it was the day to introvert, to enjoy the silence, and to find the God within ourselves. And this is what God wants from us that we do, and therefore he arranged his son Saturn to do everything that we go this way, even if sometimes this can be on forceful way.

More about Sunday. In fact, Sunday in a certain moment became replacement for Saturday, and it was just perfect for another scheme. It was perfect to take people outside for worshiping the God, in order to visit buildings with high towers called churches. Firstly, going out from the house to visit the church with big tower is worldly activity. This has nothing to do with introverting. It is opposite of introverting. Furthermore, in the building with the big tower, preachers will be preaching and their mouth will be full of God, but the main sublime message is given by being in the church with the big tower itself. The message is given that the God is somewhere there, high in the Sky, and if we search for the God, we need to go out, just there high in the Sky. But not only that! These churches with big towers were built up just in the very center of every village and every town so that even their presence there will radiate this same message on 24/7 basis. People live there, they are walking, working, and driving around, and every single mini second they are reminded that the God is somewhere out there, very far indeed. Moreover, of course, only preachers have the word of God, and only they can interpret what God want from us. What a tragic days for the world!? The attention was driven out, just to search for the God on entirely wrong place. What a waste of time!


The photo is taken from …


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Thus, we see now why the Saturn was celebrated just about winter solstice in Roman time. Of course, such an explanation you will find … nowhere. I am not sure if even Italians would know from where their names on weekdays are coming from. Of course, they are coming from Roman time, and supposedly from Latin, but they are reflecting vibrations of Vedic Knowledge of ancient times.

Now we know that even though Saturn was celebrated, it was still Surya-Sun behind as being in the epicenter, and only when he was little bit limited and deprived of power, his son Sani-Saturn is the one who is taking over. Therefore, Sani-Saturn is also reflecting the light of Surya-Sun, but on another way. Then when celebrating Saturn is about to end, and this is just few days after the winter solstice, when Sun starts to rise again, then along with big celebrations, they made huge noise, perhaps even fireworks and mini explosions, just to announce the break of silence, and the return to worldly activates. Light is winning over darkness, and the world is on the bright path again. It is time for coming out from the silence; it is time for action again.

Well, today, we do not call it Saturnalia, we call it different way, but the same ritualistic template is being used. Indeed, we forgot about Saturn-Sani entirely, and we even forgot who Surya is.

As I already have mentioned, another option for celebrating and counting the New Year is … a vernal equinox.  In ancient time, it was more used an option of the New Year connected with vernal equinox and around it. It comes around March 21, and it is in tune with another natural phenomenon when nature starts to wake up after long winter season. At least this is the situation in the northern hemisphere. Vegetation is just about to blossom everywhere; new leafs on the trees occur, buds that will soon turn into beautiful flowers, and it is time to put the seed into the newly awaken soil. Surya-Sun already recovered entirely, and it became strong and powerful again. It is just about exaltation point. Beautiful time to start the New Year indeed. Old Iran, Persia, Babylon, they all used such kind of calendar beginning with or around the vernal equinox. Therefore, we also see that this is having some astronomical background.

We also see that the choice itself about when to start with the New Year is optional; any option is a good option and it is just a matter of choice what will be used.

Along with this solar solstice that had happened on December 21, 2018. at 23.23 CET, and what marked new victory of the light over darkness, I want to use this opportunity to wish a very nice wishes for happy and blissful future full of affluence and highest spiritual achievements to everybody. The Sun is in rise again, and every day it will be getting stronger and stronger, no doubt about it. Just few days afterward, along with the beginning of the new solar month on January 1, 2019, we are about to enter the New Year again. Let this year be fruitful and prosperous for every living being on Earth. Let we all together step successfully over all possible turbulence what that year eventually can deliver to us. Every New Year brings some new surprises, sometimes well, sometimes less good, but just to remember, in the final stage everything is for good.

However, as you probably have noticed, I did not mention Christmas. Indeed, what about Christmas? Yes, I did not mention Christmas intentionally and there is a good reason for doing so. In fact, there is nothing what connects Jesus with any day around winter solstice and corresponding beginning of the New Year. Jesus the Christ was born on April 13, 5 B.C.E., and if we want to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, than we need to do that right about April 13. Therefore, I cannot, and I could not, express my nice wishes about Christmas, because it will come in April. I hope we shall celebrate all together the true Christmas on April 13, 2019. It would not matter very much whether you already celebrated it before or not. I invite you to celebrate the true Christmas based on the birth of true historical Jesus.

Therefore, just to remind, celebrating the birth of Jesus on December 25, is not correct technically. Why and who did such a tremendous shift to celebrate the birthday of Jesus on a wrong date, well, I already wrote about extensively, and right now I do not want to go into it. We are still in celebrating mood, and better to go around about such topics right now. Just to conclude, this is false Christmas, and false celebration of someone’s birthday. Imagine that somebody force you to celebrate your birthday on a wrong day, several months before or afterward. Fine, somebody would say this is just a celebration, what is all right from one point of view. Nevertheless, whatever false we do be sure that this is harming the entire Universe. It is not in tune with Natural Law to go with false values.

Therefore, while choosing about when to start the New Year is entirely up to us to choose, the Christmas itself is not optional.

Thus … April 13, 2019. … is the day to celebrate the Christmas. Interestingly, it will be on Sunday. Indeed, this is a very nice day to celebrate Jesus’ birth.


April 13-5 BCE
Christmas Day … April 13



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Two important revisions


The time has come to announce two very important revisions on two essays exposed some time ago. The first revision is related to the essay …


Hence, there is one very important scientific discovery accomplished recently on the Caltech University in the United States. The revelation itself is connected very much with the theories exposed in my essays, and especially with the just mentioned essay. It happened somehow that I missed emphasizing that point while writing the essay itself. The revelation itself is closely related to the so-called … Planet Nine …, or … Planet X …, how some are calling this planet as well. There is a third name used as well, and this is … Nibiru …, what immediately brings us toward some old history records, and the possibility that we have heard something about already. Nevertheless, there are many controversies about that planet itself, and I believe this new and so fascinating revelation will dispell some of them. In order not to be too long with this introduction, just to mention, as it seems, Planet Nine is discovered … I would kindly recommend everyone to find this document and to read it again, and again and again if needed. Because this is telling a lot about our very near future. Please find the rest of the story in the PDF document itself, or just click on the essay title exposed above to find yourself on the website page exploring the same.

Another important revision is done along with the essay …


This is also something new and based entirely on the new reading of the old inscription engraved in the stone slab. Indeed, this is something entirely new that sheds new light on the legendary Roman soldier and commander … Lucius Artorius Castus …, who, among many other mostly military posts, became a governor of Britain. This is not all, formally or informally, he was revered as a king actually, and this is the origin of legends and stories about King Arthur. Please find more in the PDF document itself …







Let there be light! – Let there be Ether!


“There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the World, and that is an idea whose time has come.”

                                                                            Victor Hugo – 19th Century Author


I guess and I hope, you have recognized the title of this story. This is the well-known saying extracted from Genesis. Indeed, this is so well known phrase, and I would say, there is no individual in the world who does not know about. Nevertheless, I paraphrased it a little bit. I paraphrased it, but with the obvious intention of course. Because, what people do not know is that this primordial light, is actually … the Ether. Furthermore, the Sanskrit term for Ether is … Akasha …, and consequently, I will use both terms together, just that we all become more familiar with the full meaning, and of the highest importance of it. Therefore, the Ether-Akasha will be the topic of this story.

Must say this is a long-awaited story because Ether-Akasha is kind of a very controversial thing. I said … thing … even though this is far from being any … thing. In fact, this is the very emanation that every other thing or being within the entire Creation is made of. This is kind of very extraordinary media that we hardly can find the proper word to express it, or to describe it. This is something so unique and so fantastic that it can exceed our most fruitful imagination. Indeed, Ether-Akasha is so controversial and enigmatic that it was hidden for a long time. In addition, not only that, for some time Ether-Akasha was even … forbidden. Partially it was forbidden officially, but it was also forbidden in another way. It was declared that it does not exist. You would not believe that but some scientists established in who knows what level of consciousness, and with who knows what intentions, they even did bend the entire science so much, in order that this extremely precious Ether-Akasha which lays in the foundation of everything that exists in the entire Creation, imagine, that Ether-Akasha was declared as … non-existing. Just like that. Non-existing! It was declared that it does not exist!

Nevertheless, now as we came out from that age of hiding and seeking, we continue there at the same spot where some recent scientists stopped. Well, this syntagm … hide and seek … is something very appropriate actually. I like it. It is denoting the nature of life in Dualism. It could be very appropriate to denote and to depict the Samudra Manthan, the churning of the ocean of milk, the endless quest for the ultimate truth. As we know now, after it was explained in some previous essays of mine, we live in the dualistic world. There are forces of light trying to do everything in order to uplift the level of consciousness of the Humanity so that all people would live the full potential of their nervous systems, and that would automatically mean the full potential of the Natural Law to be integrated within our physiology. This is the basic concept of what we call … the higher states of consciousness, and consequently this is the basic concept of Eden, the Heaven on Earth. Thus, this is the return to the Eden actually, to the Heaven on Earth. Nevertheless, in this dualistic world we live in, there are other guys as well, dark and murky creatures by the way, who would do absolutely everything to block the progress of the Humanity, and who would try to hide such evolutionary very important media like the Ether-Akasha is. Therefore, hide and seek syntagm is something very appropriate indeed.

Luckily we are now in the phase were the hiding element is fading out, and the seeking element is pronounced so very much. We are on the bright side already. We live within the ascending phase of the Dwapara Yuga, the Bronze Age. Ascending means that the level of consciousness and understanding of the world around us is naturally raising up. Therefore, we just focus our attention, and intention of course, on that sublime interest of ours, the Ether-Akasha itself. This text, along with the entire essay behind, or perhaps the series of essays, will try to comprehend everything that we know about the Ether-Akasha, and it will probably be the impulse for further researches and investigations in this field. At least, I wish that it would be understood and accepted that way.

Well, indeed, Ether-Akasha, this is a very complex theme, and it would be much better we go systematically, and gradually, step by step, to remove the veil of ignorance from that glorious, life-supporting, but complex and wired as well …  Ether-Akasha.

Fine, the topic is Ether-Akasha, but where to start? From the beginning, somebody would say immediately. All right, but where is the beginning?  This is a very good question, because, as it seems, we lost the track about the beginning. Therefore, I would not insist we start exactly from the very beginning; I would rather start at some other point, a point that is much more familiar to us. In fact, it is absolutely irrelative where we start, because all roads lead toward the beginning, and this automatically means, toward the Ether-Akasha. To make it shorter, it will be proved soon, that exactly the Ether-Akasha, is the … very beginning.

In my previous essays, I was already writing about Ether-Akasha. I was writing about a lot. Because, it was absolutely inevitable to enter the Ether-Akasha into the game, otherwise we cannot, and we could not understand much of the ancient History. If we put the Ether-Akasha aside, well, we cannot understand the miracle of the life itself. Therefore, I will use all that material already exposed in my previous essays, with slight modifications here and there of course, and possibly even with some revisions, improvements, and appendices. In the meantime, I learned a lot by myself. Such kind of researches that I am doing is so enlightening. I would say, there is never enough of truth because it is exactly discovering the truth what gives such a tremendous bliss and joy after every puzzle or enigma being solved. Indeed, it is such a joy to deal with the truth!

I started to write this text, which by the way was initially intended to be an essay only, then I’ve noticed this is so very complex topic that myriads of books wouldn’t be enough to depict everything. Furthermore, I am on the level of short essays, and how on earth to compress everything into the one short essay only? Well, to be honest, for some time I was even confused whether to form it as an essay, or perhaps just to make a short blog-post. Then, gradually, it became clear to me, it should be both, an essay and the blog post. However, this is not all! The complexity of the theme, and the importance of it, all that forced me to initiate formation of the special page within the site, devoted to the Ether-Akasha only. Therefore, that will be the place where I will try to put together all that is known about Ether-Akasha, and maybe even what is not known. Do not be surprised to see me in the role of an investigative journalist, but in the role of the teacher as well, but also in the role of the curious student, because all three titles, this is what I am. I already have learned something about Ether-Akasha, and it will be a great pleasure of mine to share that with others.

Though need to highlight that point especially, my approach is basically documentary, and I will try to expose proves for all my statements wherever this is possible. In this case, I am functioning predominantly as a researching journalist, trying to put together the pros and the cons. They say we live in the democratic world, then after seeing all arguments, sooner or later, we need to decide again whether Ether-Akasha does exist, or it does not exist. We definitely need to make this decision again, but this time it should be from the point of view of the modern science and the new belonging paradigm. Nevertheless, such situation development, and the choice to decide about was maybe appropriate for any world age before this one. This is to say, now we do not have much of choice. We stand on the brink of the big changes so that knowing Ether-Akasha and being familiar with it, well that could be the matter of survival. This is a very important point and it is not supposed to be forgotten by anyone. By anyone.

In fact, we even do not have much time now, and that means we need to become familiar with the Ether-Akasha in a very quick way …

Therefore, just for the very beginning, I wish a lot of knowledge about the Ether-Akasha, and a lot of light of Ether-Akasha, for everyone …

More on the Ether-Akasha … please find along with the special page devoted to this theme only …


A Revival of the Ether-Akasha







Time flies …


Time passes quickly. In many situations, we use that proverb … Time passes … or … Time flies

Indeed, there are already six months gone since this website was launched. It was just as yesterday, just as … in the nick of time. Well, this is the ideal time to give an outline and to recapitulate little bit. Since that moment, many new essays were born along with many new amazing revelations. More than ten, I think. Indeed, I was focused so strongly on this point, on deep research and on the writing of essays, so that almost missed to do some improvements on the website image and functionality. Nevertheless, recently, just a few days ago, got some impulse to refresh the site itself. The result is in front of you. I would say, now it is much better and nicer. I did find a way to expose all essays in a PDF format directly on the site so there is no need to go anywhere. Furthermore, at the same time, all essays are downloadable directly from there. Quick and easy. This is one option that was missing before, but this is now solved. In addition, there are many new interesting photos, what improves attraction drastically. Well, it needed some time to become familiar with making the site with WordPress tools. Not necessary to mention, at the very beginning, when I got the tools, I did not have any clue about how to make the website. I only knew it should have been done. I am not saying this is the maximum. It is not. It will be gradually improved even better way.

Well, many essays are refreshed as well. There is no end to errors finding and removing. Polishing of all texts, this is becoming just like additional everyday activity. Moreover, there is no end in this sense. Just to mention, this is all related to syntax, grammatical errors, and cosmetics. If, and when, there will be some drastic revision of any text, that will be announced separately, and such essays will be highlighted.

Just to mention, all essays will stay exposed on the Scribd as well as on the Academia, because this also has very specific reasons behind. By the way, the response on both is amazing. Therefore, let it go this way.

I would encourage all those who might be interested to subscribe on newsletters, to use that option. Then, they will automatically get an info in their mailbox about the new things exposed. Indeed, newsletters are so good option. It does not come from me. It comes from the WordPress system automatically. To be honest, I am not sure for how long I will be sending such emails with news personally. Furthermore, I am not sure if everything will be free forever … Of course, old subscribers do not need to worry about. Therefore, subscriptions are very welcome. The button and the form to apply for newsletters, please find on the right side among widgets.

Well, today in some regions of the world, but tomorrow, on Sunday, September 23, at 3.54 AM according to the Amsterdam’s time – (GMT or UTC) +2), the fall-autumn is officially beginning. This is according to the astronomical calculation. This is what they call … the Autumnal Equinox. Day and night are of equal duration. Every new season is about to be celebrated in a very specific way. When we live with rhythms of Nature, we tune ourselves with the cosmic laws. The result is more coherence in our own brains and among the people in general, and that can yield only with harmony and good progress for the entire world. Tuning with natural laws is our main theme actually.

Therefore, with this idea in mind, I wish the very successful and fruitful fall-autumn to everybody. If somebody has a birthday around, my sincere best wishes, greetings, and congratulations … are doubled. This would be even one more reason for celebration. Well, there are always good reasons for celebrations but birthdays are somewhat exceptional, of course. Well, birthdays and season changes … it all goes very well and fits perfectly with this proverb … time passes

Once again … kindest regards …


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Charles J Sharp [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
Charles J Sharp [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons






Why Deconstructing the Illusion?


It is quite some time since the previous blog-post was released. Some people would maybe think I am not active anymore. This is not true actually. I am very, very active. By the way, it is true, the fact is that there is nothing worse than not properly maintained blog. Well, the thing is that in the meanwhile I was very busy indeed. I was busy with writing new essays. Many new essays were released in the meanwhile, with stunning revelations of course. I did not feel as necessary to have any additional comments or to expose new ideas. This site should be considered and followed as one unique unit. These extra posts are just one more feature, very good feature, by the way, in order to focus some extra attention, and to drive in more light onto certain very specific points.  For literary expressing, the form of essay gives many advantages, but certain limits as well. My researches are very deep, that would ask for quite some extended coverage including many words by elaborate books, or even some documentary production. Nevertheless, in this initial stage, the form of the essay was chosen, just to be as is possible short. In addition, that will ask for high compression of data, and for filtering everything based on the highest priority principle. Sometimes such a task is not easy to perform and accomplish, and therefore some essays will be more successful than others will. To balance everything, blog-posts are very welcome.

One of many very often questions that occurs among readers is, why this title.

Indeed, why … Deconstructing the Illusion … title? Why this title to the site and to the serial of essays where the History Science is merging with the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish?

Well, as usual, the story can be short and long. Which one do you want?

OK, let it be the longer version this time.

We could possibly start by defining each word separately, and then to move toward the complex meaning of the entire syntagm, but this time we shall not go this way. The basic presumption is that all are familiar with these terms. Then we just focus on the complex meaning of the entire expression. In addition, another basic presumption is that reader of this text is familiar with all my essays exposed along with this site.

Well, the mentioned title is actually referring to the moment in our evolution, the evolution point of our planet and the entire Humanity, when and where we need to be face to face with who we really are. As a civilization, we stand on a big crossroad, and we need to decide where we want to go. Nevertheless, if we want to make such kind of decision where to go, we need to know where we came from. If we do not know where we came from, how on earth can we know where to go? Fine, but if we want to know where did we come from, we need the History Science to tell us that very important bit of information.

Then, there is a problem again. We passed through very turbulent, violent, and at moments even very sparkling Dark Age, when the veil on the consciousness of the people was installed so that they could not see properly. Such systems of knowledge and the entire paradigms, after all, were designed and established, that they are far from being tuned with the Natural Law. Our perception of the world around us was drastically obscured due to that veil of ignorance. Many illusionary situations were created forcing us to live in the world we do not want to live in anymore. This includes the History Science as well, which is totally deviated and distorted for the purpose of hiding the true values and favoring something that does not have any connection with the Good. Now we are waking up easily from the long winter sleep, and we do not want anymore that all these illusionary situations deprive us of the highest goal of Humanity, and that is to live Unity within the Duality. However, this formulation … Unity within the Duality … sounds very strange. Nevertheless, it will not be strange anymore if we just say this is the synonym for … the Eden. Somebody would even use the term … the Heaven on Earth.

Therefore, in order to separate the truth from non-truth, in order to separate fictions and sediments of false historical records from the True Vedic History, we use the only objective system that exists, and that is the … Vedic Astrology-Jyotish …, which origins within the Veda itself. We use it for finding all such illusionary situations, in order to dispel them so that only true values remain. Because only the truth can save us. Only the truth can lead us toward higher states of consciousness, toward the Enlightenment, toward the God Consciousness and toward the Unity Consciousness in the final stage. The truth is that Amrita, the final product of Churning of the Ocean of Milk, the result of the Samudra Manthan, the final product of the shaking of the Ocean of Consciousness. The truth is that nectar of immortality we are so desperately searching for.

I think there is no need to mention how important is to do exactly this, to purify our knowledge system and to establish the new paradigm that will tune as fully with the Natural Law so that we live our full potentials what is our right by birth after all. This does not mean we need to abandon Duality. No. No. No. We just live Unity within the Duality. Unity within diversity. That is all.

Needless to mention that during this Dark Age, during these last few thousand years let say so, forces of darkness had their own feast, and they created a system, or systems, which would give an advantage to them only. Such systems were created which would fade out the True Knowledge, and which would favor ignorance and forgetting the glorious past of the Humanity within the Sat Yuga-The Age of Truth. This is how it was going on all during the descending phase of the cycles of yugas. This Dark Age has its own name, and we call it Kali Yuga or Iron Age. It was having its own descending phase all until 500 C.E. when it changed the course and started to ascend. The Knowledge and the level of consciousness started to raise up, but gradually and slowly so there was a lot of inertia of past times, and that dark phase lasted all until 1700 C.E. when Kali Yuga finished and the Dwapara Yuga or Bronze Age began. This is the ascending phase, the knowledge is raising up, the veil from the consciousness of the people is removed, and we are waking up from a long winter sleep.

Today, we see the world around us that is still caught in the chains of the past era, that dark and murky age which we want to forget as soon as possible. That is the reason we see a strong tendency in many countries to make necessary actions and movements so that the positive energy deeply suppressed and overtaken by negative energy during this murky Dark Age we just left behind, can be released. In the Kali Yuga, the Cosmic Order is falling apart, at least to some extension, and positive and negative energies are mixed up. This is how almost all the countries of today came into existence. This is just as making a good vegetable soup. You put together a little bit of carrot, a little bit of cauliflower, little bit of parsley, little bit celery, perhaps kohlrabi as well, you add some spices, and you get very tasty refreshing and nourishing vegetable soup. Mixing and blending several ingredients together, was very necessary because none of these energies, neither positive nor negative, which are both very important in the game we play, the Game of Polarity, both energies in deep Kali Yuga would not be possible to survive on the isolated way. Therefore, these energies were mixed up and blended together, in the different ratio for each country of course, but as negative energy was dominant in the Dark Age, it took advantage, and it made the world by its own measure.

This is one very basic reason we say that we are on the crossroad, at the big crossroad, and we shall need to make many big decisions. Very big decisions actually. The first thing what we shall witness around us now is that many countries will simply crack and separate on many pieces. Then, the second thing what we shall witness is that these fragments will reorganize in a different way. Very different way. This will be more like natural way. This will be in a way that positive and negative energies are separating. We go toward the permanent light, we go toward the age of enlightenment, and this inevitably implies that negative energy is about to be reduced. We shall not need such a big amount of negative energy anymore. Of course, perhaps we can expect the final clash with this negative energy. Representatives of such energy, they will probably not give up so easily. That is the reason we also say that the final battle on the Kurukshetra Field, the Battle Field of Life, is just in front of us. Everybody will need to choose its own side. Everybody has free will to choose. This is my opinion. Everybody needs to choose its own Club.

That is the reason we deconstruct and remove all illusions imposed during this long period with lack of knowledge. We remove all illusions so that masks are down, and that there is no way for hiding anymore. Not even to mention that we remove all possibilities that somebody would disguise and take advantage of being among us by pretending that he or she is something that is not. The time of disguising and pretending is over. We have very powerful tools now so that we can direct our spotlights at any corner and there are no dark niches for dark energy to hide anymore. If they want to be around, they will need to come on a stage full of brilliant light. This is the only way.

Nevertheless, to be honest, this is not all.

We are about to face such kind of very turbulent event as the big shift toward the higher plane, toward the Fifth Dimension. In fact, we are about to ascent very soon. All symptoms are telling that something very big is rolling on and coming very close to. It is very close indeed. That is one reason more to hurry up with the deconstructing of all illusions, so that we see properly, and that we do all whatever is possible to tune ourselves with Nature.

The syntagm … Deconstructing the Illusion … is not my invention after all. I took it from some other people who sensed something is going on, something big, what will inevitably result in many changes on Earth. The Earth will not be the same anymore. Everything will change. Everything.

That is the reason we also say that worlds are splitting. However, this is much complex expression actually. It would ask us to understand there are … parallel worlds. Perhaps we say something more about that topic some other time. Until that moment, enjoy the essays exposed, and if you have some questions, or ideas, or some other constructive suggestions … please do not hesitate to expose them. We are all one team actually …


PDF Version