“Yogastah kuru karmani – Established in Being perform actions!”

                    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Bhagavad-Gita
                     Comments on words of Lord Krishna 

After considering King Sudas in the previous essay, was just wondering where to continue with this essay sequel, and was asking myself what possibly could be the next topic. Then, just as I was still under the influence of King Sudas, an idea came to continue that story. Nevertheless, this is much easier to say than to accomplish. The problem is in the lack of any information on the Indian side about what followed after King Sudas. It is true, for some time we do not have the appearance of some big names there in India, like great rishis, sages, or even kings. As we go more toward the year 2000 B.C.E., and as we transit from the third millennia B.C.E. toward the second millennia B.C.E., well, we observe more kind of silence on the Indian side. Of course, that can be very subjective, because Indian sources probably do remember the history of that time. Nevertheless, no mentioning of big names. Vedic sources are somehow dimmed. That was very indicative for me, and it is apparent that something was happening there, something that silenced Vedic sources.

Then, as it was proved that … Aryan Invasion out of India … is the only valid theory that can cover true historical events, I just wondered if the story can be continued on another side, on the side where those big groups of different kinds of people moved in. However, do we have some records about the other side? History sources are very confusing because we have the appearance and disappearance of many kingdoms and empires, but this is all dry as a send. It was proved we need to take into account and combine some religious sources as well. Then, when we are considering religious sources, what is the oldest record in this sense? I mean, what is the oldest record that can possibly cover that geographical region in between India and Europe at approximately that time when the third-millennium B.C.E switched to the second millennium B.C.E.? Well, exactly at that moment it became clear to me we need to consider Biblical sources and the Old Testament. We need to go to the earliest possible time frame of the Old Testament and to see if there is something we can find there.

It is exactly at that point that the story of this essay will begin, and it will cover the most intriguing stories of how Biblical times had started. Because, when we open that box, the Bible, and the Old Testament, well, all of sudden we have plenty of information …

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