“Yogastah kuru karmani – Established in Being perform actions!”

                                       Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Bhagavad-Gita
                                            Comments on words of Lord Krishna

Now we have come to the point, to the essay in fact, which by the way, was long-awaited. This is a compilation actually. I took all that was already written along with all my previous essays about legendary Pharaoh Akhenaten, or Amenhotep IV what was his real name. Some new elements were added, of course, and now we have a completely new essay talking about very controversial events which are never before covered in such true light. Again, this light itself is nothing else then Vedic Astrology Jyotish. Again, I was just a humble instrument to perform the task.

Therefore, we have the entire new point and a new angle of view to scrutinizing long time deeply suppressed facts. Pharaoh Akhenaten was a big reformer, social reformer, at the moment when a monotheistic theological system was implied. That was logical for their time because they did live in a descending cycle of time, less and less of cosmic energy and cosmic intelligence were coming and enriching the Earth. The human brain and the entire nervous system were gradually losing the capacity to perform complex things, people could not understand the intricate relationships between many different devatas, gods, and goddesses, and some new system of knowledge was supposed to be implemented. Such a new paradigm in their case was assuming forgetting, things were supposed to be simplified, some vital information of the Natural Law functioning, they were simply erased. The new incomplete and not holistic system was created. The system of knowledge they implemented was much lower than the previous Vedic system. We need to know that the original teaching of Patriarch Abraham was much closer to the Vedic Science, to the Veda, than to the anything else.

Well, that was their time, the time of Pharaoh Akhenaten and others around him. That time period had some advantages, but some disadvantages as well. Just like any other time period in the world ages. However, they were unfortunate to have lived in the descending cycle of the world ages. Every new generation was born with lesser knowledge and abilities. That was not a brilliant time indeed. They managed the things and everything around them as they could. Nevertheless, now we live in a completely different time period in the world ages. We live in an ascending cycle, we are on the bright side, we are at the beginning of the Dwapara Yuga the Bronze Age of the ascending cycle. That means we left the Kali Yuga the Iron Age long ago. Every single moment new but higher cosmic energy and higher intelligence do enrich the Earth and Human brain and the nervous system. Thus, we have people with new abilities which will ask for the real order of the things around. People want to tune with Natural Law, just to be closer to the source, closer to the origin. They want to be one with the source of all energy and intelligence. People do not want to violate Natural Laws anymore, they do want to be one with them. Therefore, comparing to the Pharaoh Akhenaten, we have completely opposite tasks to perform. We have to reintroduce the Vedic Science, the higher holistic system long lost by the way. We have to explain and to understand the functioning of the Natural Law to the deepest level. We need to understand the role and the purpose of all devatas within the Creation. Indeed, there is one omnipotent and omnipresent God, but he has many assistants in order to run this vast emanation we call the Creation. Imagine that each expert in any field, each craftsman or each artisan, for example, has at least some assistants to do their jobs. Well, why then God would not have some assistants for the magnificent job he is doing? Some experts claim that even the Bible speaks in the plural when mentioning God himself. Therefore, there are many gods and goddesses around the supreme God, and we need to become familiar with them. Just by knowing them, or knowing more about them, that can help us in our personal private lives. They are all here to help us to become better, stronger, and to evolve higher and higher in the evolution game. This is their purpose after all. They are here to assist us.

From many essays of mine, we have seen that the time is changing permanently and due to that there is always a great need to adjust the system of knowledge with the incoming energy and intelligence. The need for changes is permanent. When this is properly tuned, there is less suffering in the world, or there is no suffering at all. Along with such very proper tuning, in the final stage, only bliss, joy, and happiness will be prevailing. All that to be performed, God himself personally comes in his avataric form along with many incarnations, just to produce wanted and needed changes. Along with this story about Pharaoh Akhenaten, we shall see just yet another one appearance of God himself in the very difficult time when strongly and firmly established old structures of the society due to inertia do not want to accomplish certain changes. Due to their inertia, they do not want to change. No change at all, that was their only wish. Well, the Time Machine does not allow that. Changes should be done no matter how that will be performed and what will be the result of it.

Hope you will enjoy this essay on the same manner as many other so far … 🙂

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