“Yogastah kuru karmani – Established in Being perform actions!”

                  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Bhagavad-Gita
                       Comments on words of Lord Krishna 


This is where this unbelievable journey started. It all started after seeing one innocent article in the Biblical Archaeology Magazine – BAR, about the death of King Herod the Great and possible connection with the Lunar Eclipse in 4 B.C.E. The key point was one very special situation. The true breakthrough did happen along with putting together the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish and the History Science. Somehow it happened that only after merging the two, the True History started to reveal its own secrets. Another key point was that Lunar Eclipse itself. Well, we shall find out very soon that eclipses are so very important, and that many other events in the ancient world did happen, or, they were triggered by … the Eclipse. The exposed essay is narrating the story how all this was happening, and how that one particular Eclipse became the trigger to put all history lines in order.

If somebody would tell you that you need to celebrate the Christmas, the birthday of Jesus, on April 13, well you would definitely not take that seriously. Nevertheless, by merging the History Science with the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish in search for the historical Jesus, it was discovered that he was born exactly on April 13, 5 B.C.E., and therefore the initial statement to celebrate the Christmas in April is not without foundation. That would say that we celebrate something else on December 25, what is not bad to celebrate as well. Because, just about that time, the ancient world was celebrating the Winter Solstice, the moment when the Sun starts to rise up in the Sky after long descend, and that will denote winning of forces of light over darkness. This is the story of how the Star of Bethlehem was deciphered and the true moment of the birth of Jesus was revealed.

Enjoy the reading …

Here you will find the link to read or download the PDF document …










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