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Leonardo da Vinci

Well, we all have heard about Leonardo da Vinci, haven’t we? The ingenious inventor, Leonardo, had marked the time he lived in, and some of his majestic achievements have been echoing in the world even today. Nevertheless, there are still many mysteries about Leonardo and his life. Moreover, they say, the enigma of Leonardo is not deciphered yet. There are many holes in our understanding of what he has accomplished, how he did accomplish, and why. This is my humble, my small contribution to this discussion. I had a clue, I followed it, and as it seems, the enigma of Leonardo is solved.

In fact, his paintings, Leonardo’s paintings, are the most intriguing part. And there are some stunning revelations exactly in this field. We all noticed that he was following Biblical theme very much. However, something was strange in his vision of the Biblical. Indeed, this is the story of how Leonardo was looking on Biblical … As it seems, he whispered silently the true Biblical story …

This is the complete story downloadable in PDF format ..

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Gallery Collection … Leonardo’s Masterpieces

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