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This page is ambitiously created with an intention to show the past, present, and future of Croatia, my country of origin. Well, let see if, except exceptional beauty, this country has something else to show.

Actually, the story of Croatia is not short and simple. Behind this small but very vital country, there is a long and turbulent history. This is not the main focus of this website of course, but, here and there, I will be free to try to explain some things. Even a very short insight will not be missing the thrill, along with noticing many significant turnovers, and soon it will be discovered that this is a very good spice to the website itself. There is no doubt anymore, this website is turning toward taking the burden of revealing the true history of the world. However, knowing more about Croatia can make a significant contribution to this basic agenda of the website. Partially that was already proved through my essays, because it was shown that the region of where Croatia is today, or better to say, what Croatia is today, well that region had a very rich and turbulent history indeed. It will be also shown that all that left some smaller or bigger influence on what is Croatia today. The genesis of Croatia is very interesting indeed, and therefore occasionally this matter will be touched as well. After all, who knows, maybe the story of Croatia and the story of the world’s history meet somewhere. Who knows, indeed?

For the moment, and along with this very first exposure, I will not go far back in history. Will try to explain very recent events of the turning point between 19th and 20ed century. This is basically covering the threshold point of these two centuries, but with World War One and World War Two included. Nevertheless, I am not going to make a classical history lesson. Not at all. I will expose everything through one character only. Thus, this is the main character of this story. In history, this character was known as … The Marshal …, and to start our story, what would be the best theme than that. Indeed, that was a very controversial character, and even the history itself is not sure where to put him. Therefore, this is one more reason to decipher the character and all the circumstances around him. You guessed, the Vedic Astrology – Jyotish will have the main role again …

Thus, we start with  …


Then, well, as we live in the world of extremes, from the very recent history of Croatia, we jump to the very early formative period of seventh century A.D. That was really the unique time of the first Croatian kings. The old antic world just vanished, in about 500 A.D. the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, reached its negative peak, and after a long descend it gradually started to ascend. However, it will take some time to recover and to grab momentum, because just about that time the world was easily sliding into the darkness of the Middle Age. Nevertheless, it would be nice to see this early formative phase of Croatia that began in the seventh century. Therefore, we continue now with the story …


Croatia was established on June 25th, 1991. It was exactly 7.55 PM Central European Time (CET), when the Parliament in Zagreb the Capital did declare physical separation from the previous country-state, and the new state was born.
The Star was born! … so to say … 🙂 …

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