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My name is … Stjepan Spanicek …, and as it seems, I will be your host along with this website.

My country of origin is … Croatia. They say this is a beautiful country, which I would immediately agree with. Though need to say, it needs to purify its image, on the outer plane, but on the inner, spiritual plane as well. After all, this is something that we all have to do, as a country and as the World itself, but especially on the individual level, we need to improve a lot. All of us! According to my opinion, we are just about to witness tremendous changes, and we all need to tune appropriately.

Well, I would define myself as a Free Independent Researcher, even though all terms could be very disputable. The first thing people will ask … what are you researching? And the second thing is … are you really free? … Or, how much are you independent? Well, I am not going to philosophizing about this right now, people will find very soon what I am researching anyway. They will also find out whether I am free and how much I am free and independent.

I was doing and working on many things in my life. Some more successful some less. Though, when I watch it now in a retrospective manner, it seems, all that was just sort of preparation for that what I am doing right now.

I was prone very much to the technical field, I worked with electronics for a long; had my own company for some time which was dealing with electronics. Nothing big, almost like a one-man band, to say it frankly. Then, soon the war in Croatia erupted (that was 1991.), and things became very complicated. It was very difficult to do any business. Nevertheless, along with all that, very soon I realized that I am not a businessman type. That was such an important revelation for me. Very soon I switched, though gradually, to the spiritual field, where I am still even today. About this phase, I do not want to talk right now. That was my way, and it can be very subjective. As a Free Researcher, I am trying to be objective as much as is possible.

I like History Science very much, and all belonging branches of that science. Actually, I like and adore all the Science. As a small boy, I wanted to be a scientist. Nevertheless, very soon many obstacles came in my way, and I was supposed to look at life more on a practical level.

Very soon you will discover that along with my research I am covering so many different fields. That does not mean I am the best expert in these fields. Well, to be honest, many are far better than me in any particular field. Anyway, knowing even a little bit of everything is quite enough to put everything together, just along with this initial stage. What counts as even more important today, is … the comprehensiveness. Actually, such kind of job is more like a never-ending story.

The site I am just about to launch is very simple. I hope it will be improved over time.  I also hope we shall share many blissful moments in doing some extraordinary revelations, even stunning, I would say. Again, all that can be very subjective of course. Therefore, I assume some discussion will be developed very soon. By the way, this is very welcome, because, along with exchanging of ideas, they are becoming purified. The result would be very positive actually, and that means more truth to us. Therefore, I expect all my revelations to be confirmed or denied by others.

Enjoy readings and exploring on this site.

Yours … Stjepan Spanicek.


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I was born in 1960. That was Olympic year having summer games in Rome, Italy. They say, by being born in the Olympic year, one is prone to sport quite seriously. I do not know if this is generally true, but in my case, it can be proved positively. July is my month of birth, July the 15th. Time is 5.27.45 AM. The place of birth is Koprivnica. This is a very beautiful picturesque city in northwestern part of Croatia, where I never lived, just being born there. Nevertheless, all my staying in Croatia was concentrated just around, even though was traveling and staying for shorter or longer time all over Croatia. When I am not doing researchers and writing, or other things for living, I do enjoy long walks, mountaineering, following or playing sports, and watching movies.