A Revival of the Ether-Akasha



“Space without aether is unthinkable.”

                           Albert Einstein – Ether and the Theory of Relativity,
                        An address at the University of Leiden,
                        The Netherlands, May 5, 1920.


This page is dedicated to the Ether-Akasha exclusively. Therefore, this is the place, an instance, where all what was ever said, what was meant to be said but never was, and what was said but it was erased or neglected on any possible way, will be exposed in order to demystify this primordial media or the first element of the entire Creation. Some even say that Ether-Akasha does not exist. Well, we shall just show them how easy is to prove the existence of Ether-Akasha with the modern means and with the contemporary science and technology. This is to say, we are talking about a revival of the Ether-Akasha. Indeed, there is nothing in this world what deserves more attention than to put the Ether-Akasha in the proper place …

Please find more on introduction to this theme along with the blog post …

Let there be light! – Let there be Ether!

If you are interested to enter a little deeper into the story of the Ether-Akasha, please find the downloadable PDF document of the essay exposed along with the link below. The essay itself is in the process of a creation. Nevertheless, the first chapter, which is addressing the beautiful but very controversial phenomenon of light pillars or light fountains … is already exposed … The second and the third chapters are exposed as well, talking about historical development of the idea about  Ether-Akasha, and how we almost finished in the Age of Enlightenment even more than hundred years ago. As it seems, the technology for the Age of Enlightenment was already ready at that early stage …

Enjoy the reading …


let there be light – let there be ether – a revival of the ether – akasha – version 1-4-5







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