It’s about a year since I last blogged. Indeed, I was not blogging for a long. It was not my intention to be so, I was simply busy with some other things. The complete site of mine is undergoing a big revision. All texts and essays are subdued to very serious revisions. There are many things to do about ever going researches, and after all, all texts are improved by eliminating grammar, syntax, and typing errors. Ah, this is a huge job indeed. Just to remind you, I’ve exposed many essays along with outstanding revelations based on merging the History science and Vedic Astrology Jyotish. It was all happening in a very short period, and did not have time to be focused on so many details. Most of the texts are now … well, they are acceptable if we look at grammar and syntax errors. Researches and revelations are always to be updated, and therefore, I do not mind the time to do the upgrades wherever and whenever that is possible.

My last blog was touching the COVID-19 crisis but in some indirect way. The title was … ASK AND IT WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU … The title was very good and very appropriate, by the way. I was even indicating that the complete crisis we can turn to for the benefit, and to use lock-down to stay more introverted, and for cultivating silence deep within us. That was a brilliant chance to do that. Of course, we can do that by adopting certain techniques which by common name I call … transcendence-based meditation. It can be very useful in any sense of the meaning of this word or expression. It is very good, and important after all, to find out who we really are, and this is exactly the means to do that. More about that some other time.

However, this time I will touch COVID-19 crisis directly. I will be free to present a text that came to me from a very good friend of mine. The friend itself wants to stay anonymous in this sense, and we shall certainly respect that decision. What I want to say, the text is not mine, because, simply, I know very little about that topic. However, what I also want to highlight, the texts itself, with all the knowledge exposed, well, it all came just as an answer to many questions we all had exposed before. Therefore, it is just … ask and it will be given to you syndrome.

The text itself is very intricate. It gives a message there is no need to fear the virus anymore. Everybody is free to think whatever is wanted. One can take a text just as an informative bulletin, or, one is free just to forget about everything. However, I think it is proved as a very useful compilation of information. It is very helpful for me, and I hope it will do the same purpose to many other people. I just do not want to be too long with my introduction so I leave you to the mentioned very enlightening text with the so promising title …

No need to fear Covid 19 anymore

There is a pandemic of fear surrounding Covid 19 and what I intend to provide here is evidence that effective prevention and treatments are now available, as indicated by published studies so that this fear can be lessened, if not eliminated altogether.

Whether you do not plan to take the vaccine, are waiting for it or already took it, I think you will find this information useful. In fact, whether you get vaccinated or not, you probably still need some of the information included in order to stay healthy and avoid chronic diseases. Please feel free to forward to your friends and family – it could help save lives.

The jury is back – it has become evident that the main cause of this pandemic is lack of Vitamin D. Dr Ryan Cole, Mayo Clinic trained, board certified pathologist, certified in anatomical, and clinical pathology recently stated “Vitamin D is the master key to our immune health. If one has a D level of 50ng/ml (range 20 to 100) one cannot develop a ‘cytokine storm’ – which is what kills in Covid 19.” (Cole, 2021) He even went as far as bluntly stating “if you’re in the mid-range of D levels, you cannot die from Covid 19.”

Effective medication for treatment now approved – Ivermectin
Moreover, there are now several scientifically proven effective medications available for treatment. Enough evidence was brought forth regarding the effectiveness of the use of Ivermectin, a very safe medication used for decades as an anti-parasitic, that in January it was approved by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US for treatment of Covid. Dr. Pierre Kory testified before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, stating that Ivermectin is effectively a “miracle drug” against COVID-19 and went as far as saying that if you take it, “you will not get sick” (Kory , 2020). See further down how and where to get it. According to published studies and now also heaps of practical experience with patients, Ivermectin is able to stop the virus from replicating itself (Caly et al., 2020).

Other treatments proved effective
A study on Chlorine Dioxide (popularly known as Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS) was recently published in the Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine (Eduardo et al., 2021), demonstrating that it is very effective for treating Covid. Moreover, Hydroxychloroquine, which originally got a bad name after an article published in the Lancet claiming it was ineffective, was retracted in June 2020 and the authors apologized to readers for such claims. Several Mds worldwide are using Hydroxychloroquine in combination with Zinc successfully in the treatment of Covid, the most well-known is Dr . Zelenko, of Buffalo, NY.

Although Hydroxychloroquine and Chlorine Dioxide are both proven effective, there is still controversy over them, which is why I will not further cover them in this paper.

Ayurvedic herbs ie. Ashwagandha and licorice
Also, studies on ayurvedic formulas have now been published, mainly the combination of Ashwagandha and a few other herbs.

Ayurvedic treatment can expedite virological clearance, help in faster recovery and concomitantly reduce the risk of viral dissemination. Reduced inflammation markers suggested less severity of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the treatment group. Moreover, there was no adverse effect observed to be associated with this treatment. Treatment group witnessed 100 % recovery by day 7, while it was 60.0 % in the placebo group. (Devpura G. et al., 2021)

Other studies on licorice show that the main component, glycyrrhizin, can effectively block entry ports of SARS coronaviruses at ACE2 receptors in the lungs. (Cinatl et al., 2003)

The Vitamin D Pandemic
In the recent video mentioned above, Dr. Cole points out that 70% of the world population has Vitamin D deficiency , 70 to 80% of Americans, and 82 to 88% of nursing home patients. Moreover, 80% of all hospitalized patients are deficient in Vitamin D and 96% of ICU patients (!).

Vitamin D deficiency is not only one of the main culprits for low immunity, but it is also linked to increased risk of many severe diseases including cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in older adults, cancer, and it may also play a role in type 1 and 2 diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, and multiple sclerosis (Webmd, 2020).

Dr. Cole in his video also described proven outpatient therapies which are being used successfully against COVID, namely Ivermectin, and for prevention he recommends supplementing with Vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium – the latter works synergistically with Vitamin D.

Combining Vitamin D, Ayurveda, and Ivermectin for next to bulletproof protection?
What Dr. Cole is not aware of is that with Ayurveda, we have an extremely potent tool to further increase immunity and protect from viral infections. With the combination of above mentioned and Ayurveda, the risks of anyone getting severely ill from Covid looks to be extremely low as I think you can conclude by now.

Many of us have by now had friends or family who got severely ill from Covid, some even lost their lives, and many have suffered symptoms of the aftermath of a Covid infection months after the fact. We are asking ourselves if we are up next, as some of these friends were already practicing Ayurveda and still got severely ill.

However, from the severe cases of Covid I’ve seen who were using Ayurveda, it turned out they had Vitamin D deficiency. For those who seemed to be healthy and young but got severely ill from Covid, they also had Vitamin D deficiency due to not getting enough from the diet, not supplementing, not spending enough time in the sun, or having dark skin which means they needed more sun exposure to develop Vitamin D.

Vegetarians are at greater risk of Vitamin D deficiency
It turns out that most of the natural food sources of Vitamin D are animal-based – the best natural sources of vitamin D are fatty fish like salmon and tuna, egg yolks, and beef liver. There is some Vitamin D in dairy, however, this means that a vegan will be at very high risk of having Vitamin D deficiency unless getting adequate sun exposure all year round or supplementing, and a vegetarian is also running a risk of named deficiency.

As you get older, your Vitamin D levels drop, and so does your Ojas
Older adults are prone to deficiencies in vitamin D because aging reduces the production of Vitamin D in the skin from sunlight. Moreover, older adults are at an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency due to a decline in kidney function, which typically occurs with age (Walle, 2021).

Moreover as we age, we tend to have lower levels of Ojas, the ayurvedic term for the final product of proper digestion, which is synonymous with good immunity, vitality, good memory, strength etc. Ojas is described in the ayurvedic text as a slightly oily substance, and this naturally decreases as we enter the “dry Vata age of life”, passing our 60ties or already 50ties in today’s society.

Even for elderly, the risk is very low if you supplement properly
There are very effective ayurvedic formulas called Rasayanas, such as Amrit Kalash, which help promote Ojas also in the elderly. Especially if they also use a stress reduction technique such as for example Transcendental Meditation, which also helps delay the process of aging, and have a healthy diet and ayurvedic lifestyle.

With the proper combination of Ayurveda and supplementation as mentioned above, I believe there is no need even for those at a higher age to worry too much about Covid, especially if they have a backup of i.e. Ivermectin, should they start having serious symptoms.

There is one more factor which is of very big importance here however no scientific studies have been made on it, and that is the factor of fear. Staying away from fear is of utmost importance. I recently heard of a Vaidya who had explained that fear actually attracts the virus. This would explain why in certain areas the number of cases of Covid have dropped significantly after vaccinations started, although only a small portion of the population had been vaccinated. It was obviously not the vaccine that protected them, but the idea of becoming protected relieved them from fear, and of course, the most fearful ones, the “risk groups”, had gotten vaccinated and were removed from fear.

There are a few other factors which should also be mentioned, i.e., gut health. 80% of our immunity is in the gut, recent studies show. Therefore, anyone with poor gut health is at higher risk (Mohanty & Dhar , 2020). What causes ill health in the gut? According to Ayurveda it is a product of poor digestive fire, Agni. Therefore, by attending to Agni, we can reduce the risk of gut issues and the risk of Ama. More below on this subject.

I won’t go into much detail on different suggestions for the ayurvedic treatments as these have already been covered in excellent videos by for example Dr. Karin Pirc and Vaidya Manohar and I’m including links below.

Summary of major risk factors for severe illness from Covid:
Vitamin D deficiency
High Ama (an Ayurvedic term meaning a type of toxin – food which has not been properly digested due to poor digestive ability and poor food quality, or toxins produced by the mind, i.e. from feelings such as FEAR, worry, grief, greed
Low Ojas (an Ayurvedic term which means the final product of good digestion, a substance that creates immunity, physical vitality, mental clarity, balanced emotions, and radiant skin.) Ojas is reduced by stress, anger, grief, worry and anxiety, exertion and hunger

Prevention – quick overview
– Vitamin D3+K2
– Vitamin C
– Zinc, Magnesium
– Following Ayurvedic basic principles – keeping Ama low, staying rested, getting exercise, eating fresh, nutritious food following ayurvedic eating habits, practicing meditation, yoga, and ideally pranayam
Taking Ayurvedic formulas for immunity – Maharishi Amrit Kalash (also called Ambrosia/MA4 and Nectar/MA5)
– Use other ayurvedic protocols as recommended in Dr. Karin Pirc video, i.e.
– If preferred also taking Chyavanprash, Bio Immune/Ayurimmune/MA1000; Flu Season Defense/Cold Season Defense/MA1401 etc.

Signs of first symptoms of an infection of a viral infection – sore throat, fatigue etc.
Aromatherapy – inhalation of oregano, thyme, Clear Breath/MA634/Prana drops
– MA687/Licorice-Ashwagandha formula – 3 tablets, 3 times per day.
– Use other ayurvedic protocols as instructed in Dr. Karin Pirc video i.e.
– Make extra attempts to reduce Ama, i.e. omit sugar and hard to digest foods such as fried foods, animal proteins (meat, fish, all dairy), fats, vinegars, pickles. Instead focus on eating very easily digestible food such as fresh fruits, grains cooked in water, vegetables cooked in water. Doing this for just a couple of days, according to Dr. Pirc, is enough.

Signs of Covid – loss of smell, taste, fever, and chills, shortness of breath, nausea, or vomiting which may be linked to Covid
Ivermectin – see below for dosage and where to purchase
– Continue ayurvedic recommendations as per above.
– In the case of fever, eat only rice soup made on basmati rice (again, see Dr. Pirc video for details)

Before going into details on supplementation, I just wanted to mention that there are of course many other very potent ways to improve immunity. One which you may want to look into is what I understand to be something like a Homeopathic “fundamental treatment”. It means that rather than taking a homeopathic remedy when you get a health problem, you consult an expert who finds which is the best homeopathic remedy for you as a whole, and you take this one as per a specific protocol for some time. In this way you gently stimulate the body to attune back to its original natural rhythm – the way you were born. This helps to give you both vitality and immunity as it strengthens your physiology on a very potent level.

How much and what to supplement with?
The information in this section may change over time as new studies are published on which is the best form of supplementation. This is what I’ve found up to date:

Vitamin D3 – minimum 2000 IU to 5000 IU daily for maintenance, during the time of year when Vitamin D is not produced from the skin where you live or if you are not out in the sunlight much. “To reduce the risk of infection, it is recommended that people at risk of influenza and/orCOVID-19 consider taking 10,000 IU/d of vitamin D3 for a few weeks to rapidly raise 25(OH)D concentrations, followed by 5000 IU/d. The goal should be to raise 25(OH)D concentrations above 40-60 ng/mL(100-150 nmol/L). For treatment of people who become infected with COVID-19, higher vitamin D3 doses might be useful.” (Grant WB et al., 2020)

Ideally get a blood test to find out what your current level is. Install the App Dminder on your smartphone to easily keep track of your intake and also production from sun exposure. Vitamin D is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight, however only during certain times of the day at certain times of the year, depending on which area you live in and also depending on the darkness of your skin. This app takes all the above in account and helps you find out what you need.

Supplement form Vitamin D3: Either from the sun monitoring with an App as above prescribed or taking a supplement. If you take a supplement, assure it either contains a fat of some type (it’ s often sold in liquid form as drops), or take it with the meal, as Vitamin D is fat soluble and needs to be consumed together with such. If you do not have a heart condition and are taking medications such as blood thinners, it is good to take a supplement which also contains Vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 – If we take Vitamin D as a supplement, in high dosage, it is important to also supplement with Vitamin K.

“Recently published pre-clinical data suggest that high-dose Vitamin D depletes extrahepatic Vitamin K stores by strongly increasing the production of specific Vitamin K-dependent proteins, leading to the acceleration of elastin fiber calcification and degradation.* Vitamin D administration in a state of Vitamin K functional deficiency may thereby alter pulmonary and vascular tissues, since these tissues are naturally rich in elastin fibers.* These observations from laboratory experiments seem to correlate with observations in humans, which indicate that Vitamin D supplementation could negatively impact the health of Vitamin K-insufficient individuals.* It may therefore be prudent to first supplement with Vitamin K before introducing Vitamin D supplementation in those who are Vitamin D-deficient, and only add Vitamin D when extrahepatic Vitamin K status has been restored.” (Levin, 2021)

Supplement form of Vitamin K2: Usually you can find a Vitamin D supplement which contains both. Just assure it says the K is non-gmo, as it may be produced from soy .

Vitamin C – minimum of 1 gram (1000 mg / day).

Supplement form Vitamin C: The best way of course is to get Vitamin C from the food, but you will have to eat a whole load of them to get anywhere close to 1000 mg, therefore a supplement together with fruit containing Vitamin C is a good solution. Amla is also a good source of natural Vitamin C at a fairly decent level. The most popular and seemingly effective supplement form nowadays is liposomal Vitamin C. Vitamin C ascorbic acid may come from corn, so it’ s good to assure it says non-gmo on the bottle. If you start to have symptoms of an infection you can dramatically increase the amount of Vitamin C consumed. Some suggest as much as 2 grams every 15 minutes until the symptoms go away. The reason you take it in intervals is to keep measuring when the body has had enough. When the body is exposed to i.e. a virus, it is in greater need of Vitamin C to defend itself. Therefore one is able to take much higher doses of Vitamin C without the normal loose bowels one may experience when not under a viral attack. Once the “attack” is under control, the body will no longer absorb the Vitamin C but rather start to rid itself of whatever it does not need. This may lead to loose bowels, even some pain in the stomach area, which is why it is good to be careful to take Vitamin C gradually. However, there is absolutely no harm in taking high dosages.

Zinc – 15 to 25 mg / day. If you feel nausea after taking Zinc you probably are taking a higher dose than you need so then reduce it. It’ s difficult to say exactly as each individual is different.

Supplement form of Zinc: There is some disagreement as to which form is the most bioavailable. Latest and most logically effective type is “Enzyme activated zinc” meaning it’s made from whole-food fermented, enzyme activated zinc. Zinc Picolinate also tends to get a high score from most alternative medicine practitioners I’ve seen, and Zinc Orotate also looks promising, whereas Zinc Citrate and Gluconate are not certain to be as easily absorbed and Zinc Oxide and Sulfate are not advisable. Zinc Acetate is known to shorten duration of a common

cold, nevertheless I’ve not seen too many practitioners recommending it.

Magnesium – between 400 to 500 mg / day minimum maintenance dose

However, magnesium is a mineral which most people tend to be deficient in, which means that they may need even more than this on a daily basis to build back up to normal levels. There are also studies suggesting that magnesium deficiency “might foment the transition from mild to critical clinical manifestations of the disease” (JA;, 2020)

There are several factors which make us lose more magnesium, for example stress, taking certain medications such as antibiotics and diuretics, and if you have a chronic gut problem you may not properly be assimilating this very vital mineral.

There are so many benefits from magnesium I could write a whole paper just on it but I don’t need to because several have already been done – please see link below. In summary, some of the signs of magnesium deficiency are ADHD, adrenal fatigue, depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, inflammation, migraines and other types of headaches, insulin resistance, low thyroid hormone levels, OCD, muscle cramps, premature aging, poor memory, sleep trouble, weak bones etc. Therefore supplementing is key for so many.

Supplement form of Magnesium:
“If you have indications of magnesium deficiency it is wise to check in with your doctor to have your magnesium levels tested. Because the standard nutrient labs are not always accurate, I recommend advanced nutrient labs (a functional medicine practitioner can help you with this) to assess your magnesium level.” (Cole, 2021)

It turns out that the best way to supplement with magnesium is through topical application as it easily absorbs through the skin without having to pass through the digestive system. Taking a calming Epsom salt bath is not such a bad idea, as Epsom salt is the same as magnesium sulfate. Another good form for topical application is magnesium chloride. Many years ago a good friend of mine recommended me to take magnesium by doing a warm water foot bath as this is a very effective way of application (about a handful of magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt in a bucket of warm water, soak feet for 20 to 25 min. Add a few drops of i.e. Lavender for an additional calming effect, or i.e. Ravintsara, for an antiviral effect spreading in the air around you.) Do this at least a couple of times a week – or if you have a severe deficiency as per symptoms, you can do it every day. Whatever the body does not need it will get rid of through the urine. The only thing to beware of here is if you have a kidney problem, as this may hamper the process.

The best oral supplement form I’ve heard of to date is Magnesium Orotate, however there are different opinions here. Other forms which can be good are Gluconate and Citrate, and some argue that Magnesium Chelate is also good. Do not take Magnesium Oxide, as this is an inorganic form of Magnesium, meaning it is not easily absorbable. Moreover it has a strong laxative effect so you can’t take much of it without getting loose bowels.

Other vitamins and minerals
Other vitamins and minerals worth mentioning which play an important role especially in immunity are Selenium, Iron, Vitamin A and E, however I will not go into them here as they do not seem to be as prevalent as above mentioned. Selenium really depends on the earth you get your produce from, so if you have doubts, look into it. One brazil nut is enough for the full recommended daily value.

Some may argue that with a proper diet, that should be enough to keep one healthy, however with today’s agriculture practices, the soils are depleted and the food is not as nutritious as it used to be, say 150 years ago.


Where to get it:
In the US you can try to get your doctor to prescribe Ivermectin for you, or get a prescription online from for example . Ivermectin, also called Stromectol, and is available for purchase over the counter in some countries, and most others can order it from i.e. an online Canadian pharmacy such as HappyFamilyStore:, or in Europe for example at: Just do a search online.

How to take it:
Some people take Ivermectin for prevention, however if you practice Ayurveda it should be enough to only have it as a backup plan in the case that symptoms of this new virus (loss of smell, taste, fever start to appear).

The recommended dosage is 6mg twice a day for 5 days, so you need a total of 60mg, either in the form of 6mg tablets or 12mg you split in half, however please get confirmation from your doctor. A lower dose may be enough – one patient who was practicing Ayurveda having a light diet, doing inhalations with essential oils such as Clear Breathe, Oregano and Ravintsara and taking ayurvedic cough syrup was still struggling to get over his cough after 2 months, however with only 2 doses of Ivermectin he was able to get back to normal.

Ivermectin is very safe. Don’t be scared off by potential side effects written in the description – many of these, as they even state, may be because the patient had already started developing river blindness, the parasitic infection it is normally used for treating in Africa, and the side effects may have actually been symptoms of the parasitic infection.

Preliminary analysis shows a reduction in mortality rate of up to 83%. (Hill, 2021) However, these patients were not measured for Vitamin D levels, nor were they given any ayurvedic formulas. Therefore, if we combine this with above mentioned Vitamin D and ayurvedic measures, this rate will likely increase to almost 100% from my presumption.

Basics of Ayurveda:
The most important factor to good health according to Ayurveda is having a strong digestive fire, Agni. This allows proper assimilation of the food to build a healthy body and produce Ojas, the finest product of digestion, which is what gives good immunity, lustre to the skin, vitality, happiness, and many other benefits. Without good digestive fire, we could say the counterpart to Ojas – Ama, is produced. Ama thus is a type of toxin – food which has not been properly digested due to poor digestive fire. Ama can also be produced by the body from toxic emotions as mentioned above. Ama is said to be the fertile ground on which bacteria, virus etc. can germinate. Therefore, for good immunity, high Ojas and low Ama is ideal.

How do you know if you have Ama?

1. Tongue: Examine your tongue every morning and scrape it. If even after scrape it several times, there is still a coating remaining – whitish, yellowish or greyish -this is a sign you have Ama.

2. Symptoms – if you additionally have these:

– Tendency to indigestion

– Low appetite

– Mental / physical fatigue

– Laziness

– Frequently catching colds

  • Feeling heaviness in the body

3. Behaviors/diet causing Ama:

– You tend to eat before the previous meal is digested – i.e. snacking although not hungry

– Tend to overeat – you eat till you feel full, hindering the digestive fluids from

flowing around the food particles in the digestive tract

– Habit of eating while not settled – i.e. while rushed, while working, watching TV,

or having unsettling discussions with family or friends, standing up or walking

while eating or right after eating

– Sleeping shortly after eating

– Regularly eating unwholesome food – leftovers, junk food, packaged food,

processed food, fast food, deep fried food, overcooked or undercooked food,

genetically modified foods

– Eating too much raw food

– Drinking cold water with the meal

– Eating at irregular times

These behaviors disturb the digestive fire and thus promote the production of Ama if continuously done. If on the other hand we take care of our digestive fire, the digestive fire functions well and our digestion is able to produce Ojas instead.

Treatments to reduce Ama
– Sip hot water through the day . If you have high Pitta, meaning tendency to hot temper, skin problems, acid reflux and other heat related health issues, then having a decoction of Cumin, Coriander, and Fennel whole seed tea through the day is a better option, from sunrise till sunset
– Lemon honey drink first thing in the morning – half a lemon/lime with 1 tsp raw organic honey in a glass of lukewarm water. Do not have breakfast till you start feeling hunger.
– One liquid fast day once a week – meaning liquid soup, vegetable and fruit juices throughout the day
– Herbs such as Elim-T ox or Elim-T ox-O
– Practice a stress reducing technique such as Transcendental Meditation to help balance emotions

By keeping your Vitamin D levels up to par, living as ayurvedically as possible and having some Ivermectin at hand “as a health insurance” in case you should start to get severe symptoms, I hope to have proven to you that there is little to fear. With the fear gone you are even more likely to stay healthy and definitely more happy. As new variants of Covid keep popping up faster than vaccines are being developed and distributed, strengthening our own immunity and having effective remedies at hand if we fall ill may be a more feasible approach at this time.

With this letter I hope to have empowered you to feel you don’t need to worry about this virus anymore and you can go back to living your life normally again.

Additional comments:
It is interesting to note that more and more studies are appearing showing that the use of masks may not work for protection from this virus (Vainshelboim, 2021.). I am not here to make a claim for or against masks, but if this is correct it means you have most likely already been exposed, allot, to this virus, and you are still alive. If you did not get sick from Covid, it very well may mean you have developed antibodies to it.

Due to the controversy of this topic I prefer not to sign this paper at this time. It is not important who the author is, as all the content is just a summary of data compiled from different online resources.

Needless to say, the information in this document has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body and I do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only .

Again, if you find this information useful, please forward to your friends and family – it could help save lives.

For more information:

Videos I strongly recommend you to view:

● Dr. Karin Pirc, MD of the Bad Ems Maharishi AyurVeda clinic gives very good information about Ayurveda for improving immunity and also includes scientific studies evidencing effectiveness. She explains how to decrease ama through effective means including liquid day fasting and much more. Very important to watch:

● Vaidya Manohar in this video translated also into Spanish and Portuguese, gives advice both for prevention, treatment and post-treatment using ayurvedic formulas:

● Dr. R yan Cole in this video explain the concept of the Vitamin D pandemic, a brief summary of his experience with Ivermectin, and some comments on the new vaccines:

● Dr. Pierre Kory in this video explains his experience using Ivermectin to treat patients effectively:

● Video describing Ivermectins mechanism of action against parasitic infections & introduces some of the proposed theoretical reasons why it is also effective in treatment of this new virus (aprox. 7 min into the video):

Useful websites:

● For getting a prescription to remedies such as Ivermectin:

● The Ayurvedic preparations mentioned in this document are all by Maharishi AyurVeda. The reason I recommend them is because of their high level of purity. These products are available in many countries worldwide. Here are links for the Maharishi AyurVeda main vendors in Europe and the USA: Maharishi AyurVeda Europe: ; Maharishi AyurVeda USA:

● For more info on Transcendental Meditation:

● Dr. Keith Wallace on Gut Health:

● Front Line Critical Care:

● Dr Zelenkos website – protocols for treatment:

● Dr Will Cole on Signs of Magnesium Deficiency:

● Ivermectin, ‘Wonder drug’ from Japan: the human use perspective. This video does not cover its use in treatment of Covid, but gives some general information on it:!po=39.1473


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