The World Is What We Make It,
So Make it Something Good

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Well, it is my great joy, pleasure, and duty, after all, to announce that we are still together doing deep researches on enigmatic, mysterious, sometimes totally obscured, but definitely very controversial themes and topics in order to gift the world with the higher truths needed very much for tuning with the Natural Law. Along with, we are celebrating together again one more New Year, and just on the very beginning, I would like to expose my very best wishes for the world itself, and for every individual, to enjoy the fullness of life by rejoicing waves of bliss and happiness.

The year 2020. is kind of enigma by itself, but I do not want to go into it right now. We keep to that famous song, … Que sera, sera … Whatever will be, will be …, we just keep to optimistic attitudes, as we always do, and we smile to the bright trending that is about to embrace the Earth.

As I was announcing the Farewell Party in my previous blog post and made a very firm proclamation that the website … Deconstructing the illusion … will be closed and erased with the end of December 2019., well as nothing of these mentioned stories did happen, I think, I owe some explanations. As it happened, just after launching the previous blog post … Farewell Party …, I received many messages of support with expressed regrets regarding possible closing the site. “What a pity!” – they said. Indeed, some people reacted very nicely offering all needed support, and therefore, what to say, I was forced to reconsider everything. I was supposed to reconsider everything and to think properly whether such a move is really needed and necessary to be undertaken. After some deep reasoning, along with balancing all the argumentation, well what to say, the only conclusion was … not to go this way. Therefore, the site itself, along with the very deep research behind, all that is going further on. The show must go on.

Thus, we have a dramatic turnover in this situation, the situation changed drastically, and this program is aired again. Consequently, I am pretty sure we shall make many new revelations together, and that we shall share the thrill of changing the world just by implementing the true values all over. We implement the truth wherever and whenever it is needed, and this is all we need to do. Quite simple actually. The fact that there is such big support coming from all over the world, is just telling me that collective consciousness is asking for something like this very seriously. The world is about to change, to change for better definitely, and let us be on the front-line to give the course, to trace the path for others who perhaps are temporarily not yet aware of the need for changing the world along with tuning with Natural Law. Only the truth can save the world.

However, there will be some small changes in the future writings and in the site organization, but more about that will be given out promptly, which means, along with the most appropriate timing. Soon some new texts and essays will be exposed, and I am sure we shall be flowing together on the waves of the highest spiritual truths. Just as we did for quite some time, over some recent years, didn’t we?

This time, I will definitely not be very long with the announcement so that instead, I will rather jump and plunge into deep researches, just to be timely with new thrilling stories, essays, maybe even novels, or perhaps some books, who knows? In such a situation, people usually say … Only Sky is the limit! … what can be one way of expressing it. However, I would rather say, Sky is not the limit. The Sky, and all the celestial beings within, well, I am sure they are all with us this time.

Happy New Year!


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