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Well, as it seems, the time has come to say Good Bye to this website, and therefore, this post of mine is actually the Farewell Party. It has fallen right into the season of different forthcoming festivities so I hope it is quite the right moment to do something like this.

As many could have noticed probably, I made a pause of about two months with my writings, because, simply, needed a break after so long and exhaustive work of several years without stopping almost. Indeed, it was going on based on the 24/7 pattern for quite some time. To expose all the details, well, this is simply not needed. In some of my blog posts and essays, I already have exposed all the details very precisely.

However, now after almost two months of rest, and after deep and good reasoning and thinking, the idea came to cease with such writings in general, and to expire this website at the end of this month, December of 2019. Therefore, this is my last post on this blog, and there will not be any further essays, novels, or whatsoever. The website will be erased. I am not saying that I am finishing with my research entirely. This is not the case. This is not possible after all. Well, very probably, something new will come soon in the near future, but in another form supposedly, and in an occasional manner. How and what that will be, this I still do not know, and therefore cannot talk about right now.

I honestly hope that all of you have enjoyed my essays and blogs, all the readings actually, in the same way I was enjoying researching, putting clues together, and then writing, and sharing everything with the world. There are no words to express joy and thrill along with solving any enigma or mystery. It turned into passion almost, and that was just one reason more to take a break … to slow down … and to make my daily routine easier.

In fact, we did quite a job together. We gifted the world with such essential revelations, with so important truths, and all that will be needed very much along with restoring the Age of Enlightenment, the Age of Truth, where we are entering right now definitely. Unprecedented changes are just in front of us, the light will be so bright and intensive and with such enormous healing power. Only true values will survive. Only the Truth will be a foundation for building up the new world. However, I’ve noticed something else. I have noticed that all that was done along with the … DECONSTRUCTING THE ILLUSION … project and belonging website, well all that can be too much for the moment. The world will simply need some time to digest everything, and just piling up new discoveries could be simply counterproductive. Not to mention that some of these discoveries are still “hot” and can produce some confusion and stir.

As I mentioned many times, all my researches, findings, and belonging essays, well, they are all exposed in parallel along with … Scribd.com …, and on … Academia.edu … Both services are free, easily available, and there they, all my texts and essays, will continue to exist without many changes, at least for some time.

I would like to thank all those who willingly or perhaps even unwillingly contributed this story to go on. Indeed, sometimes even not-well-wishers, and the bitterest critics, are about to show the way. At the end of the story, we just count good intentions. I do not want to mention any specific names and titles, because, simply, the array would be too long, and there is always a kind of danger not to mention someone. Thanks a lot indeed! However, one thing I have to mention definitely. This is about the precious Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, because, without it, we would be still just wandering around in deep ignorance and completely blind, without possibility to see all these hidden clues. Therefore, we are about to pay homage and to expose our gratitude toward this magnificent knowledge and all the teachers involved, who made possible such knowledge is given out on the so grandiose scale. All that I can say … Magnificent!

Just to conclude, I wish good luck to all my dear friends, to all my readers and followers, to all my co-workers, co-travelers, and to the entire world after all. As well, I wish the very happy year 2020. I thoroughly hope it will be a smooth and easy year for the entire world. We need some changes, but let them come in an easy way, smoothly, and comfortably. I do believe that we all have contributed something for the world to be nicer, brighter, and better after all.

Sincerely yours …

Stjepan Spanicek


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