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Whether somebody would believe or not, the first anniversary of this website happens to be just nowadays. It is true, the first page was launched on April 13, 2018. Ever since, word by word, story-by-story, and essay by essay, well, one year has gone. This is to say, one year passed since exposing systematically all these amazing revelations at one place. Time flies, we use to say, and indeed, when we are focused fully on some such highly interesting and attractive themes, it happened just in the twinkle of an eye. Though, need to say that also, my essays and writings, including all the revelations and discoveries, have been in the air long before, but on some free services only, like and for instance.

In fact, it all started by merging the most controversial ancient history topics along with the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. That was a keystroke. Then, all of sudden, deeply buried secrets started to surface out, and very soon, in kind of domino effect process that followed, it caused that the entire history timeline is corrected and tuned with the cosmic law, with the Natural Law. Well, tuning with the Natural Law, this is our main duty right now, and it assumes our individual stories but the entire society as well. That means it considers purification on all levels. We went too far away from the source itself, and now it is time for coming back. Everything whatever is deviated should be corrected. To be precise entirely, this process of correcting the entire history timeline is not over yet, it is still going on, and some time will be needed to accomplish everything. However, now we discovered and established the way of how to do that properly, in a way that we determined and set up the proper procedure. Everything else is just more like a routine job.

I cannot avoid mentioning that it had happened along with searching for the historical Jesus, what at the end culminated with the discovery of the Star of Bethlehem along with his personal Jyotish natal chart precise to the level of one minute. Therefore, if somebody would like to see how it all began, should definitely pass through the essay …


It is recommendable to follow other essays in the same branch named … The True Biblical Story Deciphered … because they are all closely and intimately related. They all do expose initial very important discoveries of hidden codes, sort of celestial artifacts. The thing is that the newly discovered charts are teaching us how to configure everything properly. That was an amazing experience full of thrills and excitements. Can you imagine the joy, excitement, and thrill of the archaeologist along with finding something very extraordinary after a long process of digging the site? This is exactly how I felt along with the entering into the realm of celestial artifacts and belonging encoded messages. From Jesus to King David, over King Solomon and King Alexander the Great, along with some other very important historical figures as well, that is how the line of revelations was going on. This is something you definitely do not want to miss. Then, when quite some experience and a lot of knowledge had been acquired, the new challenges came along with Lord Krishna, King Rama, and even the King Rishabhanatha who became the Sage Bhrigu, and who lived exactly 12.000 years before our time. Indeed, 12.000 years!

It all happened in 2014, along with the incredible improvements within the field of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish software development, when they offered that we could navigate with a stunning precision even many thousand years before our present time. Before that time, such kind of researches and investigations were simply not possible. In fact, it was possible to look a little bit into along with astronomical programs, or by planetarium programs perhaps, but they did not offer enough precision for thorough astrological considerations. Thus, along with the breakthrough in 2013. and 2014, they open the gate that we navigate throughout ancient history, just the same way as that we are making some contemporary natal charts. That was an amazing achievement indeed, and it was the real breakthrough in deciphering and putting in the right place all the ancient history, but the very recent history as well, because with this later one, we also had a lot of enigmas and controversies. We passed through a dark age when the true knowledge faded out a little bit. The things have been mixed up for a while. However, not for a long, because, the pendulum of time has slid to another side, and we are now on the brilliantly bright side where the true knowledge illuminate everything so that no shadowy and murky creatures can follow anymore. The game is over. Their time is over now, and it is better for them to find some other place where they can possibly turn things upside down. Here on Earth, this is not possible anymore.

Well, such kind of researches and writings can be controversial as well, and many would raise the question if all that can be true either. Such kind of questions are possible, they are very logical of course, but this is the moment that I need to turn the attention to the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish again. It is not I to write these stories. The Universe itself narrates everything and telling the truth about any specific event or figure. Stars and starry constellations, they are whispering silently how to set up Jyotish natal charts that we can read out what and how it did happen. Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is unmistakable. Then again, somebody would say that history is not important. Well, I cannot agree with such kind of opinion either. Not entirely. At this moment, right in this particular point of our evolution, history is very important. A man who does not know where did he come from, how on Earth can he know where to go? We just started to wake up from long winter sleep, we are still drowsy and sleepy, and we need some good morning coffee. This is it. My writings are just like a good morning coffee. This is the call to wake up.

Here is one very interesting quote about the history itself made by a very wise man …


‘The purpose of history is to inspire the people of every generation towards evolution and to awaken their interest in gaining familiarity with the transcendental, absolute value of life. The sole purpose of knowledge is to enable an individual to gain that rhythm of life which is in tune with the infinite value of existence.’

                                                                – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
                                                           Maharishi Speaks to Students
                                                   Mastery Over Natural Law, Volume 1/4
                                                   Theme 3—Lecture 6, Point 25, Page 106
                                                  Age of Enlightenment Publications 1997




Well, as I mentioned a good coffee, I am not saying that I am a good writer. I am not. As well, I am not the best in any of the fields I am covering by the extensive research. Far from that. Nevertheless, believe me, all my life I have been waiting for somebody else with higher knowledge in any of these specific fields to put everything together and to come out with some reasonable explanations. For instance, for the moment, let us consider Jyotish itself. All until the early nineties of the last century, except of course in India, people did hardly hear and knew anything about Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. I include myself as well among all those who have not heard about. And then, all of sudden, just within the last decade of the 20ed century, the phenomenal booming did happen. Today every country in the world has at least a few good experts in Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. Schools and academies of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish along with books and magazines, they have been arising around on such a scale that one can hardly follow everything. However, all are focused on this practical Jyotish knowledge for everyday life including personal consultations and similar. For pragmatic practical everyday life, that is good actually. However, nobody did care to use Vedic Astrology-Jyotish in deciphering history and society problems, where we are entering the field of … the true Vedic History or Itihasa. Of course, nobody did use Vedic Astrology-Jyotish for correcting history lines, just because nobody even knew that it could have been used for such a purpose. Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is still a relatively new discipline for all of us, and some fields and niches are still not explored enough. This is a huge, immense, field, and it will take some time until we figure out everything. There are some indications that Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is about to be used in other branches as well, like for example police investigations, especially on unsolved cases. In fact, the use of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is unlimited. There are no boundaries. What I want to say is that very probably, the time was not allowing before for such discoveries to happen. Well, there is a proper time for everything, and luckily, now we are deep into this story.

Just to mention, this incredible burst and booming in the field of Vedic Astrology Jyotish software providers during 2014, had its own initial point in the especially reach files offered by NASA, with ephemerides for any known physical body in our solar system. That includes all physical planets and even nonphysical, for the period all until about 13.000 years B.C., and far, far in the future as well. Actually, NASA released everything in 2013. As I said, that was just the initial triggering point, because, Jyotish software providers had to do much more in order to shape everything properly. They need to extract out what is not necessary, to compress the data, and to find out the right positions of the Moon for every single second during that defined and proclaimed time frame. That was quite a challenging job actually. Very impressive job in fact. Of course, not that all were determined by direct observing. Many things have been put in place just by very precise calculations and interpolations. Therefore, we thank NASA, and especially to their attached company Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Loss Angeles, USA, for the extraordinary JPL DE430 and JPL DE431 files that served as the starting point. We also thank Astrodienst Company from Switzerland for developing the Swiss Ephemeris 2.0, which served as the mediator between NASA’s raw data and the Jyotish software developers like GeoVision with Parashara Light, and another one, the Jagannatha Hora. And many others by the way, but the list of mentioning all of them would be too long. Just to mention, the last one, the Jagannatha Hora, made an especially big effort to go far, far back in the past so that we could see precisely positions of the planets from 12.000 years before our present time. That was crucial in deciphering the Vaivasvata Manu, the Biblical Noah actually, and his son King Rishabhanatha who became the Sage Bhrigu, along with the entire family of theirs of course. Thus, we thank all of them as well.

However, we would also like to thank to all the Graha Devatas and to Jyotir Vidya Goddess for bestowing the incredible insights upon us, so that things unimaginable until this moment were possible to be discovered.

In addition, personally, I would like to thank all those who contributed in some manner, directly or on some indirect and intermediate way, for these beautiful revelations to occur.

I will not to be very long with this first-anniversary speech; however, I just want to say one thing in addition. Well, I hope we shall continue together toward the second anniversary, equally and even more successfully. I also hope there will be many such like anniversaries in the future. There are still some unturned stones around so that we have to continue the routine job of deciphering secrets and enigmas deeply buried for thousands of years. The brilliant bright spotlights of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, they are still needed to illuminate some particularly dark corners, on some especially dark niches. Therefore, with pleasure, we continue further on. Nevertheless, along with such speeches, speakers usually make a toast. I would like to do the same. I would like to make a toast for all future revelations and discoveries which are about to come, all until there will be no secrets anymore. No secrets, which means that we are established in the Total Knowledge and in the all-knowingness. This is the sign that we are in Unity Consciousness actually, and this is our aim after all. However, as speakers usually use a glass of some good drink to make a toast, I will do the same. Only thing, there is a problem because usually this is all based on alcohol. Just to remind, alcohol is a beverage of Asuras, of those who are not talented in establishing their lives in tune with the Natural Law, and they will never be. Asuras run away from Natural Law. The drink of the truth-loving people, of the Suras, and of all God-oriented people was … Soma. In fact, there will be more about Soma in future writings along with this serial. Therefore, I raise this glass full of Soma, this time only the virtual one, but next time probably and hopefully, the true Soma will be flowing around. I raise this glass full of Soma for no illusions to dwell around anymore. Thus, this toast is in honor of not having illusions in order to live in the illusion free world.



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