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I am sure that all of us have heard about this saying of the preferable speaking the sweet truth only. Fine, this is true, I agree, it is always better to speak the sweet way. Furthermore, it is better to speak sweet truth only. It is always better to see good in everything, and everyone, and to communicate on the level of the heart. From heart to heart, we use to say. However, there is some small, little problem with this saying about the sweet truth. In fact, the question is how much we can afford this situation. This is especially referring to the point of how much we can afford such a situation right now at this moment. Indeed, how much can we afford to speak the sweet truth only? This saying seems simple, but there are many deeper layers contained within it actually. Many volumes could be written about, and after all, it could turn to be the entire philosophical branch. When we consider it throughout the labyrinths of history, well, different connotations could be attached to it as well, and it possibly could have been driving out different meanings in different world ages. This post will be covering in-depth that saying itself and will try to analyze it along with all possible variations. Therefore, exposed ideas, deductions, and similar, are all just the product of my contemplation on this topic. With some statements, you will probably agree, but also very probably, with some not. This is all up to you, after all.

In some writings of mine, not long ago, I already have exposed an idea that … to speak the sweet truth only …, has an ambiguous meaning in the dualistic world of relative existence. Indeed, as we live in the dualistic world, the question is always for whom the sweet truth to be spoken? Sweet truth for Good, or Evil, this is the question that is always to be decided before.

Once again, we live in the world of dualistic values, in the world of dualism. What does that mean? That means that once upon a time after we had lived for a long time in Unity Consciousness, in Eden, in the Heaven on Earth, we have fallen out by simply going down in consciousness. From Unity Consciousness, Brahma Chaitanya, we have fallen to God Consciousness, and then gradually to Cosmic Consciousness only, what we also call Enlightenment. The story has it that even that was not the final stage of falling, and at some point, we even lost that precious Cosmic Consciousness, the Enlightenment. Then, we did find ourselves entrapped within the materialistic world full of illusions of a different kind so that we even lost a proper orientation and we forgot who we are and from where we are coming from. Ignorance and false worshiping prevailed, we lost our capacity to think fast, we lost the ability to discriminate what is right and what is wrong in order to do unmistakable decisions, and we were caught in the world of wrongdoings, in the world of making sins. We became sinners.

However, this is not all. In some stage on this way of falling, just after the God Consciousness, the polarity within us has occurred, the personal ego would have become so strong that some of us would have started to think in terms of not to be allied with this invincible force that created everything, and which drives the entire Evolution after all. The divine spark within some of us could have been overshadowed so much by personal ego so that they would think in terms of doing much better than the God Creator himself. Such negatively polarized individuals, who were turned on the negative side entirely, well, they will start to run away from the supreme light, and they will start to hide around in all possibly dark niches. They were all just to go against God’s will. This is where an idea about evil was born, and soon they will form their club. They will strongly oppose any idea about progress in Evolution and the underlying desire of God to return his children to Eden, back to Heaven on Earth.

Indeed, one can wonder what God himself would do in such a situation. In fact, his hands were partially bound by the initial idea to create a man on his image. How’s that possible? Well, we know that God did create the Man in his image, and that means he gave him all the power that he possesses. Nevertheless, this is not all. God gave to the Man even a free will to do with this power whatever he wants. Thus, this is to say that even the Man himself can be a creator, can create even other worlds and universes if he wants to. Man can be just like Creator. Such a power God gave to the Man. This incredible gift of giving to the Man all the power he has, and the free will to do whatever he wants with it, is not time depending. It is not conditional on any other way either. This is an unconditional gift of God, just as it is his unconditional love for the Man. That means, even when the Man had fallen from Eden, and even when he became negatively polarized so that he will turn away and run from him, from the God, from his creator, he, the God himself, will respect this decision, and he will leave such individuals to go their way. God knows that this is just a temporarily overshadowing, and that one day, sooner or later, such individuals will come out from such a delusional state of consciousness, that they will find their way back to him again.

Thus, God himself will not evaluate Humans according to positive or negative polarity they can possibly be involved in because in Duality polarities are somewhat very normal. Instead, God himself created a game, a game of polarity, where two clubs will be formed, very antagonistic by the way, and life in Duality, out of Unity, can be described and depicted just as a permanent struggle of these two clubs, the Force of Light, and the Force of Evil. The very important rule of this game is that one is not supposed to be neutral. There is a saying that the hottest regions of hell are reserved for those who want to become neutral in a time of world crisis. This game is not new, and it goes throughout eons actually. For instance, one side, the Force of Light, will try to do everything in order to restore Eden, Heaven on Earth. Opposite to that, another side, the Force of Evil, will do everything to block the progress of Humanity toward the higher states of consciousness, toward the Eden, and toward the Heaven on Earth.

There is yet another very important point to consider. Time is not linear, and therefore, neither history is the linear function of time. Everything in nature goes in cycles. Everything. Not to go deep into this story, just to mention that due to multiple simultaneous moving of our planet Earth within the very dynamic space, we have different cycles on Earth. Therefore, we measure seconds, minutes, and hours, we measure days, weeks, months, and years, but there are also longer cycles, like cycles of yugas or world ages. There is one cycle of yugas lasting exactly 24.000 years in duration, and the half-cycle is 12.000 years. Our ancients did call it … the Great Year. I was writing about a lot in almost all my essays. It is not possible to explain and to understand world’s history without knowing the cycle of yugas story. Then, we find out there is yet another cycle of yugas, which is much longer by the way, and the previously mentioned short cycle of yugas is revolving within that large cycle of yugas. Its duration is measured in a few million years. Thus, everything goes in cycles. Even our Universe is cyclic. This is the basic postulate of Vedic Cosmology. The science itself is coming very close to proving this basic Vedic postulate, even though it is still considered just as one of many theories in Cosmology.

Therefore, due to so many cycles, our planet Earth is supposedly undergoing, the incoming energy and intelligence will go up and down, and it will fluctuate in the same cyclic way. Due to that, in response, civilizations and cultures will go up and down as well, but not in some linear way, rather on some non-linear pattern. When we consider the cyclic moving and the cycles, what is basically the circle, the spiraling circle, and when we consider the circle as the function of time … we get the sine wave. The sine wave is the only curve, which can describe entirely the true nature of life in terms of ever-going changes.

Well, maybe you would not believe it, but all that is very important for our considerations on the saying of the sweet truth only.

In fact, if we try to consider the true origin of this saying then we come to the name of legendary Sage Manu, who is defined as the first lawgiver of Humanity. They say that in … Manu Smriti, Manu Samhita, The Laws of Manu … it was exposed what he said concerning saying the truth and especially saying the sweet truth. Indeed, along with Chapter IV, Verse 138., we find that he supposedly said …

Sanskrit Text

satyaṃ brūyāt priyaṃ brūyānna brūyāt satyamapriyam |
priyaṃ ca nānṛtaṃ brūyādeṣa dharmaḥ sanātanaḥ || 138 ||

This is taken from the following link …


… and it is translated by Ganganath Jha as …

He shall say what is true; and he shall say what is agreeable; he shall not say what is true, but disagreeable; nor shall he say what is agreeable, but untrue; this is the eternal law.—(138)

However, there are many translations and even many transliterations from the original Sanskrit text. Somebody else would transliterate it like this …

“Satyam bruyaat, priyam bruyat, na bruyat satyam apriyam”

I also did find it translated as …

“Speak the truth, speak that is sweet, don’t speak the truth that is not sweet.”

Then, it seems that later on, some commentators noticed this is only half of the complete saying exposed in Manu Samhita, and the other half goes like this …

“Priyam cha na anritam pruuyaat esah dharmah sanatanah.”

… and translated it would look like this according to the Penguin Classic version of The Laws of Manu – Manu Samhita …

“A man should tell the truth and speak with kindness;
he should not tell the truth unkindly nor utter lies out of kindness.
This is a constant duty.”

Thus, we see there are many variations if we consider so many ways to translate this basically very short verse. In some translations, the sweet truth is not even mentioned at all, just some similar synonyms. Even though these are just nuances, we need to be very careful because even a small sign of punctuation can change the meaning entirely. Especially we are not supposed to use the first part of the saying without the second one. This can be considered as intentional taking out from the context. In fact, such action can change the complete meaning indeed.

Well, I will be free to expose my opinion on that point. Of course, I am not going into translations and transliterations, simply because I do not know Sanskrit. Nevertheless, I can say a few words about the very circumstances. Today we know who Manu was. I was writing about a lot. Manu was actually the … King Nabhi …, or another name was used also … King Vaivasvata. Besides that, we know him as being a model for Biblical Noah. However, we also know that he was an incarnation of … Saptarishi Vasishta …, the present Manu in our present Manvantara, who assists Vishnu in tracing the course for Evolution to go smoothly. It is very probable that this is how the name Manu came to us. It is plausible to believe that Manu is just a title. He lived in Ayodhya, ancient Vinita, which was also discovered in an entirely new location, exactly about 620 kilometers westward from the location of Ayodhya of present days. Please see the essay … DATING THE ERA OF LORD RAM … exposed on the …


The true Ayodhya, earlier known as Vinita, was just a little bit eastward of what is today Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. The city of Vinita was located on the Yamuna River, which at that time was a tributary of a mighty Sarasvati River. In my writings, I was exposing the fact that his time frame was exactly about 12.000 years ago, at the time of big and dramatic changes in the world, what we call … the Big Flood. Thus, he was the one to whom Vishnu Matsya Avatar came by informing him on approaching danger, and by giving him all necessary intelligence of how to overcome the situation successfully. Just a little after the Big Flood, the same avatar Vishnu was born as his son Rishabhanatha. Rishabhanatha had two wives, incarnated Goddess Sarasvati, and incarnated Goddess Durga, known also as Goddess Kali. With incarnated Goddess Sarasvati, he had a hundred children including the firstborn Bharata, who was actually incarnated God Indra, the god of Suras, divine beings on the side of light, truth, and prosperity. With incarnated Goddess Kali he had son Bahubali who was incarnated God Vishvakarman, god of Asuras, beings on the side of darkness, who are promoting false values and delivering obstructions in Evolution. This is how the Game of Duality was set up at the very beginning of our present half-cycle of the Great Year. When Bharata and Bahubali were grown, they divided the kingdom. Their father King Rishabhanatha left the worldly life and he became reclusive. Since that moment, he was known as the Sage Bhrigu. Sage Bhrigu and Sage Manu worked together for a very long time in restoring the knowledge system after the Big Flood because that was such a devastating event that life itself was almost to be started from the very beginning. It is plausible to consider that the already mentioned Manu Samhita was something they worked out together. Sage Bhrigu was also known for reestablishing the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, just after such incredible changes the Earth did undergo. In the later stage, the evil Bahubali will kill his brother Bharata, which echoed afterward in the Old Testament as the story of Abel and Cain. The same story will be vibrating in the spiritual and the religious tradition of Egypt as the clash of good God Osiris and evil God Seth.

More about the story of Sage Manu and his family, along with the story of cycles of yugas, can be found at the following link …


It is good that we know all the circumstances because this is how we are inevitably coming to the very core of the Vedas. This game of dualistic principles, and finding the truth, got its name, and it is known as … Samudra Manthan … The Eternal Quest for the Ultimate Truth. This is the essence of Veda, the eternal quest for the ultimate truth.


This is a long story actually, and I would recommend passing through the text exposed on the previously mentioned link.

Now, why is this so very important for our story of saying the sweet truth?

The thing is that in the relative field of existence the sweet truth will have many different faces and many different meanings. For instance, what will be proved as a sweet truth for Suras, definitely will not be the same for Asuras. And vice versa. Two antagonistic blocks, two rivalry clubs, will define their truths, and their aims will be entirely different, even opposite and conflicting. Then, how on earth can we measure and evaluate the sweet truth? This is a very good question indeed. It is always provoking yet another question. The sweet truth for whom?

Besides, cycles of yugas in their endless cyclic game of going down and raising permanently, will be helping inevitably some of these two clubs, but in different world ages, different clubs will be benefited. For instance, just at the time of Manu and his family, at the time he supposedly said this famous saying, the cycle was going down, and every day they had less and less of that precious energy and intelligence incoming from the center of our galaxy Milky Way. All the energy and intelligence so very much needed for our daily life, is coming from the Brahmastan of the Milky Way, from the so-called Vishnu Nabhi … the Naval of Vishnu. Every entity ever created in the creation since the very beginning, has its Brahmastan, the place from where all the energy and all the intelligence emanate; energy and intelligence very necessary for nourishing and sustaining that entity itself. Thus, every day of less energy and intelligence will provoke the inevitable downfall of cultures and civilizations. In some way, this is all connected with Ether-Akasha. This is also to say that they will try to preserve the knowledge from the past, which was always higher than their present time. They will try to preserve the truth from the past. This is why that proverb about saying the sweet truth only will work very well for them. In this case, such a saying will preserve more light and more knowledge. Actually, that saying worked for Suras, and they have been in majority at that time. I will repeat once again … at that time preserving old knowledge, and especially preserving non-change, would have helped Suras, deva-like beings. That is the reason that all ancient cultures were turned backward by glorifying previous times when the knowledge was higher.

However, since the 500 A.D., when there was a negative peak of the descending cycle, the course has changed, and since that moment, we are in the ascending half-cycle of short yugas, of the Great Year. This is inevitably provoking the situation that everything connected with the past contains lesser knowledge than present time. Every new generation is being born with new but higher knowledge. For whom is this proverb about saying the sweet truth working now? It is becoming obvious that in such a situation this saying works for conservative and reactionary force who does not want to have any change. Therefore, in such a situation, saying the sweet truth only is just a diplomatic way to say that no changes are preferable. In this case, saying the sweet truth only becomes a formula, an expression for hiding the truth. No change, and not saying the truth … all that becomes the flag of Asuras now, because due to the extremely dark era we passed true, they earned a huge advantage, even dramatic supremacy, I would say, and they arranged everything to control the world as they want. One can feel and can see such asuric deviations on every step.

For that reason, the saying about the sweet truth is not my favorite saying right now. Nobody would like more than me that we can go this way, but this is not something that we can afford right now. I mean, I am talking and referring to all these oriented toward the light and prosperity. They are not supposed to, and they are not wishing to allow such a situation to be frozen and cemented. The change is needed. After all, the sweet truth could be misinterpreted. Yes, sometimes somebody would use this saying … saying that the sweet truth is preferable to be spoken only, but will add to it the phrase that it does not mean the truth can be massacred. By the way, these are two entirely opposite meanings, they are conflicting in nature, and they are contradicting each other heavily. If one is stacked to the sweet truth only, this will inevitably finish in massacring the truth because one is becoming passive. One is becoming to be just like a car driver in a bank robbery.

Nevertheless, this is not all because the truth already is massacred! It is not a matter that somebody will massacre it right now. The dark force already did massacre the truth along with last five-six thousand years, just as we entered and were passing through the Dark Age. It did not happen overnight. Just bit by bit, for 5-6 thousand years as we were sleeping a winter sleep. Well, that is a long time indeed. Then, what to do now? I do not know. My attitude is that everybody should think about this problem. This problem is not supposed to be neglected anyhow. We are just coming to realize that our time is not exceptional in any case. It must be there are still some remnants of the dark force around, but they are disguised very well so that we cannot recognize them easily. One thing is for sure, our time is not exceptional and in order to step forward, we need, we have to find the higher truth. This is not a matter of choice anymore. It could even be a matter of survival. Our paradigm is about to change from that of the age of ignorance toward the paradigm established on the higher truth of the Age of Enlightenment. The story of Samudra Manthan, the story of the eternal quest for the ultimate truth, is our shelter right now, and our quantum of solace.

Thus, the conclusion is, the truth is not sweet sometimes. It can be even harsh. This can especially happen now after long sleeping of ours. We have awakened after having a long winter sleep, and unfortunately, we’ve just noticed that somebody had massacred the truth. Indeed, many things had changed … while we were sleeping. No doubt, the truth can be unpleasant sometimes, sometimes even troublesome, but not seldom even harsh. However, does that mean that we need to run away from it? Definitely not. Running away is not a solution; it is just making things worse. It is just like putting and trying to hide, the garbage under the carpet. This is not a solution definitely. This makes things worse. Therefore, whatever level of truth we have right now, it does not matter; we just continue working in order to produce a better world established in a higher truth.

There is another way to look at this story. We can take a look from the point of what Lord Krishna said to Arjuna in that decisive moment when the big Mahabharata War was about to start. Did Krishna tell Arjuna to speak the sweet truth only? Of course not! He did not! Arjuna was confused. His emotions were telling him one thing to do, while the intellect was telling something entirely different. He was disoriented by having many illusions. He became passive. Then, Krishna was the one who solved this problem. He told Arjuna that he has to fight. He has to fight no matter what. He has to fight without thinking about what will be the result of this fight. He has to fight because this is his Dharma. Of course, this story is much longer, and the complete story and belonging analysis of mine about the historical Krishna can be found on …


Besides, we also see that the pendulum of time plays a very important role as well. When we narrate a certain story from ancient history, we always need to mention which world age, and which point in the cycles of yugas this is referring to. Because, there are times when we can do whatever we want, and we can play with the truth however we want. Nevertheless, there is always a time, a moment, let’s say so, to pay the bill.

Therefore, I would rather turn to those who said … the truth will set you free … because this is exactly how it is. Only the truth is the key for the locks on the gates we closed, actually slammed, and locked behind us when we were going down with consciousness, when we were stepping down dimensionally. Now we turned our direction of moving, and we want to go back. We want Unity to be reestablished, the Heaven on Earth. Therefore, only the truth can open all these gates in front of us.  Nothing and nobody else except the truth itself can do that.

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