Two important revisions


Caltech University – Options for Planet Nine … The photo is taken from …



“There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the World, and that is an idea whose time has come.”

                                                                            Victor Hugo – 19th Century Author



The time has come to announce two very important revisions on two essays exposed some time ago. The first revision is related to the essay …


Hence, there is one very important scientific discovery accomplished recently on the Caltech University in the United States. The revelation itself is connected very much with the theories exposed in my essays, and especially with the just mentioned essay. It happened somehow that I missed emphasizing that point while writing the essay itself. The revelation itself is closely related to the so-called … Planet Nine …, or … Planet X …, how some are calling this planet as well. There is a third name used as well, and this is … Nibiru …, what immediately brings us toward some old history records, and the possibility that we have heard something about already. Nevertheless, there are many controversies about that planet itself, and I believe this new and so fascinating revelation will dispell some of them. In order not to be too long with this introduction, just to mention, as it seems, Planet Nine is discovered … I would kindly recommend everyone to find this document and to read it again, and again and again if needed. Because this is telling a lot about our very near future. Please find the rest of the story in the PDF document itself, or just click on the essay title exposed above to find yourself on the website page exploring the same.

Another important revision is done along with the essay …


This is also something new and based entirely on the new reading of the old inscription engraved in the stone slab. Indeed, this is something entirely new that sheds new light on the legendary Roman soldier and commander … Lucius Artorius Castus …, who, among many other mostly military posts, became a governor of Britain. This is not all, formally or informally, he was revered as a king actually, and this is the origin of legends and stories about King Arthur. Please find more in the PDF document itself …







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