Let there be light! – Let there be Ether!


“There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the World, and that is an idea whose time has come.”

                                                                            Victor Hugo – 19th Century Author


I guess and I hope, you have recognized the title of this story. This is the well-known saying extracted from Genesis. Indeed, this is so well known phrase, and I would say, there is no individual in the world who does not know about. Nevertheless, I paraphrased it a little bit. I paraphrased it, but with the obvious intention of course. Because, what people do not know is that this primordial light, is actually … the Ether. Furthermore, the Sanskrit term for Ether is … Akasha …, and consequently, I will use both terms together, just that we all become more familiar with the full meaning, and of the highest importance of it. Therefore, the Ether-Akasha will be the topic of this story.

Must say this is a long-awaited story because Ether-Akasha is kind of a very controversial thing. I said … thing … even though this is far from being any … thing. In fact, this is the very emanation that every other thing or being within the entire Creation is made of. This is kind of very extraordinary media that we hardly can find the proper word to express it, or to describe it. This is something so unique and so fantastic that it can exceed our most fruitful imagination. Indeed, Ether-Akasha is so controversial and enigmatic that it was hidden for a long time. In addition, not only that, for some time Ether-Akasha was even … forbidden. Partially it was forbidden officially, but it was also forbidden in another way. It was declared that it does not exist. You would not believe that but some scientists established in who knows what level of consciousness, and with who knows what intentions, they even did bend the entire science so much, in order that this extremely precious Ether-Akasha which lays in the foundation of everything that exists in the entire Creation, imagine, that Ether-Akasha was declared as … non-existing. Just like that. Non-existing! It was declared that it does not exist!

Nevertheless, now as we came out from that age of hiding and seeking, we continue there at the same spot where some recent scientists stopped. Well, this syntagm … hide and seek … is something very appropriate actually. I like it. It is denoting the nature of life in Dualism. It could be very appropriate to denote and to depict the Samudra Manthan, the churning of the ocean of milk, the endless quest for the ultimate truth. As we know now, after it was explained in some previous essays of mine, we live in the dualistic world. There are forces of light trying to do everything in order to uplift the level of consciousness of the Humanity so that all people would live the full potential of their nervous systems, and that would automatically mean the full potential of the Natural Law to be integrated within our physiology. This is the basic concept of what we call … the higher states of consciousness, and consequently this is the basic concept of Eden, the Heaven on Earth. Thus, this is the return to the Eden actually, to the Heaven on Earth. Nevertheless, in this dualistic world we live in, there are other guys as well, dark and murky creatures by the way, who would do absolutely everything to block the progress of the Humanity, and who would try to hide such evolutionary very important media like the Ether-Akasha is. Therefore, hide and seek syntagm is something very appropriate indeed.

Luckily we are now in the phase were the hiding element is fading out, and the seeking element is pronounced so very much. We are on the bright side already. We live within the ascending phase of the Dwapara Yuga, the Bronze Age. Ascending means that the level of consciousness and understanding of the world around us is naturally raising up. Therefore, we just focus our attention, and intention of course, on that sublime interest of ours, the Ether-Akasha itself. This text, along with the entire essay behind, or perhaps the series of essays, will try to comprehend everything that we know about the Ether-Akasha, and it will probably be the impulse for further researches and investigations in this field. At least, I wish that it would be understood and accepted that way.

Well, indeed, Ether-Akasha, this is a very complex theme, and it would be much better we go systematically, and gradually, step by step, to remove the veil of ignorance from that glorious, life-supporting, but complex and wired as well …  Ether-Akasha.

Fine, the topic is Ether-Akasha, but where to start? From the beginning, somebody would say immediately. All right, but where is the beginning?  This is a very good question, because, as it seems, we lost the track about the beginning. Therefore, I would not insist we start exactly from the very beginning; I would rather start at some other point, a point that is much more familiar to us. In fact, it is absolutely irrelative where we start, because all roads lead toward the beginning, and this automatically means, toward the Ether-Akasha. To make it shorter, it will be proved soon, that exactly the Ether-Akasha, is the … very beginning.

In my previous essays, I was already writing about Ether-Akasha. I was writing about a lot. Because, it was absolutely inevitable to enter the Ether-Akasha into the game, otherwise we cannot, and we could not understand much of the ancient History. If we put the Ether-Akasha aside, well, we cannot understand the miracle of the life itself. Therefore, I will use all that material already exposed in my previous essays, with slight modifications here and there of course, and possibly even with some revisions, improvements, and appendices. In the meantime, I learned a lot by myself. Such kind of researches that I am doing is so enlightening. I would say, there is never enough of truth because it is exactly discovering the truth what gives such a tremendous bliss and joy after every puzzle or enigma being solved. Indeed, it is such a joy to deal with the truth!

I started to write this text, which by the way was initially intended to be an essay only, then I’ve noticed this is so very complex topic that myriads of books wouldn’t be enough to depict everything. Furthermore, I am on the level of short essays, and how on earth to compress everything into the one short essay only? Well, to be honest, for some time I was even confused whether to form it as an essay, or perhaps just to make a short blog-post. Then, gradually, it became clear to me, it should be both, an essay and the blog post. However, this is not all! The complexity of the theme, and the importance of it, all that forced me to initiate formation of the special page within the site, devoted to the Ether-Akasha only. Therefore, that will be the place where I will try to put together all that is known about Ether-Akasha, and maybe even what is not known. Do not be surprised to see me in the role of an investigative journalist, but in the role of the teacher as well, but also in the role of the curious student, because all three titles, this is what I am. I already have learned something about Ether-Akasha, and it will be a great pleasure of mine to share that with others.

Though need to highlight that point especially, my approach is basically documentary, and I will try to expose proves for all my statements wherever this is possible. In this case, I am functioning predominantly as a researching journalist, trying to put together the pros and the cons. They say we live in the democratic world, then after seeing all arguments, sooner or later, we need to decide again whether Ether-Akasha does exist, or it does not exist. We definitely need to make this decision again, but this time it should be from the point of view of the modern science and the new belonging paradigm. Nevertheless, such situation development, and the choice to decide about was maybe appropriate for any world age before this one. This is to say, now we do not have much of choice. We stand on the brink of the big changes so that knowing Ether-Akasha and being familiar with it, well that could be the matter of survival. This is a very important point and it is not supposed to be forgotten by anyone. By anyone.

In fact, we even do not have much time now, and that means we need to become familiar with the Ether-Akasha in a very quick way …

Therefore, just for the very beginning, I wish a lot of knowledge about the Ether-Akasha, and a lot of light of Ether-Akasha, for everyone …

More on the Ether-Akasha … please find along with the special page devoted to this theme only …


A Revival of the Ether-Akasha







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