Time flies …


Time passes quickly. In many situations, we use that proverb … Time passes … or … Time flies

Indeed, there are already six months gone since this website was launched. It was just as yesterday, just as … in the nick of time. Well, this is the ideal time to give an outline and to recapitulate little bit. Since that moment, many new essays were born along with many new amazing revelations. More than ten, I think. Indeed, I was focused so strongly on this point, on deep research and on the writing of essays, so that almost missed to do some improvements on the website image and functionality. Nevertheless, recently, just a few days ago, got some impulse to refresh the site itself. The result is in front of you. I would say, now it is much better and nicer. I did find a way to expose all essays in a PDF format directly on the site so there is no need to go anywhere. Furthermore, at the same time, all essays are downloadable directly from there. Quick and easy. This is one option that was missing before, but this is now solved. In addition, there are many new interesting photos, what improves attraction drastically. Well, it needed some time to become familiar with making the site with WordPress tools. Not necessary to mention, at the very beginning, when I got the tools, I did not have any clue about how to make the website. I only knew it should have been done. I am not saying this is the maximum. It is not. It will be gradually improved even better way.

Well, many essays are refreshed as well. There is no end to errors finding and removing. Polishing of all texts, this is becoming just like additional everyday activity. Moreover, there is no end in this sense. Just to mention, this is all related to syntax, grammatical errors, and cosmetics. If, and when, there will be some drastic revision of any text, that will be announced separately, and such essays will be highlighted.

Just to mention, all essays will stay exposed on the Scribd as well as on the Academia, because this also has very specific reasons behind. By the way, the response on both is amazing. Therefore, let it go this way.

I would encourage all those who might be interested to subscribe on newsletters, to use that option. Then, they will automatically get an info in their mailbox about the new things exposed. Indeed, newsletters are so good option. It does not come from me. It comes from the WordPress system automatically. To be honest, I am not sure for how long I will be sending such emails with news personally. Furthermore, I am not sure if everything will be free forever … Of course, old subscribers do not need to worry about. Therefore, subscriptions are very welcome. The button and the form to apply for newsletters, please find on the right side among widgets.

Well, today in some regions of the world, but tomorrow, on Sunday, September 23, at 3.54 AM according to the Amsterdam’s time – (GMT or UTC) +2), the fall-autumn is officially beginning. This is according to the astronomical calculation. This is what they call … the Autumnal Equinox. Day and night are of equal duration. Every new season is about to be celebrated in a very specific way. When we live with rhythms of Nature, we tune ourselves with the cosmic laws. The result is more coherence in our own brains and among the people in general, and that can yield only with harmony and good progress for the entire world. Tuning with natural laws is our main theme actually.

Therefore, with this idea in mind, I wish the very successful and fruitful fall-autumn to everybody. If somebody has a birthday around, my sincere best wishes, greetings, and congratulations … are doubled. This would be even one more reason for celebration. Well, there are always good reasons for celebrations but birthdays are somewhat exceptional, of course. Well, birthdays and season changes … it all goes very well and fits perfectly with this proverb … time passes

Once again … kindest regards …


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The photo was taken from … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Amber_sand_clock.jpg



Charles J Sharp [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons
Charles J Sharp [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons






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