Why Deconstructing the Illusion?


It is quite some time since the previous blog-post was released. Some people would maybe think I am not active anymore. This is not true actually. I am very, very active. By the way, it is true, the fact is that there is nothing worse than not properly maintained blog. Well, the thing is that in the meanwhile I was very busy indeed. I was busy with writing new essays. Many new essays were released in the meanwhile, with stunning revelations of course. I did not feel as necessary to have any additional comments or to expose new ideas. This site should be considered and followed as one unique unit. These extra posts are just one more feature, very good feature, by the way, in order to focus some extra attention, and to drive in more light onto certain very specific points.  For literary expressing, the form of essay gives many advantages, but certain limits as well. My researches are very deep, that would ask for quite some extended coverage including many words by elaborate books, or even some documentary production. Nevertheless, in this initial stage, the form of the essay was chosen, just to be as is possible short. In addition, that will ask for high compression of data, and for filtering everything based on the highest priority principle. Sometimes such a task is not easy to perform and accomplish, and therefore some essays will be more successful than others will. To balance everything, blog-posts are very welcome.

One of many very often questions that occurs among readers is, why this title.

Indeed, why … Deconstructing the Illusion … title? Why this title to the site and to the serial of essays where the History Science is merging with the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish?

Well, as usual, the story can be short and long. Which one do you want?

OK, let it be the longer version this time.

We could possibly start by defining each word separately, and then to move toward the complex meaning of the entire syntagm, but this time we shall not go this way. The basic presumption is that all are familiar with these terms. Then we just focus on the complex meaning of the entire expression. In addition, another basic presumption is that reader of this text is familiar with all my essays exposed along with this site.

Well, the mentioned title is actually referring to the moment in our evolution, the evolution point of our planet and the entire Humanity, when and where we need to be face to face with who we really are. As a civilization, we stand on a big crossroad, and we need to decide where we want to go. Nevertheless, if we want to make such kind of decision where to go, we need to know where we came from. If we do not know where we came from, how on earth can we know where to go? Fine, but if we want to know where did we come from, we need the History Science to tell us that very important bit of information.

Then, there is a problem again. We passed through very turbulent, violent, and at moments even very sparkling Dark Age, when the veil on the consciousness of the people was installed so that they could not see properly. Such systems of knowledge and the entire paradigms, after all, were designed and established, that they are far from being tuned with the Natural Law. Our perception of the world around us was drastically obscured due to that veil of ignorance. Many illusionary situations were created forcing us to live in the world we do not want to live in anymore. This includes the History Science as well, which is totally deviated and distorted for the purpose of hiding the true values and favoring something that does not have any connection with the Good. Now we are waking up easily from the long winter sleep, and we do not want anymore that all these illusionary situations deprive us of the highest goal of Humanity, and that is to live Unity within the Duality. However, this formulation … Unity within the Duality … sounds very strange. Nevertheless, it will not be strange anymore if we just say this is the synonym for … the Eden. Somebody would even use the term … the Heaven on Earth.

Therefore, in order to separate the truth from non-truth, in order to separate fictions and sediments of false historical records from the True Vedic History, we use the only objective system that exists, and that is the … Vedic Astrology-Jyotish …, which origins within the Veda itself. We use it for finding all such illusionary situations, in order to dispel them so that only true values remain. Because only the truth can save us. Only the truth can lead us toward higher states of consciousness, toward the Enlightenment, toward the God Consciousness and toward the Unity Consciousness in the final stage. The truth is that Amrita, the final product of Churning of the Ocean of Milk, the result of the Samudra Manthan, the final product of the shaking of the Ocean of Consciousness. The truth is that nectar of immortality we are so desperately searching for.

I think there is no need to mention how important is to do exactly this, to purify our knowledge system and to establish the new paradigm that will tune as fully with the Natural Law so that we live our full potentials what is our right by birth after all. This does not mean we need to abandon Duality. No. No. No. We just live Unity within the Duality. Unity within diversity. That is all.

Needless to mention that during this Dark Age, during these last few thousand years let say so, forces of darkness had their own feast, and they created a system, or systems, which would give an advantage to them only. Such systems were created which would fade out the True Knowledge, and which would favor ignorance and forgetting the glorious past of the Humanity within the Sat Yuga-The Age of Truth. This is how it was going on all during the descending phase of the cycles of yugas. This Dark Age has its own name, and we call it Kali Yuga or Iron Age. It was having its own descending phase all until 500 C.E. when it changed the course and started to ascend. The Knowledge and the level of consciousness started to raise up, but gradually and slowly so there was a lot of inertia of past times, and that dark phase lasted all until 1700 C.E. when Kali Yuga finished and the Dwapara Yuga or Bronze Age began. This is the ascending phase, the knowledge is raising up, the veil from the consciousness of the people is removed, and we are waking up from a long winter sleep.

Today, we see the world around us that is still caught in the chains of the past era, that dark and murky age which we want to forget as soon as possible. That is the reason we see a strong tendency in many countries to make necessary actions and movements so that the positive energy deeply suppressed and overtaken by negative energy during this murky Dark Age we just left behind, can be released. In the Kali Yuga, the Cosmic Order is falling apart, at least to some extension, and positive and negative energies are mixed up. This is how almost all the countries of today came into existence. This is just as making a good vegetable soup. You put together a little bit of carrot, a little bit of cauliflower, little bit of parsley, little bit celery, perhaps kohlrabi as well, you add some spices, and you get very tasty refreshing and nourishing vegetable soup. Mixing and blending several ingredients together, was very necessary because none of these energies, neither positive nor negative, which are both very important in the game we play, the Game of Polarity, both energies in deep Kali Yuga would not be possible to survive on the isolated way. Therefore, these energies were mixed up and blended together, in the different ratio for each country of course, but as negative energy was dominant in the Dark Age, it took advantage, and it made the world by its own measure.

This is one very basic reason we say that we are on the crossroad, at the big crossroad, and we shall need to make many big decisions. Very big decisions actually. The first thing what we shall witness around us now is that many countries will simply crack and separate on many pieces. Then, the second thing what we shall witness is that these fragments will reorganize in a different way. Very different way. This will be more like natural way. This will be in a way that positive and negative energies are separating. We go toward the permanent light, we go toward the age of enlightenment, and this inevitably implies that negative energy is about to be reduced. We shall not need such a big amount of negative energy anymore. Of course, perhaps we can expect the final clash with this negative energy. Representatives of such energy, they will probably not give up so easily. That is the reason we also say that the final battle on the Kurukshetra Field, the Battle Field of Life, is just in front of us. Everybody will need to choose its own side. Everybody has free will to choose. This is my opinion. Everybody needs to choose its own Club.

That is the reason we deconstruct and remove all illusions imposed during this long period with lack of knowledge. We remove all illusions so that masks are down, and that there is no way for hiding anymore. Not even to mention that we remove all possibilities that somebody would disguise and take advantage of being among us by pretending that he or she is something that is not. The time of disguising and pretending is over. We have very powerful tools now so that we can direct our spotlights at any corner and there are no dark niches for dark energy to hide anymore. If they want to be around, they will need to come on a stage full of brilliant light. This is the only way.

Nevertheless, to be honest, this is not all.

We are about to face such kind of very turbulent event as the big shift toward the higher plane, toward the Fifth Dimension. In fact, we are about to ascent very soon. All symptoms are telling that something very big is rolling on and coming very close to. It is very close indeed. That is one reason more to hurry up with the deconstructing of all illusions, so that we see properly, and that we do all whatever is possible to tune ourselves with Nature.

The syntagm … Deconstructing the Illusion … is not my invention after all. I took it from some other people who sensed something is going on, something big, what will inevitably result in many changes on Earth. The Earth will not be the same anymore. Everything will change. Everything.

That is the reason we also say that worlds are splitting. However, this is much complex expression actually. It would ask us to understand there are … parallel worlds. Perhaps we say something more about that topic some other time. Until that moment, enjoy the essays exposed, and if you have some questions, or ideas, or some other constructive suggestions … please do not hesitate to expose them. We are all one team actually …


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