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Now after about two weeks since the initialization of this website, and as first impressions are settling down, perhaps this is a moment to say few words about all these very precious experiences. Must say, I am very happy how things are developing. I am thrilled with a cognition that the interest for this website, as well as for my writings, is getting bigger and bigger. It is better not to talk about numbers right now, it is still too early for that, but it is obvious, the potential is huge. I received many letters of support and appreciations, and now I know this is all going in a very proper direction.

In the meanwhile, even though the website does not show big changes superficially, many things have been done and some improvement is there. First of all, I would like to mention that all the texts and essays I exposed were improved along with eliminating many grammatical, syntax, and typing errors. I used a good quality software designed for that purpose only. This is … Grammarly. Unfortunately, I’ve heard about this useful tool only recently, but after launching most of the essays, and therefore that was the first thing to be done, absolutely before doing anything else. I was thinking that initial control by the spelling checker embedded into the Word software, was enough, but that was far from the truth. When I applied Grammarly, and when I saw the number of mistakes, well, I was shocked. Now I see I need to apologize for all such things. I can understand now truly what true English speaking people are passing through when seeing texts of such kind. Hopefully, such kind of situations will not repeat again. Actually, I promise that. Nevertheless, I am not about to say that now this is all without mistakes. Far from that. I only want to say, it is much better.

Grammarly is a splendid tool indeed. The correcting is going on in the Cloud, and I am really impressed how they achieved all that. As I was processing many texts in a very short time, I was informed by Grammarly staff themselves that I broke down several records. For instance, processed number of words in the certain time frame, then, wide range ow words used, then some other parameters as well. To be honest, I am not so much about records, but I appreciate such kind of approach. Well, it is obvious now that Grammarly has a good statistic as well. I would like to congratulate them definitely.

Furthermore, I definitely need to offer at least a good ice cream to the friend of mine who informed me about Grammarly. Only thing, I will ask him that he offers an ice cream to me as well, because he was so late, and therefore I was supposed to go on without properly corrected texts. Anyway, whosoever offers an ice cream to whom, it doesn’t matter anymore. We will have a good reason to make a good ice cream session, and that is the most important thing of all.

Another thing what I was working on in the meanwhile, is the new essay which is just launched along with this post. You need to go to the page … The True Biblical Story Deciphered … and try to locate the link on the essay with the title … James the Just, the brother of Jesus … This is something very new and not seen so far. There will be definitively a lot of surprises again, it is kind of sparkling and controversial indeed. Anyway, I am sure that will be enjoyable reading for all. What you will also notice is the fact that I made a small introduction. That I am going to do with all other exposed essays as well, and most probably this will be the first next improvement to do. In fact, another one friend of mine asked me if I can expose some shorter versions of my essays. Right in the beginning that seemed to me like a very good idea, but after some thinking I concluded, this cannot go the way he is expecting to. The thing is that I’ve noticed he is a little bit too lazy to enter into the reading, or it seems too complex for him, or it is highly esoteric … or … he is too busy with some other things … or … who knows what? Well, I think he needs to decide for himself what he wants. I guess he wanted to have just all results in a quick way. Well, I will need to disappoint him. I will arrange a short introduction right there on the website, but only for the purpose that people are attracted to read … not to offer them just a short explanation for everything. Some readers did find that the way how all these revelations came into existence, is at least equally interesting as revelations themselves. That is because the form of the essay was used to introduce the story. An essay is the short version of the novel, we know that. Imagine now that somebody is writing the novel, and it is being asked to make a short version out of it and to expose all details in a very quick way? Well, it would not work. In fact, this is already the short version. Initially, I was planning to do a novel for each of these titles, and to be exposed in the form of printed versions only. But then, somehow, I did find strong arguments not to go this way. First of all, we do not have this time. The time is now very precious. Another thing, this is all very hot material, it is definitely breaking boundaries, and to make it on the level of books or similar, well, at least it would be very complex. That is the reason shorter version in a form of short essays was chosen and electronic media. Therefore, I suggest my friend deciding what he wants. If he cannot find the time, fine, I am not pushing anybody. Nevertheless, if he does find some time, and if he plunges into the reading … well … he will possibly find very interesting details. He will improve his Jyotish knowledge definitely. As well, he will find some intelligence so precious for his spiritual evolution, and his progress, in every sense of this word.

Now all essays are easily available. Everybody can read them online with no any extra cost at all. As well, they can be downloaded from the Scribd in an easy way. Actually, the Scribd is one very good service also. You do not need to pay anything. Well, they have a policy that you can download something if you upload some works, like PDF-s, or similar, of your own. They proclaimed it goes one by one. Nevertheless, my experience is very positive actually. I’ve noticed they are not going to bargain with you. If you upload at least a few PDF documents of your own, they will allow you to download much more. Only thing, be careful about authorization and copyrights when you are uploading something. It is a completely different story if you choose to pay monthly, what is a very good option as well. Then you can download as much as you want. Plus, you can read so many new books online … For all additional information … just visit the Scribd.

If you find this is all too much complicated, but you want to have PDF of the essay on your screen, just do not hesitate to send your request throughout the contact form. Please mention which essay you want to have, one, few, all of them, and it will be a pleasure to share the writings with you.

In any case, whatever option you choose … enjoy the readings …



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